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List of unreleased 5sos songs (and who the were written by)

Unplugged EP (not available In the states)

10,000 Miles: Michael and Ashton
All I need: Luke and Calum
All Night: Luke and Calum
Bad Dreams: Calum
Borderline: Luke and Calum
Breakdown: Luke, Michael, John Feldmann
Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain: Calum and Michael
Contagious: Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton
Conversations: Calum
Declarations: Luke and Calum
Destines: ??
Dumb: Calum
English Love Affair: Ashton and Michael
Everest: Michael and Calum
Everything I Want: Calum
Eyes For You: Luke and Calum
Falling: Luke and Calum
Fire: Luke and Calum
First Day: Michael, Calum, John Feldman
Future Kicks: Michael and Ashton
Getaway: Micheal, Calum, Ashton
Heartbreak For Two: Calum (x)
Heartbreaker: Michael and Ashton
Hearts Upon Our Sleeves: Mike, Cal, Luke, and Ash
Hey Chelsea: Luke and Calum
I Can’t Remember: Michael and Calum
I’ve got this friend: Michael and Ashton
Like The First Time: ??
Lost Boy: Calum and Luke (not released in the states)
Make or Break: Calum and Ashton
Millionaires: Calum and Ashton
Miss Universe: Michael and Calum
No One to Blame: Calum and Ashton
Offswitch: Luke and Calum
Over and Over: Luke and Calum
Perfect disguise: Calum
Pizza (studio version): John Feldmann
Serious: Calum and Luke
She’s Got a Rocket: Luke and Ashton
She’s the Only One: Luke and Calum
Single For Summer: Calum
Sweet Disaster: Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Michael
Sunsets On Fire: Luke and Michael
Superhero: Calum and Luke
Teenage Queen: Luke and Calum
The Worst in Me: Cal, Luke, Mike, and Ash
Too late: Luke and Calum
Try hard (video version): Cal, Luke, and Tom Fletcher
Waiting For Earthquakes: Calum and Ashton
Wake Up: Michael, Calum, and John Feldmann
Want You Back: Luke And Calum
Worlds Apart: Ashton and Michael
You Are Not Alone: ??
You Keep Falling Down: Calum and Ashton
You8989 (idk what the numbers mean): Cal and Ash

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