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List of unreleased 5sos songs (and who the were written by)

Unplugged EP (not available In the states)

10,000 Miles: Michael and Ashton
All I need: Luke and Calum
All Night: Luke and Calum
Bad Dreams: Calum
Borderline: Luke and Calum
Breakdown: Luke, Michael, John Feldmann
Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain: Calum and Michael
Contagious: Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton
Conversations: Calum
Declarations: Luke and Calum
Destines: ??
Dumb: Calum
English Love Affair: Ashton and Michael
Everest: Michael and Calum
Everything I Want: Calum
Eyes For You: Luke and Calum
Falling: Luke and Calum
Fire: Luke and Calum
First Day: Michael, Calum, John Feldman
Future Kicks: Michael and Ashton
Getaway: Micheal, Calum, Ashton
Heartbreak For Two: Calum (x)
Heartbreaker: Michael and Ashton
Hearts Upon Our Sleeves: Mike, Cal, Luke, and Ash
Hey Chelsea: Luke and Calum
I Can’t Remember: Michael and Calum
I’ve got this friend: Michael and Ashton
Like The First Time: ??
Lost Boy: Calum and Luke (not released in the states)
Make or Break: Calum and Ashton
Millionaires: Calum and Ashton
Miss Universe: Michael and Calum
No One to Blame: Calum and Ashton
Offswitch: Luke and Calum
Over and Over: Luke and Calum
Perfect disguise: Calum
Pizza (studio version): John Feldmann
Serious: Calum and Luke
She’s Got a Rocket: Luke and Ashton
She’s the Only One: Luke and Calum
Single For Summer: Calum
Sweet Disaster: Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Michael
Sunsets On Fire: Luke and Michael
Superhero: Calum and Luke
Teenage Queen: Luke and Calum
The Worst in Me: Cal, Luke, Mike, and Ash
Too late: Luke and Calum
Try hard (video version): Cal, Luke, and Tom Fletcher
Waiting For Earthquakes: Calum and Ashton
Wake Up: Michael, Calum, and John Feldmann
Want You Back: Luke And Calum
Worlds Apart: Ashton and Michael
You Are Not Alone: ??
You Keep Falling Down: Calum and Ashton
You8989 (idk what the numbers mean): Cal and Ash

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He Gets Jealous When Another Band Member Flirts with You (Cake/4)

I’m going to continue the Malum series that I’ve been working on, but I need to take a minute and figure out the ending before I keep writing it. I don’t want to make it really shitty lol. Anyways, here’s a preference. I only did Cal and Luke, but I’m currently working on Mike and Ash. I can post those two later if you guys want! 


You, Ashton, and your boyfriend, Calum, are sitting backstage in a dressing room while Luke and Michael are out searching for some pre-show snacks.

“Did you see those girls at the party last night?” Ashton asks, leaning back on one of the couches. “They were hot.”

You giggle at the smile on his face and Calum just shakes his head.

“I mean,” Ash continues, “Not as hot as (Y/N), but still hot.”

You feel Calum tense up beside you when Ashton says those words.

“Calum you are one lucky man,” Ashton continues, seeming not to notice Cal’s discomfort. “I mean, (Y/N)’s got everything. Looks, brains, just everything. She’s every man’s dream.”

Ashton looks up and winks at you and you just smile back and blush while Calum gets more agitated by the second.


“Ashton,” Calum interrupts, his teeth clenched. “Watch it.”

Ashton sits up, holding his hands up in defense. “Calm down, mate,” he laughs nervously. “I’m only speaking the truth.”

Calum suddenly stands up, his hands clenching into fists. “You know she used to have a crush on you and you just can’t stand the fact that you missed your shot with her!” Calum yells, making you jump.

You and Ashton both get to your feet at this point and begin speaking at the same time.

“What are you talking about?”
“That’s not true-”

Calum turns to face you, his expression suddenly more sad than angry. “Babe, the boys and I found your old Twitter a few weeks back,” he admits. “I know you used to have a thing for Ashton before you and I met.”

You stare at him for a second before bursting into laughter. Both of the boys look at you, confused, as you try to calm yourself.

“What’s so funny?” Calum asks, starting to get irritated again.

You look up at him as your laughter finally calms to just a giggle. “I never had a crush on Ashton, babe,” you say, smiling.

“But,” Calum stutters, dumbfounded. “I saw your tweets.”

