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Luke Brooks Smut #13 (REQUESTED)

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE SMUT

“Luke stop!” I laugh. He continues to tickle me on the couch. Nope, say you’re sorry!“ He smiles. "Luke!” I laugh harder. He climbs on top of me and tickles harder. “Say it!” He laughs harder. I start laughing even harder to where tears are coming out.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I yell. He stops and places his hands on the head on the sofa. “I forgive you, don’t ever say you hate my favorite team again.” He laughs.

He laugh together again for a minute until we both realize he’s still on top of me. His face only a few inches from mine. Both of our eyes dart to each others lips. I look back to his eyes and he’s still focused on my lips.

“You’re so-” Luke is interrupted by phone ringing. He groans before climbing off and grabbing my phone from the kitchen. “It’s you’re boyfriend.” He says,rolling his eyes handing me my phone then storming off into his room.

I really don’t understand the tension between Luke and my boyfriend. I mean my boyfriend is cool with me hanging with Luke but they don’t exactly like each other, and I can’t help but feel like the feud is something more.

“Hey baby.” Nate says on the phone. “Hey babe, what’s up?” I say. “I’m just calling to say I miss you, and I can’t wait for our anniversary on Saturday.” He says.

I can just imagine him smiling on the other line with his perfect teeth, along with his perfect face, his perfect eyes, his perfect blonde hair, his perfect everything.

“Yeah same here. Do you have anything planned for us?” I ask. “Yes of course I do, I have something really special for you and I think you’re going to love it. Just think, soon we’ll be Mr. And Mrs. Nate Garner.” He says.

Luke walks into the living room with movies and a few chips. He looks at me and rolls his eyes again taking a deep breath, almost as if he were trying to cover the fact that he did roll his eyes. He places a movie into the ps4 and sits down next to me, grabbing both of my legs before placing them across his body.

“What are you doing today the rest of the night?"Nate asks me. I almost forget I’m on the phone with him. "Luke and I are having a movie night, right now I think we’re about to watch 22 jump street.” I say. I hear Nate suck his teeth.

“Make sure he doesn’t try anything, let me know if he does and I’ll be over there.” He warns me. “Babe I know.” I say.

Luke grabs the phone from me. “Hey baby.” He says into the phone laughing. I hear Nate fake laugh and say hey to him. I grab the phone back and cut the conversation short.

“I can’t believe it’s gonna be our 2 year anniversary .I have something special for you too. I love you too bye.” I say hanging up on the phone with my boyfriend.

Luke groans. “I hate being single” He says. “Go get a girlfriend there’s plenty of girls out there that would kill to be yours!” I say to him. And it’s true, he knows that it is. For some reason I can’t figure why he won’t take up that opportunity.

“Well anyways, what is it that you have that’s so special for him.” He asks, changing the subject like always. “I can’t tell you.” I smile. “It’s not like I’m going to tell him.” He says. “I know, but I can’t tell you still.” I say.

“Come on just tell me, I’m curious to know.” He pleas. “Okay okay fine, It’s in the bag in your room.” I say. He gets up and picks me up bridal style before walking into his room. He puts me down and he lays on the bed on his stomach, propping his elbows up so his head can rest on his knuckles.

“Well show Me.” He smiles. I sigh. I grab the Victoria secret bag from my duffle bag and set it on the floor. “I can’t believe I’m showing you this.” I mutter. He laughs, obviously hearing what I said.

I pull out the black lace lingerie and lay it on the bed, then the navy blue, then the red, then the white. His eye brows raise in surprise and a smirk creeps upon his face.

“Damn..” He breathes. “I haven’t tried on the black or navy blue one yet I have to soon.” I shrug. “Why not now?” He says. “Now? Here?” I say. “Yeah right here right now, why not?” He says.

“Well one I can’t just strip naked in front of you let alone model lingerie.” I laugh. “Come on y/n I’m your best friend, and best friends are honest to each other. I can help you choose whether to keep it or not?” He says sitting up so his back is against the headboard of the bed.

