luke brooks fanfics

6 months

2 years. 2 years in a relationship with Nash, just to break up over text message because of the pictures of him and another girl. He was on tour and cheating on you.

You’ll admit, the first week, you laid in bed crying. You were heartbroken. He was your first true love, after pizza of course. But you were so hurt. He said he loved you, but his actions showed otherwise.

In the messages, he said it was an accident. A one time thing. She was just a fan and things just happened. He didn’t mean it. He loved you.

Lie after lie after lie.

The second week you were still upset, but you moved from your bed now. You found yourself mostly playing sad songs and drowning your pain in the bottom of a tub of ice cream. Not the healthiest way to cope, but you were doing okay.

The third week you were finally realizing that he didn’t deserve your tears. You saw his tweets, Instagram pictures, snapchat stories, he was out having the time of his life it seemed. He was out on dates with other girls already. Out partying with the guys. He was happy, so why weren’t you?

The forth week rolled around and you decided you were done. You finally got rid of that box of stuff you had of his under your bed. Your burned the love letters, threw away all the gifts he bought you, like the teddy bear from Valentine’s Day. The minion he won from a carnival game the night he took you on your 4th date. All of it. You were finally ready to move on.

Now, here you are, 6 months post break up, hanging out with your new boyfriend, Beau at his place.

You guys met at the gym (since drowning your sorrows in ice cream did nothing for your figure) a month after your breakup and really clicked. Granted he gave you all his lines that day, it was his sense of humor that made you agree to going out to lunch with him the next day, and well, the rest is history. That was 5 months ago though.

Now here you are, head over heels for the biggest goof you knew. He constantly made you laugh, and his brothers, Luke and Jai, same age as you, were suddenly your best friends. You spent at least 4 days out of the week with Beau, the other 3 you were just busy with work.

You were currently at Beau and the rest of the boys place in LA, cuddled up on his bed watching a movie. You couldn’t deny that you were tired. You were up early this morning for a photoshoot, and you didn’t get home until late last night.

You did some modeling, and you had to admit you did love it. You noticed how 3 months after your break up though, any picture you would post you saw Nash would like it. No big deal, since you did get like 200,000 some likes on a picture, but still.

And he would indirect you on twitter a lot. Or at least he has lately. He’s tweeted ‘don’t ever let go of someone who was once all about you’ and ‘my only regret was hurting you so much it made you leave.’ Of course there were several others, and people always tagged you in the tweets, but you paid no attention.

You were happy with Beau. He made you feel beautiful. Loved. Everything. You loved being around him. You honestly couldn’t even picture being with anyone else now. You wanted nothing more than to just be with Beau. Like, he was your happiness.

That night you didn’t have to work, and you didn’t have anything for the following morning, so as usual you stayed with the boys, a habit that seemed to be starting. You cooked them dinner, which they were grateful for, and then watched them play fifa. Jai and Luke versus Beau and Skip.

Around 11:30 you decided to head to bed, knowing those four would be up for hours. Beau did pause the game though to ‘tuck’ you into bed, which only led to you guys making out for like 15 minutes before Jai screamed from downstairs for Beau to ‘hurry up and finish’ since ‘everyone knows you can’t last that long anyway’

You stayed up though, watching a movie from bed, cuddling with Hamlet. You were watching the lion king, and you couldn’t help but snap a pic of you and Hamlet. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs, cuddles, and the Lion King? You posted the photo on twitter and Instagram and then locked your phone and then focused on the movie.

Nash was on twitter, and was guilty of having your tweet notifications on, along with you Instagram ones as well. He was over at the boys house, and they had just finished a game of hoops, everyone taking a break and checking their phones.

He had a notification of yours from twitter and Instagram. Checking twitter he saw it. The picture you had taken while over at Beaus. He immediately exited out and checked your Instagram post, only to see the same picture. He admits, it was a great pic of you. You looked great, even for it being 11:30 at night.

“another night with the actual love of my life Hamlet” and it had Beau fuckin Brooks tagged in the caption, and the picture itself.

“that’s the third fucking night in a row.” He mumbled, locking his phone. “the third fucking night in a row she’s spent at his house.”

“bro chill, they are dating, it’s not like she’s cheati- never mind.” Johnson spoke, catching himself from saying something terrible.

“like I don’t fucking know that. I know they’re fucking dating. Everyone fucking does. Who doesn’t know about the hottest model dating the Australian prankster. I mean, if you didn’t just go on any fucking site. Twitter, where her fans and his fans and half the other people in the world talk about how perfect they are. How much they ship them. Or even look at their profiles. They do nothing but fucking tweet about one another, tweet one another and fucking post pictures of them together all the damn time.” Nash went off. He was pissed. He didn’t like that you were this happy with someone that wasn’t him.

Because just a few months ago that was you guys. People were shipping you guys. You were tweeting about one another, tweeting pictures of each other, posting all kinds of pictures together, tweeting one another.

“bro, can’t you just be happy for her? I mean, don’t you want her to be happy?” Johnson, the man of wisdom spoke again. Everyone else just kinda put in their own little inputs, but Johnson was the only one to make you realize anything.

“Yeah I want her to be happy. But I want her to be happy with me. I want her to be posting pics of us, not her and someone else.”

“yeah, well you kinda ruined that didn’t you?” Johnson fired back. Everyone was shocked he said it because well, yeah everyone knew Nash cheated, but since it happened no one talked about it. Not that they were scared, but simply that it was just kinda understood. Everyone knew what went down, no need to discuss it

“Johnson.” Nash practically growled. Everyone could tell he was ready to punch Johnson for bringing it up.

“no Nash listen. You fucked up. Big time. You had a fucking dime, and to be honest with you, if it wasn’t for bro code, the second you two broke up I would’ve gone after her. I’m not gonna lie, I still talk to her, hang out with her. She’s great, and she loved you so much. But you fucking took her for granted and lost the best damn thing that ever came your way.” Johnson spit.

“you don’t think I know that? I know I messed up okay.”

“I know, but I still don’t think you get it. Yeah you messed up. You treated her like shit while you were on tour. Empty conversations, hardly ever talking to her. I think there was seriously like 2 weeks when you didn’t even bother to respond to her? But she fucking stuck by you. She way faithful as shit. And then you go and cheat on her? With a fan? You know they can’t keep their damn mouths shut. And after that breakup sure you were feeling great. Free. Nothing could stop you. Nothing was holding you back. Now here we are, 6 months later, she’s moved on, and now’s when you start caring. She’s your ex and all and you should want nothing but the best for her since you couldn’t give it to her.”

