luke bye

one of the greatest things that happened in the 3rd book of PJO was that you get this scene right, the scene where the villain (Luke) is weakened and one of the heroes (Thalia) has him cornered, and this is when the villain is like “ha… you will never do it…. you dont have the.. guts!!” and you think, oh man she’s gonna give up, and he’s going to kill her. But then,, THEN.. Thalia is basically like “lol… bye Luke” and fucking kicks him in the chest and he falls off a cliff………… honestly…. iconic


idk but something about fetus Luke with daisies in his hair makes me really happy :’-)

meliorn: lmfao @raphael did magnus beat ur ass after what you did

raphael: i could wipe my ass with magnus’ opinion u fuck

magnus: is that so

luke: *eyes emoji* im getting popcorns

meliorn: did you just type “*eyes emoji*” they’re literally on your keyboard

luke: listen

magnus: after all i did for you, raphael, you go and treat me like this?


meliorn: oh shit

luke: oh shit X2

magnus:…. i cant believe i gave birth to an ungrateful fuck like you.

raphael: you didn’t??????

magnus: all this paper i wasted to protect you and you still ain’t shit. all this sugar and glucose filled blood i gave you and you still salty. all these books you kept through the years, but you still couldn’t keep your word. all of this light that u use instead of sunlight and you’re still shady. all these toys you decided to collect and you still playing games with my heart. all this necks your teeth can cut and you STILL CHOSE TO RIP OUT MY HEART