“Well okay fine but I’m going in your closet to change into them and lock the door I wouldn’t want any of your brothers seeing me half naked” I say grabbing the two sets before walking in his closet.

I strip out of my clothes and put on the black one first. When I walk out, Luke is on his phone. He looks up and his mouth drops instantly.

“How is this one.” I laugh. His mouth stays open, his breathing increases and his eyes blink rapidly. I do a 360 spin for him to see all of it, causing him to suck in a breath. “How is it?” I repeat. “It. Looks. Fucking amazing on you.” He breathes.

I smile and he stands. “Nate is so lucky to have you.” He says , slowly approaching me. “He gets to have you in this.” He says taking another looking over me to see my ass.

He continues walking towards me. “He gets to touch you and love you.” He says.
“He gets to tell you how much he loves you and how lucky he is to have you.” He purrs, grabbing my hand. I stand there speechless.

“He gets to kiss you.” Luke says placing his hand on my waist, slowly pulling me close to him. “He can tell you how much he loves you.” He whispers.

He snakes his right hand around my waist and his left hand under my chin. “But he doesn’t love you as much as I do. Always have, and always will.” He says. My heart flutters at the words that spilled from his mouth.

I feel my self lean into him as he is leaning in to kiss me. Our lips press together and move in sync. It felt like a thousand fireworks going off inside me. His kiss are full of passion and meaning.

His right hand goes down to my ass and he squeezes lightly. “Fuck y/n.” He moans lightly. Our feet move before we think. Without breaking the kiss,We back up until we fall on top of the bed of him. He flips us over so that he’s hovering over me.

He pulls away from me, looking up and down at my body. “I’m sorry y/n, I really couldn’t help myself.” He apologizes running his hand through his hair. “Look I won’t tell Nate I promise I-” I interrupt him by pulling him down to me by the collar of his shirt. He lifts his shirt over his head before pulling his shorts down, leaving him only in his boxers.

He takes my panties in between his teeth and pulls them off. Once he got them off, he dipped his head in between my legs to lick my heat.

“Omg Luke yes.” I moan. My legs start trembling. “Y/n you like that?” He says, his accent heavy. “Yes keep going, faster.” I breathe. His tongue moves in the pattern fast than before and he slowly sticks in his middle and ring finger, curling them to meet my spot.

His pace increases along with my breathing. I’m about to reach my high until he stops. He gets up and pulls down his boxers. He places himself at my entrance before looking me in the eyes for approval. I nod and he continues.

Slowly, he pushes himself in. “Fuck you’re so tight y/n.” He says thrusting lightly. “Fuck, I’m going to have a hard time not to cum so soon.” He groans, throwing his head Back shutting his eyes tightly. He starts thrusting faster.

“Fuck Luke keep going."I moan. He grips my hips and his thrusts go in deeper. "Don’t-dont cum yet.” I breathe.
“I’m trying not to but I’ll be okay.” He moans. “Say my name y/n.” He groans. “Luuukee.” I moan, causing his thrusts to go harder. My moans become louder and louder as he goes in and out of me. He places his hand on top of my mouth to muffle my moans.

“Don’t want the boys to hear us babe.” He moans. 3 minutes later he pulls out and lays next to me, gesturing me to ride him. I straddle him then lower my self on him. I start grinding on him and moving my self up and down. His eyebrows furrow and his mouth stays open, both of his hands are on my ass.

“Fuck y/n. You’re so fucking tight I swear.” He groans. I lower my self to him so that I could kiss his neck. I start sucking and licking the spot that he loves the mouth. His breathing increases as the grip on my ass because firmer. He props him self up before picking me up and laying me on his desk, my back against it.

He licks his fingers and rubs my clit before slamming into me. My hands fly to my mouth.“Fuck Luke.” I moan. His thrusts become faster and harder than before.
10 minutes later were both about to reach our high. “I’m about to cum.” We both say. “Say my name when he cum.” He groans.