“I don’t need this.” Nash said, walking off inside, where he found Nate and Sammy drinking and smoking. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and started drinking, giving up on basketball and now all of the guys essentially just having a small party.

A bottle of vodka, and like half a blunt later Nash was just a mess. He excluded himself from everyone else inside laughing, having the time of their lives. He went outside, sitting on the edge of a cement wall. He scrolled through your guys’ old photos he still had on his phone. His thoughts eating him alive. He couldn’t stand this.

He missed you.

He missed making you laugh, the way your eyes would squint and your nose would scrunch up as you tipped your head back. He could no longer do that to you, he could no longer make you laugh. Now it was Beau who made you laugh. And that hurt him, so much. Your laugh was his favorite sound.

He missed the way you would cuddle up next to him. How you would throw your leg over his body and your arm across his chest and snuggle up real close to him. How you would nuzzle your head in his side. How perfect you and he fit together.

Or the way you would skip through the house, just humming or singing. His shirt draped over your body, and your little knee high socks, and nothing else. It was his favorite sight. He loved nothing more than trudging out of bed in the morning to find you in the kitchen singing. He loved walking up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your neck, telling you how great last night was. He cringed at the thought of Beau and you being the same way.

Then the thought of you and Beau being intimate in anyway. Doing anything sexual. He started to think about all the things you used to love in the bedroom. How you loved when he would pin you up against the wall. How rough he could get, but how he could slow it down, putting all his love into every deep thrust. How you would squirm when he kissed that spot, right below your ear. Or how you loved to suck him off before anything. The foreplay. How much you loved to be on top, or how you loved when he hit it from the back.

Thinking of you and Beau doing any of that together was enough to set him off. He had a new message open to you, he just didn’t have any idea what to say. His thoughts were all jumbled, and the alcohol gave him all the confidence he needed. No matter how sloppy his thoughts were one thing was clear. He missed you, and he wanted to let you know that.

To (y/n): I miss you.

And after he sent it, he waited. Messages still open. Hope of any contact from you started to fade as 15 minutes had passed and you still hadn’t even opened it. His thoughts started to come back, and he thought about how much he missed falling asleep next to you every night, and waking up with you every morning.

He was about to type another message but then he saw the little bubble pop up and eagerly awaited your response.

Beau had just came upstairs into his room to get ready for bed when you got a new message. Rarely ever getting a message at midnight, you were quite curious as to who it would be. The only person you ever talked to this late was either your best friend, or Beau. And since your best friend was out of state, in a different time zone for the week, you knew it wasn’t her, plus you guys only talked late when it was an emergency. And considering you were with Beau, it couldn’t be him.

“who’s that?” Beau asked, emerging from the bathroom in his boxers, a sight you quite enjoyed.

“no idea.” You replied, reaching over to the night table and checking your phone.

You unlocked your phone, only to see something you did not expect at all. A new message from the last person on earth you expected.

“it’s uh, it’s from Nash.” You said, shocked.

Beau climbed into bed, pulling you into him so you guys were spooning.

“like your ex Nash? What did he say?”

“yeah him. And he just said he missed me. I’m not even going to reply. I’m just going to go change my number in the morning.” I said, clicking out of my messages.

“no don’t. I know it’s not ideal, but I mean, you should text him back. You know, give him some closure or something.” Beau smiled.

“you’re not mad?”

“why would I be? I mean, I’ve got you now. Even though he fucked up, he still deserves some closure. Thing about it babe, this is the first you guys have talked in like 6 months.”

“okay. You’re the best. I love you.” You smiled, turning and kissing his lips lazily.

To Nash: It’s been 6 months Nash. I think you’re fine.

From Nash: I’m not fine. These past 6 months hae been hell. I miss you so muvh babt.

“he’s drunk.” You told Beau.

“drunk or not, he still has feeling babe. Just, let him say what he has to say. I know this is what you’ve wanted for months now.”

“what have I wanted?” you asked, confused. You didn’t want anything from Nash. You loved Beau now, so you were confused.

“you want answers, and now’s your chance to get some.”

To Nash: well, that’s not really my problem.

From Nash: I knoww. I mesaed up

To Nash: can I ask you something.

From Nash: of course.

To Nash: okay, firstly. Why’d you do it? Were you not happy with me? Cause if not, you should have broke up with me before.

From Nash: no. fuck no. I was happy with you. It’s just on tour I felt held back. Like everyone else was out having great times and I just felt like I couldn’t cause of yoi.

To Nash: you could have just talked to me, instead of ignoring me and then cheating on me.

From Nash: I know. Can I ask  you something.

To Nash: sure.

From Nash: are you happy? With bo ? nd evrithing else in oyur life?

To Nash: Beau* but yeah. I am happy with him. And my modeling is really taking off.

From Nash: I’m glad your work iz good. Bo is lucki

To Nash: Beau*

From Nash: right. I’m sorry.

To Nash: it’s fine. Lots of people spell it wrong.

From Nash: no. not for the name. For everything else. For the lies, and cheating. I regret it all. I still care about you, but if you’re happi then I’m happi for you.

To Nash: why?

From Nash: I already told you. I felt held back.

To Nash: no, not that. Like why now? Why are you apologizing now? 6 months later? I wanted an apology like a week after, maybe a month, but 6 months later? I thought maybe we could be statistics, remain friends after the breakup, but 6 months later?

From Nash: it’s just. I wanted to be friends. I just needed to figure things out.

To Nash: by sleeping with other girls?

From Nash: that makes it sound bad.

To Nash: cause it was bad Nash. It hurt so much knowing while I was laying around hurting, you were out, happy as can be.

From Nash: funny.

To Nash: what’s funny about that?

From Nash: no, not that, it’s just funny how things change.

To Nash: what do you mean?

From Nash: it’s funny how now, I’m the one hurting, and you’re happy as can be.

To Nash: what?