You run your fingers through his dark hair and nod, still smiling. “I shared a fan account with three other girls. One was a Luke girl, one was a Michael girl, one was an Ashton girl, and I,” you smirk, “always have been and always will be a Calum girl.”

A smile spreads across Calum’s face as he turns and smirks triumphantly at Ashton. “See? I told you she’d never stoop that low.”

Ashton just laughs. “Good,” he says. “Because that’d be super awkward.”

Ash walks over and slings his arm around your shoulder. “And just for the record, I would never flirt with (Y/N). She’s like a sister to me,” he says, squeezing you lightly. “A really hot sister.”

Calum smacks Ashton’s arm away from you and pulls you into his chest. “Hands off, Irwin.”

Ashton just laughs and returns to his seat on the couch as you place a reassuring kiss on Calum’s cheek. You’d never admit it, but he’s really cute when he’s jealous.


You and the boys are all sprawled out on the couches and floor of the hotel you are staying in as you watch some bloody action movie that Calum had chosen.

You are curled up in the lap of your boyfriend, Luke, and on the brink of sleep. You faintly hear the movie end, but you’re too tired to bother opening your eyes.

“How can she sleep through that?” Michael giggles.

You feel Luke’s hands come up to rest on your back, stroking it gently.

“She’s even hot when she’s asleep,” you hear Ashton say.

“Hey,” Luke warns, his voice just above a whisper as he tries not to wake you.

You hear Calum laugh from his position on the floor. “He’s not wrong, dude. You got yourself a good one.”

Luke’s arms stiffen around you and you try to keep yourself from smiling and giving away the fact that you’re awake.

“Yeah, and she’s mine,” he says protectively.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t think she’s hot,” Michael defends.

“And mine,” Luke emphasizes.

“Did you guys see her at the after party last night?” Calum asks, completely ignoring Luke’s jealousy. “Luke, you were off talking to someone and I swear I had to scare off at least ten guys who were trying to get to her.”

You weren’t aware of any guys who had been eyeing you last night, but you had noticed that Calum stayed unusually close to you while Luke was away. 

“Wait, really?” Luke asks.

Ashton scoffs. “Yeah, dude,” he says as if it were obvious. “Don’t let that one slip away because she’s the best thing that’s ever going to happen to you.”

Luke is suddenly silent as you hear the other boys get up and slowly meander back to their own rooms. Luke sits on the couch with you in his lap for a few more minutes before he begins to gently shake you.

“Hey babe,” he whispers. “You wanna get up and move to the bed?”

You moan and cuddle yourself further into his chest.

He giggles and stands up, lifting you with him. He gently places you on your shared bed and kisses your forehead.

“I love you so much. You know that, right?” He says, his voice serious.

You open your eyes slightly and smile up at him. “I know.”

Pulse-Part 1

You twirled your ring around your finger, feeling his heartbeat pulse through it. You smiled as your soulmate’s heat beat, in tune with your own. You pressed a gentle kiss to it even though you knew that he wouldn’t be able to feel it.

“Is it racing again?” Your best friend, Jake, came up to you and you shook your head.

“No, I think he’s asleep, his heart is so calm, it makes me calm.” You said, finally tearing your eyes away from the red glow of your ring.

Jake hummed, “We have to get to class.” He touched your arm gently, guiding you to your next classroom. You were so grateful for Jake, he kept you grounded. To say you had a tendency to drift off while thinking about your soulmate was an understatement. Ever since you had gotten your ring you had been obsessed with the idea of finding your soulmate.

The idea of soulmates was simple, really. On your first birthday you received a ring that allowed you to feel the pulse of your soulmate’s heart. When you met them the ring turned from a dark red to a light pink. You family had told you that yours was already beating when you first got yours. Your soulmate was older than you. Which, in the grand scheme of things wasn’t really helpful for finding your soulmate. You still remained optimistic, though; you had a soulmate. Some weren’t as lucky. Jake, for example, never received a ring and as far as he knew nobody received a ring with his heartbeat. Something that often scared you, though, was how fast your soulmate’s heart would beat from time to time. It would get erratic and you feared for his safety. Having a heartbeat that erratic that often couldn’t be safe.

When his heartbeat was calm, however, you couldn’t be happier. His soothing pace matched yours and kept you calm. You felt like nothing could touch you when his pulse matched yours. It just so happened that today you had a test and having his calm heartbeat surround you was surely going to help you focus on the test.

This is the first installment of a new soulmate AU fic! I hope you like it!! You can find my masterlist here. If you want a part 2 you can request it here!! Thank you for reading!