He begins thrusting even faster as the sweat from his body drips on my stomach and chest. “Yes yes yes yes.” I moan. “Luukkeee.” I moan into my mouth. Seconds later he pulls out and jerks himself off, cumming on my stomach.

Our breathing is the only sound in the room. “That was so fucking amazing.” He says coming down to kiss my cheek. He grabs the towel and wipes his sweat off his face and the cum on my stomach. “Luke, I’m going to take a shower, yeah that’s what I’m gonna do.” I say awkwardly.

“Uh yeah, I’ll take one in Jai’s bathroom.” He says, wrapping the towel around him walking out of the room. What the fuck. I just had sex with my bestfriend. I take my shower which only last 10 mins then get dressed to meet Luke in the living room.

“Hey beautiful.” He smiles, lifting the blanket up for me to share with him. I sit next to Luke and pull the covers over me. We begin watching 22 jump street. A few minutes later my hands move before I can think. I grab the controller and pause the move.

“Luke, you love me?” I ask. He sighs. “Yes y/n, I love you. I’m so in love with you you just don’t know. I’m sorry.” He says. “No no don’t be sorry, it’s just- I um. I didn’t know.” I say. He shrugs. “It’s fine I keep things to my self a lot you know.” He says. “No, I didn’t know how much I love you until you told me.” I say. He smiles.

“You love me? But what about Nate? You guys have been dating for two years now.” He says. “I know I know, I’m going to have to figure something out because I can’t cheat on him, in which I already did but not anymore.” I frown. He grabs my hands before speaking.

“Look. Whatever you decide to do I’m okay with. One day I know you’ll be mine. If you decide to stay with him I’ll be okay. Even if you marry him I’ll be okay, just as long as it makes YOU happy. I know in my heart that we’ll be together soon.” he smiles. He leans in and places a kiss upon my lips before hugging me. “Thank you.” I smile.

“What ever you decide I’ll support you, with anything.” He says. We continue to watch the movies and we end up falling asleep around 6 in the morning.

*thanks for reading! Let me know if I should do a part two? And suggest what should happen 💗*


That is so fucking true!
Stop being such judgmental idiots, and start to give all people a fucking chance.


Dear Janoskians,

Thank you for the smiles and the laughs.

You have saved me from the darkness inside of me.

Seeing you at the concert made me realize that you guys are honestly the only reason I’m happy.

I love you all very much and I hope you guys know that the janoskianators will always be here for you no matter what.♡♡♡♡ 


Personal Luke imagine for Chelsea

You and Luke have been dating for a while, and Luke invited you to come film a video with them. You of course excepted, excited for what was to come.

When you and the boys arrived at the location, you immediately noticed all the make-up scattered around on the table.

“Oh Chelsea, didn’t I tell you? We are doing the make-up challenge,” Luke said, smirking. You groaned, knowing he didn’t know anything about make-up at all.

“Come on, it won’t be that bad.” He said. You sighed, sitting down on the chair next to the table.

“Okay, Luke. But I swear if you stab me in the eye with anything I will kick you in the balls.” You commented, completely serious. You could hear Beau and James laughing in the back ground, while Luke just shaked his head.

Luke sat down next to you, and grabbed the mascara. He knew what it was, but you could tell he didn’t know how to put it on you.

He leaned forward, and practically stabbed you in the eye with the wand. “Luke!” You screeched. “Sorry, sorry baby.” He said, kissing you on the forehead quickly. He continued doing what he was doing, and grabbed the lipstick. He un-screwed the lipstick, and began applying it to your lips. You could feel lipstick everywhere, but your lips. You gave Luke a glare, and he just shrugged in reply. “Your not very good at this, ya know.” You commented. “I know babe, but I tried.” Luke said, giving you a smile, which you returned. You couldn’t stay mad at him. “My turn” You squealed, excited to do his makeup. He groaned, but you just smiled.