From Nash: It hurts knowing you’re falling asleep in someone else’s arms, and waking up next to them every morning now…

so i have luke’s selfie as my wallpaper on my phone, and like a couple months ago my brother noticed it and he asked me what was luke’s name and so i told him, and he then told my dad about it, i found out not long after my brother told my dad about it because, we were having dinner one day and my dad just suddenly asks me “how is luke” and i was like “what?” and he says “how is luke? luke. your boyfriend, luke” and i choked on my food, i’m not even kidding. and i asked my dad who told him about luke and my dad simply just pointed to my brother and said “your brother did” and just then i remembered my brother noticed my lockscreen, so i just played along and ever since then, each time we have a family gathering, a chorus of “how’s luke?” is just being thrown at me like they all think luke is my boyfriend, more like I WISH, and so yesterday my dad told me he wanted to meet luke and so i went into my brother’s room that has a printer in it, and i took my computer out, and told my dad to follow me if he wanted to see luke, so then i printed out a picture of luke from my computer and i showed it to my dad and he asked me why was i giving him that and so i told him that he just said he wanted to meet luke earlier so and he legit just starts laughing and pats me on the head and literally said “you’re funny, but im serious i want to meet him” WHAT I TRIED TO TELL MY DAD THAT LUKE ISNT MY BOYFRIEND BUT HE DOESNT BELIEVE ME BUT IF HE SAYS SO IM MORE THAN HAPPY but every time my family mentions about luke it seems so real and it makes me so happy but then it hits me like seconds after, that its not real, and never will be and then there is me, drowning in a pool of my own tears im done bYE


#76 Janoskians – We all love you*


You are friends with all the Janoskians boys and on your way to their house. It has been exactly three years since you’ve become friends and get excited when you get to the their house and see a note on the door. “We’ve got surprises for you… just come in” It signed by each boy and you take it off the door as unlock the door with the key that they gave to you for emergencies. You step into the house and turn the lights on, seeing rose pedals on the floor. You follow the rose pedals until you get to the dining room. James sits at the table and stands up smirking when you step into the room.

“Do you have any idea what’s about to happen to you, (Y/N)?” He asks and walks over to you.

“No.” You say and look at him confused. He chuckles quietly and then kisses you. You kiss him back even though you’re super confused. He puts his hands on your waist and lifts you up. James puts you down on the table and spreads your leads.

“what are…?” You ask as he takes off your shirt.

“shh, just let it happen.” James whispers and kisses you. He pulls your jeans down and then throws them to the other side of the room. He kneels down on the floor and puts your legs on his shoulder. James kisses your inner thigh and then your lips before starting to lick. He puts his hands on your ass and pulls you closer to him as he pushes his tongue against your hood. He licks up and down, side to side and makes circles. You are a moaning mess and then one of his hands moves up to your breast. He squeezes into your boob and starts to massage it.

“Fuck you’re so wet.” James mumbles and gives your clit a kiss before he stands up. You get up confused and James gives you kiss on the cheek. “Beau is waiting in the kitchen.” He whispers into your ear.

You take a deep breath and then leave the dining room. Arrive in the kitchen, you see Beau leaning against the kitchen island. “Damn.” He mumbles. You blushe as he takes your hand. Beau kisses you and then lifts you up, putting you on the kitchen island. Just like James he spreads your legs open and then pushes one finger into you. You moan instantly as he chuckles.

“You’re fucking wet. James did a great job.” He whispers and starts to push his finger in and out of you.

“Why are you doing this?” You want to know, shutting your eyes.

“Because we all love you (Y/N).” He says and attaches his lips to yours. You start to make out and Beau pushes a second finger into you. He starts to quicken his pace rubs your clitoris softly in a circular motion with his other hand. Beau slowly starts to increase speed.

“Don’t stop!” You exclaim and he doesn’t. He keeps on going it until you orgasms. You let out a scream and breath heavily as your thighs are shaking.

Then he pulls out of you and helps you stand up. “You should clean yourself in the bathroom.” He whispers into your ear and kisses your cheek. You bite your lip and then leave him alone. You go into the bathroom and see that Daniel is waiting for you, already naked

“What now?” You ask as you walk over to him.

“You’re still wearing your bra.” He says and puts his hands on your waist. “That’s about to change.” He chuckles and leads you into the shower.

“How?” You ask and admire his naked body.

“By cleaning you.” Daniel says and pushes you against the wall. He turns the water on and unclasps your bra, dropping it onto the floor before turning you around. You are presses against the wall as he pushes his dick into you from behind. “Beau and James did a great job.” He groans into your ear and puts your hair to the side. He kisses your neck and starts to suck on it, leaving a hickey. You moan and hold onto your boobs as he starts to fuck you from behind against the cold wall. The water drips down on your skin and is cold against your hot body. Daniel starts to fuck you faster and squeezes your ass.

“ahh!” You scream and are a moaning mess. “Ahh fuck Daniel.”

“You like that, don’t you? You like it when you get fucked from behind.” He groans into your ear.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” You exclaim and feel yourself approaching your orgasm.

“I know that Beau made you cum. I heard you… but I’m not allowed to, (Y/N).” He whispers and pulls out. He gives you a towel and a kiss on your cheek. “Jai is in the office.” Daniel says and squeezes your butt one last time before you leave the room. You go upstairs, your clit burning to cum. When you open the door to the office, Jai is sitting behind the desk, naked.

“Finally.” He smirks and stands up. You walk over to him, not even closing the door and he takes your hand. “Bend over.” He whispers into your ear. You do as told and bend over the wood desk. Jai gives you a slap on your ass and then pushes his dick into you. You moan loudly, nearly scream as he starts to push himself fast in and out of you. He holds onto your hair and makes your whole body shake. Jai bends down as well, to hold onto your boobs. He massages them and stimulates your nipples.

“Ahh Jai!” You whimper and want to come so badly. “Please just make me cum.” You beg and he licks over your hickey.

“tell me, how gave that to you?” He groans into your ear and decreases his speed. “Tell me or I won’t let you cum.”

“Daniel.” you gasp.

“That bastard. It was my job to give you a hickey.” He mumbles against your neck. “I guess I’ll just have to give you one on the other side.” He says and sucks on your skin. You moan his name as he starts to hit your g-spot.

“Please Jai!” you exclaim and he starts to speed up. Within seconds you cum. You shut your eyes as your orgasm takes over your body. When he pulls out, you stay laying on the desk. Jai chuckles and lifts you up. “We aren’t done.” He says and carries you bridal style to the bedroom. He lays you down on the bed and kisses your cheek before he leaves again and Luke comes into the room.

“Hey cutie.” He smiles and hovers himself above you. “Just tell me when you want what.” He whispers and pushes his dick into you. It fills you out completely and you feel every inch of him inside of you.

“Faster.” You moan and he obeys. He starts to fuck you faster, holding onto your boobs. You hold onto his bicep and keep your eyes closed. “Faster Luke!” You scream. You and Luke start to make out and then change position. You’re on top and ride him fast. He lifts his hips up and pushes himself in and out of you. You start to ride him harder and faster, wanting so bad to orgasms again.

“Ahh Luke!” You moan. “Ahh! Ah! AHHH” You scream and then the door opens. The other boys come in and walk towards you. James and Beau stand on the right side of the bed and Daniel and Jai on the left side. Luke continues to fuck you as the other boys start to jack off. “Harder please!” You scream and Luke flips you around again. He fucks you harder than someone did ever before and massages your boobs until your orgasms. It’s black in front of your eyes as you cum. You’re whole body is hot and sweaty. When you open your eyes, Luke jacks himself. You open your mouth and he crawls up to your face. You take his dick into your moth and give him a blowjob until he cums in your mouth. You swallow and then give James a sign that he’s next. His eyes widen as he changes position with Luke. You give him a blowjob as well and then Beau and Daniel and lastly Jai. You swallow for each one.

“Thanks (Y/N).” The boys say at the same time.

“Thank you boys!” You smile at them and hope that you’ll get the same surprise next year.

Imagine#6: Cute moment - Jai

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You and your boyfriend made one year today. you both didn’t want to go anywhere so you decided that you guys would have a movie marathon at home. You got everything ready. “ hey babe happy one year” he gave me a kiss. I smiled “happy one year babe” I hugged his waist.

We both were about to pick out a movie until we heard the boys came walking in. “ hey what up love birds” Luke said and sat down on the couch. “Oi get out it’s our anniversary today” Jai yelled at the boys. “come on we have nothing to do today let us stay please.” Beau said. “ no get out now” Jai glared at them. “ babe it’s okay they can stay” I smiled at him. “ yea see yn doesn’t mind” Skip said. Jai sighed and mumbled fine assholes. He kicked Luke off the couch and laid down. 

I laughed and grabbed some popcorn. I made two large bowls one for the boys and one for me and Jai. I sat down on the couch while Jai held onto my waist. I gave the popcorn to Beau. I put on Lilo and Stich and the boys cheered. I laughed and watched the movie. 

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Me and Jai would cuddle and kiss each other often while watching the movie. The boys would fake gag and would say “ get a room”. While the movie was playing I heard soft snores. I look to see that Jai fell asleep. I took out my phone and took a picture of him. “ my sleeping prince. Happy one year babe :)”.

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I posted it and changed the movie to Big Hero 6 I watched it while I was wrapped in Jai’s arms. I pecked his Lips. I see him smile in his sleep. I giggled and kept watching the movie.

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I soon felt sleepy and fell asleep watching Big Hero 6. “will you guys shut up yn is gonna wake up” Luke whispered. The boys kept grumbling over something. “keep it down I want to sleep “ I mumbled. I cuddled into Jai’s side I heard the boys say awwe and kept sleeping.

Little did you know that the boys were video tapping and taking pics of you two. “happy one year you two. they grow up so fast” Luke posted the pic. “watch boys they’ll thank me when it’s on their wedding video.” Luke said and laughed. “shhhhhh your gonna wake up Jai” yn said. The boys said bye to yn and smiled at the couple.

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Luke Brooks Imagine (an argument)

Luke you need to get your anger under control, it’s not my fault that you left your phone in the back of the taxi.” I said as calmly as possible.

“I JUST NEED MY FUCKIN PHONE AND WALLET BACK, I ASKED YOU TO DO ONE THING TO HELP ME AND YOU CAN’T GET IT RIGHT!” He screamed back at me. The rest of the other boys all just stood there awkwardly whilst I was standing in the doorway with him sitting outside.

“Luke, I can’t help that babe.” My voice softened.

“IT’S 2013 BABE, NO ONE SAYS BABE ANYMORE!” He snapped back angrily.

“LUKE! It’s not my fault that you left your fuckin’ phone there, it’s your fault!” I screamed back at him.

“YOU DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO HELP ME!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“YOU HAVE TO STOP TAKING YOUR ANGER OUT ON ME, I CAN’T TAKE IT MUCH LONGER.” I said, turning around and going up to our shared bedroom.

“That was a dog move mate.” I heard Beau say as I walked off. I ran up the stairs and opened the door, slamming it closed behind me. 

I laid down on the bed. What a mess my life is. He doesn’t have proper bed sheets on his bed nor does he have a bed frame or proper furniture. There are cans of red bull everywhere and his clothes are all over the floor. I let out a few silent tears as I looked around at how messy his room was.

I got up and started to fold all the clean clothes and make a pile of his dirty clothes. If I was gonna sit up here and be upset I might as well do something. I sorted all his clothes back into the wardrobe and put sheets onto the bed. 

Once I was done I climbed into the bed, laying on his side. I pushed my face into his pillow and breathed in his scent. I loved him so much but he was right, I couldn’t do anything right. It was a simple request for me to call his phone but I forgot.

A few more warm tears slipped down my face and soon enough a steady stream was coming down. I heard the door open and close but I pretended to be asleep.

“It’s not Luke, it’s Jai.” Jai said from behind me. I rolled over and sat up, wiping away the tears frantically.

“Don’t cry.” He said softly, sitting next to me and hugging me.

“I can’t do anything right.” I mumbled.

“Yes you can. His room is always such a mess and look what you’ve done, you’ve gone and cleaned it for him. See, this is how good you are to my brother and trust me he appreciates it. He’s downstairs right now on the brink of tears because he was scared that you were up here packing your stuff to leave.” He stated, hugging me tighter.

“Then why didn’t he come up to check on me instead of sending you up here?” I sniffed.

“Because he was worried that he’d make things worse Y/N trust me he loves you to pieces.” He told me. I just stayed silent and took in what Jai was saying. It was true, I love him to pieces and I never want him to leave and I will never leave.

“I would never leave him.”

“Luke doesn’t know that though Y/N, you need to tell him that. Do you want me to send him up here?” He asked quietly to which I nodded. Jai squeezed me tighter once more then pulled away, disappearing down the stairs.

I laid back down on the bed and a few more tears rolled down my face. Why did we always fight? Why did he always have to be angry with me?

As soon as his face appeared in the doorway I burst into tears again and his face fell to the floor. He raced over to the right side of the bed where I was laying and got to his knees.

“Don’t cry, no please don’t cry. Don’t cry because of me, I’m not worth it. You know it breaks my heart.” he whispered frantically, wiping away my tears.

“But that’s the thing, to me you are worth my tears but I don’t seem to be worth anything to you anymore Luke. I love you too much and it’s hurting.”

He pulled me in closely and kissed me on the head.

“Y/N I love you sooooooo much it’s insane. You are actually my world and I know I don’t always show it but I really really love you and I have no idea what I would do without you. I know I have anger issues and a short temper but I can’t help it sometimes.” He whispered to me. His words melted my heart and I finally wrapped my arms around him and accepted the hug.

“I know but I do things and you don’t even notice." 

"I noticed that you cleaned my room… but there were more pressing issues at hand. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gotten worked up about a stupid phone. You were right it isn’t your fault it’s mine, I lost it but I don’t wanna lose you.” he told me. I looked up into his warm brown eyes and he leant forward and kissed me.

He knew how to make everything better again and I don’t care that his temper is like a bomb waiting to explode, I love him and he loves me.

“I would never leave you Luke, I love you too much.”

“I love you too and I would never leave either.” He said, holding me closer than before.

6 months / part II

a/n: I rewrote this so many times. I’m still not a 100% sure how I feel about this. But uh yeah, here’s part 2. Enjoy


It’s been a week since Nash had texted me for the first time since the breakup. The rest of the week he would text me. Three or four times in a row, long messages, only for me to reply with one sentence.

I was currently over at Beau’s with him and the rest of the boys. The TCA’s were tonight, and we were going, obviously. I was actually one of the people to present someone with their award.

The boys had their ‘suits’ which were really just painted on their chest. I on the other hand was wearing a red strapless dress. It was tight around top and then flared at my hips. It was a good inch or two above midthigh, showing off my legs, which was one of my best assets. And then with that, I wore black converse. I had on subtle makeup, winged eyeliner, a little blush, and my long hair sat in loose waves.

The whole way there, the boys made fun of my shoe choice, saying how it was odd that I’d be wearing converse when every other girl there would be in heels. Beau defended me though, saying how the one time I wore heels, he had to catch me at least 4 times from falling.

We were walking the carpet. Interviewers stopping us and asking questions. The boys got a lot of questions about Janoskian stuff, and I got some on my modeling. A lot of people asked for me and Beau to pose together, which we did, but they’d all be ruined by the other boys.

There was a lot of commotion behind us, and we all looked. Down the carpet walked Nash, Jack and Jack, Nate, and all the other boys I grew so close to over the past 2 years. I saw Johnson and smiled and waved at him and he looked at me and smiled. He came over and gave me a hug and we talked a bit before we had to keep going.

“hey, I’ll see ya in there.” Johnson smiled before kissing my cheek and walking back to the boys who all smiled and waved at me.

I made eye contact with Nash and he mouthed ‘we need to talk’ and I just rolled my eyes before taking Beaus hand and following him into the venue.

The show had started, and I was backstage getting ready to present. I was presenting teen choice male web star. And the nominees were Cam, Nash and a few others. But I really hoped Cam would win, or any of the others. Any but Nash.

After Fifth Harmony performed, I walked out on the stage with Justin Bieber. Cheers erupting from the crowd.

“what’s up everyone.” Justin said into the mic while I said “hi” and everyone screamed.

“yo, this is so incredible, I can’t believe I’m presenting an award with the most beautiful girl, (y/n)” he said, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

Me and Justin have been friends ever since we did a Calvin Klein photoshoot together, and then he asked me to be in one of his music videos too. So I have no complaints.

I looked out in the crowd to see Beau. He was just standing up with the rest of the boys just clapping nonstop and I couldn’t help but smile.

“well I can’t believe I’m here presenting an award with the one and only Justin Bieber, am I right girls?”

And the place filled with screams. Justin and I couldn’t help but laugh as I pulled his shirt up just a bit to expose his abs causing more screams.

“alright, alright, I think it’s time we announce the nominees.”  Justin said. He announced the first two and then I announced Cameron and Nash.

“alright, and this years teen choice for favorite male web star is…” I read, and opened the enveloped.

“Nash Grier!” Justin said happily, but mine was a little less ecstatic than it should have been. My face fell flat.

Nash came up to the stage and ‘bro hugged’ Justin and then came up to me. I handed him the surfboard and he held it in one arm while he wrapped his other around me.

“we really need to talk.” He whispered in my ear.

I just ignored him and pulled away from the hug that lingered a bit too long on his end.

“congrats” Justin and I both said.

“oh my gosh thank you guys so much.” Nash started. “I never imagined getting an award, let alone having it given to me by Justin, the greatest artist, and (y/n). I mean, just look at her. I’m feeling truly honored.”

“I just wanna give a special thanks to all my fans. Without you I wouldn’t be here today. I can’t believe I won. Really, thank you guys so much. I would also like to thank a few special people, like my parents, for always supporting me. And my friends who helped me and have always been there. Shout out to you guys. And I also wanna thank one more person. She stood by my side for 2 years and put up with all my shit. She was my best friend, and I couldn’t have done anything without her. She always pushed me to do my best and would make me stop whenever we went out to talk to fans.”

The crowd started to scream and say our old ship name.

“but yeah. She was great. So I’d really like to thank (y/n) along with my friends and family and of course my fans.”

Everyone screamed when Nash actually said my name. I just turned and walked off the stage, walking around backstage through all the performers and people who would be presenting awards.

“(Y/n)” you heard Nash’s voice. You ignored it and kept walking.

“(y/n) wait.” Nash said. He had finally caught up to you and grabbed your arm in a hallway backstage.

“what Nash?” you yelled. Tears filled your eyes. This was the first time you have actually seen him in person in like 9 months, considering the last 3 months of your relationship with him he was on tour.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“what could you possibly have to say Nash? I thought you said everything you needed to in our breakup.”

“look. I’m sorry. You’ve gotta believe me.” He said. By now I had tears in my eyes, threatening to come out.

“I was on tour and I loved meeting the fans and the guys all seemed to have so much fun going out and all that stuff, and I just felt like I couldn’t go out and have fun with the guys an-“ he started but I cut him off.

“no Nash. I don’t want your excuses. I’m sick and tired of hearing the same bullshit from you.” Tears started to fall now.

“why are you crying?” he asked, going to pull me into a hug, but I pushed him away.

“do you know how hard it was? For you to give your all to someone. To devote yourself to them completely. Just to have them turn around and just throw it away. I loved you Nash. I fucking wasted 2 years of my life on you. I hadn’t seen you in almost a year. It’s been 9 months since I saw you last, and you come back now all of a sudden. Giving me the ‘I’m sorry’ ‘baby she meant nothing’ ‘it was just an accident’ bullshit in person. I can’t fucking handle it Nash.” I said as I slid down the wall, putting my head in my hands.

“I gave my everything to you Nash, and it’s like it didn’t matter. You know I had such big plans for us. I dreamed of us getting married. On the beach somewhere cause that was always your favorite place to go. And then kids together. We always talked about having kids together when we were older. I was so sure we would be together forever. You promised we would, we discussed names all the time, and then you went and cheated on me Nash.”

“I’m sorry. You’ve gotta believe me.” He said sitting next to me and putting his hand on my knee.

“do you know what it’s like. For someone not to love you anymore? To love someone so much, and for them to feel nothing for you.” I sniffled.

“don’t say that. I loved you. It was an accident (y/n)”

“no. You don’t just ‘accidently’ cheat on someone you love.”

“I didn’t mean for any of this. You have to believe me.”

“After it first happened my life was hell. And then here I am 6 months later, finally happy and so in love. I finally found someone to pick up all those broken little pieces you left behind. Someone finally put me all back together and then you text me out of nowhere telling me you miss me. And then tonight? What the fuck was that bullshit?”

“honestly? What the hell Nash? ‘I’d like to thank her.’ ‘she always supported me’ ‘she was great’ damn right I supported you. Hell yeah I put up with your shit. That’s the kinda things you do when you love someone. You know, after our breakup, I never felt more insecure than I did. I thought I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t give you enough. But looking at it all now it was the other way.”

“You forgot my birthday, our anniversary, everything important. You just ‘oops, I forgot?’ really? You didn’t give a shit.”

“hey don’t  say that shit. You know damn well I gave an effort. You think it was easy? Touring and dating? Especially someone so clingy?”


“it happened once.”

“and was it worth it? Was that one time worth throwing everything we had away?” I asked, turning to look at him. His eyes saddened and he looked down.

“no.” he mumbled. “I regret it every day. I miss what we had. And I’d go back and change it all in a minute.”

“well, you can’t. you did what you did and you’ll have to live with that.” I said, getting up.

“wait.” He said, jumping up and grabbing my wrist.

“what Nash?”

“I just can’t watch you leave.”

“well you’re gonna have too. Like I sat back and watched you leave.” I pulled my wrist out of his grasp and turned to walk away.

“I didn’t leave you!” he yelled after me, causing me to stop in my tracks. I turned around and face him, my blood boiling.

“you didn’t leave? Really Nash?”

“I didn’t.”

“you did Nash. You left me all the time for tour, to go out with your boys, fan meet ups, parties, where girls were always all over you. You would leave me, alone at home on the couch to go out with the boys, or what about the time you literally left in the middle of dinner cause G had ‘something important’ to show you, but you ended up going to a party?”

“okay, yeah I did do that, and I realize that it was a shitty thing to do, but you keep pointing out everything I did wrong, but lets not forget about all the good things I did.”

“because none of that matters now Nash!”

“yes it does. Tell me. Has Beau left a trail of rose petals down the hall to the Jacuzzi tub with candles around it with your favorite sweet, chocolate covered strawberries on the side? Does he lay in bed with you when you’re on your period? Rub your stomach, get you ice cream, flaming hot Cheetos, chocolate anything?”

“nice try Nash, but he does, and so much more.” I said, going to walk away.

“wait.” He called out.

“Really? What now Nash?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“do you love him?” He asked. I looked in his eyes and they were full of sadness.

“yes. I do.”

“and he makes you happy?”

“everyday” I smile, just thinking of Beau.

Nash closes his eyes and takes a breath and I see him turn and walk away. I’m left standing there, more than confused. We went from fighting and yelling at each other and then he suddenly calms down and leaves?

Deciding to not let him leave me hanging again, like he did 9 months ago, I followed him, weaving in and out of people backstage. Unfortunately for me, I lost him in the crowd. I let out a huff, annoyed with him and this whole situation, and walked back out to my seat with Beau. We sat and talked while the rest of the show went on. I told him about what happened with Nash, and although he’s rarely ever serious, he was so helpful listening and giving me input.

At the end of the show, everyone cheered, and eventually people started to leave. Walking back out and stopping to talk to some fans and taking some pictures with them. On our way out though, we ran into Jack and Jack, and Beau and the boys stopped to talk to them.

In the middle of the conversation my attention was taken away when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Nash?

“hey.” He said, avoiding eye contact.

“oh now you wanna talk?”

“listen, I came here to apologize. About earlier. I uh, didn’t mean to freak out like that. I just, I’m glad you’re happy. With Beau. Like, I’m glad you’re finally happy, and I really do wish you the best. I’m really sorry about everything.” He said.

“uh, thank you.” I smiled, a little shocked by the whole thing.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed my head. Then pulled away. We looked at each other and he just nodded.

“I’ll uh, hopefully see you around.” He said, turning and leaving with Skate.

Suddenly Beau wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into his side, kissing my temple while he talked with the Jacks about doing something together, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how content I was.

I got my closure. I got my answers. And here I am, happy as ever, with the love of my life, and I have my friends. It really couldn’t get any better.



The Janoskians

You watch him edit

Everyone in the house was gathered around the tv watching Jai destroy at Fifa. 

“Hey guys! Where’s Luke?” you shout over the cheers and laughter. Jai shuts off the TV and powers down the Xbox before answering. 

“I think he’s in his room editing out latest video. It’ll probably take him all night so we’re gunna go to  he park and mess around. Maybe go out to eat.” He said.

“You wanna come?” Beau asked politely. 

“Um..nah. I’m kinda tired from today’s adventure. I might just settle down with a movie…or something…” you said, thinking to yourself about a night alone in the house with Luke.

“Suit yourself. We’ll be back.” And with that they all left.

You rushed upstairs. Maybe you and Luke could have a quiet dinner just the two of you or cuddle and watch a movie without the boys barging in. Maybe even get to other things that always get interrupted. 

You slowly open the door to Luke’s room and see him sitting on his bed working on his computer. He glanced up quickly before going back to his work. You ignore his stale greeting and climb onto the bed, silently leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“Hi…” you say.

“How’s it going?” he asks. You lean the side of your face in and he gets the hint to kiss your cheek. He then continues to edit, playing and replaying clips. Minutes pass and he continues to ignore you. You were so excited to spend sometime with Luke but never knew how serious he got when he was editing. You sat up, leaning against the wall and pulled your hair out of your face, lowing your lips to his neck. You laid a couple soft kissed along his collar bone and below his jaw before picking up the pressure and sucking on the skin trying to get his attention. You gave him a small bite before he scrunched his shoulder to block his neck and finally looked away form the computer. 

“Look…I really need to get this done! I only have a couple minutes cut so far and still need to mess around with the effects and audio and I’d really appreciate if you could just leave me be!”

Your heart fell. His worls hurt but you knew he didn’t mean it, he was just stressed. How could you be so stupid? You knew Luke was under a lot of pressure to get this video published as soon as possible for the fans and you should’ve known he wouldn’t want you to be there, distracting him and prolonging the process. 

“I’m sorry.."you said crawling off the bed and moving towards the door. "I…” you play with your hair nervously. “ I should have known you’d be busy. I’ll..I’ll just go” you said grabbing the door handle before opening it.

“No wait…” Luke said, reaching up and grabbing your wrist. “I just really need to get this done…but if you don’t mind how mind-numblingly boring this is you can stay if you don’t distract me…”

You closed the door and sat down on the bed next to him. “Well then…I’ll just hang out quietly on your bed.” You slowly crawled over him to lay down.

You sat and watched him tinker around on his computer, laughing at the boys in the video as Luke tested each clip. His brow was furrowed as he replayed the clips. He tested out songs for certain clips and licked at his lips, playing with his piercing. it was almost like he was teasing you, but you stayed calm, resting your head on his pillow or staring at the ceiling. His warm brown eyes flickered with the glare form the screen and his face was illuminated, showing the mole on his nose and the cute dimple in his cheek when he smiled. The click on the trackpad and keys was starting to annoy you since you couldn’t see what was going on but you enjoyed the quit, peacefulness of Luke’s face. You both would laugh fall into fits of laughter, watching the boys in their scenes and Luke would occasionally test out a silly edit to make you smile. 

“Hey. So…whenever I let anyone watch me edit they kind of have to be my…slave(no not sex slave). So you could get me a glass of milk?” He asked smugly. 

“Sure…” you said getting up. 

“And…” he started, playing with his curly hair and pushing the patch of blue to one side, “I’m kind of hungry…”

“Luke please…I thought you would atleast have a little more respect for women.” You said. You got his glass of milk and started making him a tuna salad sandwich. Great you thought, not only am I making him food, but I’m making him a sandwich. You added some watermelon to the side not sure what he wanted. 

“Wow..” he said when you walked in. “Thanks…why do you always do what i ask?”

“Cause…idk…i want to…” You said.


“I’m just helping you boys out. Heaven knows you can barely do anything for yourself.” you smirked. “And I love you…so i don’t mind doing it…”

That caught him off guard. “I love you too. More in fact…” he said confidently, pushing back the computer to eat his sandwich. 

“More? Please?” You said snuggling up under his arm, getting close to him for the first time. “I kindly did your laundry yesterday. Now that’s real love.” you laughed. 

Imagine#21: He gets Jealous- Jai

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Jai didn’t like that you were close to the boys because he thinks he’s not good enough to be with you and that you’ll leave him for one of them But you always tell him that you’ll never ever do that to Jai.

I walked out of my car and walked to the door. “ Babe your here” Jai said and ran up to me. I giggled and kissed my boyfriend of 5 months. “ Hey my handsome” I said and walked inside. Once I went inside I was tackled by four people. “ Yn your here now we won’t hear Jai complaining about missing you.” Luke said. I laughed and got up and hugged each one of the boys that tackled me to the ground. “ so what are we doing today boys” I asked as I sat on Beau’s lap and started messing up his hair. “ well we were gonna do a water ball fight babe wanna join.” Jai said from the kitchen. “ Sure why not” I said and walked to Jai wrapping my arms around his waist knowing he gets Jealous easily. 

“ Ima beat your ass Brooks” I said to Jai and he laughed at me. “ Not even babe you’ll be the one in the dust.” Jai said and pecked my nose. I laughed and headed outside to where the boys was waiting, “ okay two teams who ever loses has to run around in their undies!” James yelled. “ Team captains Daniel and Beau” They nodded and rock paper scissors. Beau won and he looked around. “ I choose yn” I smiled and walked to his side hugging his waist. “ alright than Jai.” Daniel said and Jai gave death glares at Beau. “ Luke” And he smirked leaving James on Daniel’s team. “ Girlfriend against boyfriend. Twin vs Twin. Brother against brother. should be interesting.” James said. “ Let the war  begin” Luke shouted and threw me over his shoulder

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The war went on and our team loses. “ Fuck you guys” Luke said and I laughed.  both the boys started stripping. I was about to strip but Jai stopped me. “ hold on can she wear a bathing suit instead.” Jai asked. All the boys shook their head no. “ she has to go in her bra and underwear bro those are the rules” Beau said. I went into the house and stripped. Once I came out all eyes were on me. “ damn yn” Luke said. Jai took off his shirt and put it on me. He glared at the boys “ she is not doing it” And dragged me up stairs into his room. “ awwwe my Jealous babyboy” I said and kissed his lips. He pouted and Looked away. “ psh i’m not jealous” . I giggled. “ shut up” 

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Luke Brooks Imagine for Layla

“You almost ready?” I stuck my head around the corner of the bathroom to see Luke running a brush through his tangled hair.

“No!” He raised his voice.

“C'mon Luke, we gotta go soon.” I nagged him.

“I’m going as fucking fast as I can!” He yelled.

“Alright, no need to get angry.” I said, half knowing that that would piss him off a little more. I wasn’t trying to piss him off I was just in a mood and I didn’t want to be late for the Christmas gathering my parents and family were holding.

I walked back into his room and waited around for five minutes, getting more and more impatient as the minutes ticked by. He thought I was bad for taking forever to get ready? He takes a freaking half an hour just to do his hair.

“Don’t worry about straightening your hair!” I yelled to him from his bedroom.

“What?” He yelled back. I walked back into the bathroom to see him styling his hair.

“I said don’t worry about straightening your hair. Also can you at least shave before we leave?” I asked as nicely as possible but both my patience and his were wearing thin.

“Jesus Christ Layla, you want me to be fucking fast then you go wanting me to shave! Are you willing to give up the time for that? ” He said sarcastically.  "Seriously it’s the tiniest bit of stubble it’s not gonna kill you!“

"Calm down Luke and could you at least put on a proper shirt whilst your there?” I snapped.


“Luke! Stop getting angry at me. Just hurry up and get ready.” I told him, raising my voice slightly and sighing as I left the bathroom and walked back to his bedroom.

I quickly texted my Mum that we’re gonna be little late to the gathering. It wasn’t going to be huge but my family was going to be there and I wanted my boyfriend to look at least presentable for my Grandparents.

About 15 minutes later he came into his room where I was sitting on Jai’s bed waiting for him. He picked his phone up and shoved it into his back pocket. I could tell he was still angry so it was probably best to not say anything.He slid his tank top effortlessly off his toned body and threw it somewhere on the floor. It felt wrong to watch him change after an argument but it was hard to look away from someone that fit and that good looking.

He opened the closet doors and went through his and Jai’s clothes, looking for a dress shirt. He pulled a blue dress shirt out from Jai’s side of the closet.

“He won’t care.” He mumbled under his breath and sighed, slipping the shirt on and doing the buttons up. He struggled with the cuffs and I stood up to help him. I reached for his tattooed arm to roll it up for him but he hastily pulled away.

“I can fucking do it, I’m not a baby.” He said quietly. He was really angry and I could tell he would be in a shitty mood until we sorted this out.

“Let’s go.” He grumbled, his voice low, and headed out the door. I grabbed the car keys and we got into the car.

The entire ride was awkward and silent and I could feel him occasionally looking over at me.

“If you’re not gonna be pleasant to me you could at least be pleasant to my family.” I mumbled as we pulled into my parents’ driveway.

“Oh fuckin’ hell Layla give it a rest.” He said, getting out of the car.

We stood at the door in silence as I knocked.

“Hey you two!” Mum said as she opened the door. She hugged me first then turned to Luke who smiled at her before hugging her which was unusual for him to do.

“How are you Luke?” Mum asked as she lead us through the hall and to the backyard where all the rest of the family was.

“I’m pretty good, yourself?” He asked politely.

“I’m good.” She said smiling at me. We got to the backyard and said hello to everyone.

“How are you darling?” Grandma asked and gave me a hug and a kiss.

“I’m good, what about you guys?” I said, even though inside I was still pissed with Luke.

“We’re lovely. Luke?” Grandma turned to him, giving him a hug.

“Good, good.” He nodded. He turned to my Grandpa and shook his hand.

“Nice to see you boy, how’s your brother?” Grandpa asked. Luke had always gotten on well with my grandpa and uncles. I walked away from their conversation and spoke to my other family members.

“Aha, which one? Nah they’re both well.” He smiled.

We were currently sat eating dinner inside. Mum had sat me and Luke together. We hadn’t said a word to each other since we arrived.

“Can you please pass me the rolls Luke?” I asked him quietly. He just grabbed them and passed them to me.

“No rude comment, that’s a first.” I mumbled.

“Jesus Christ Layla!” He said angrily but not loud enough for everyone to hear.

We ate without speaking again to each other and the minute I was able to leave the table we both did, fleeing to different directions, me to the bathroom whilst he went to clean up.

“Everything alright between you and Luke, usually you’re a little more in love than you are today.” Grandma asked as I washed my hands.

“Yeah sort of. We just had a little argument before we came, it’s nothing.” I shrugged, hoping she wouldn’t go any further with the subject.

“Yeah you’re right, arguments are nothing. If anything they make the relationship stronger.” She smiled at me. I returned the smile and dried my hands before walking to the backyard.

“I think we’re gonna head off now.” I said, watching Luke out of the corner of my eye. He was sitting with my cousin Sam and my Grandpa and a couple of other males of the family and having a drink with them.

“Oh ok.” Mum said, hugging me goodbye and telling me to take care.

“Luke we gotta go now.” I finally spoke to him. He groaned and rolled his eyes.

“Why?” He moaned.

“I have to go to work tomorrow morning.”

“Just leave me here then.”

“Luke how else are you gonna get home, you can’t drive because you’ve had a drink and you wouldn’t have a car anyway.” I put my hand on my hip, waiting for him to say goodbye and stand up.

“Fine, ruin the fun.” he sighed, standing up.

We said our goodbyes to everyone and made our way out the door, still in silence. It was already pretty late and others were beginning to leave as well.

I got into the car and sighed, closing my eyes briefly.

“Are we gonna leave or just sit here because if that’s the case I might as well go back inside and socialise with your brothers and-” He started rudely but I cut him off.

“LUKE!” I yelled. I frowned and his face softened the slightest but the angry expression was still there.

I started the engine of the car and drove back to his house as fast as possible.

We got in the door of the house and that’s when the shit hit the fan.

“WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO START AN ARGUMENT?” He yelled at me the minute the door closed.

“All I asked you to do was shave and put on a nice shirt. Make yourself presentable is that too hard?”

“I was gonna do that, was it a problem that I wore my lip rings too?!” He pushed.

“It’s not about that it’s about having to look presentable!”


“I DUNNO LUKE, MAYBE THE FACT THAT YOU PRACTICALLY LIVE IN TRACKSUIT PANTS!” I raised my voice, trying to compete with him even though I knew from the start that I would loose the argument.


"Luke it’s not about that, I just asked for something simple.” I whispered. Suddenly Beau appeared at the doorway.

“Luke, Mum wants you to keep it down or if you guys are gonna continue to argue to do it outside.” He said sleepily. We had completely ignored the fact that Beau and Gina were probably home. We knew that Jai was at a party tonight and wouldn’t be back ‘till late.

“Sorry Beau, tell Gina I said sorry.” I whispered, on the verge of tears.

“Yeah s'alright. Are you guys ok or…?” He trailed off. 

“Just fuck off will you? Geez can we not have a single moment?” Luke snapped, scratching his head like he does when he’s angry.

“Woah! Ok, I was just tryna help. Night Layla.” Beau said and disappeared down the hall. Luke walked into the opposite direction and into the bathroom. I sighed and walked into his bedroom to get changed.

I changed and by that time he was out of the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took off my make-up. He was in the room changing when I got back. I snuck by him and crawled up to the top bunk silently. I laid down and closed my eyes, hoping that would prevent the tears from making a silent voyage down my soft cheeks.

The bed shook and the ladder squeaked as he made his way up, the bed dipping when he laid down. He sighed and I rolled over so I was facing the wall.

He groaned and pushed his body up against mine. I was so confused, maybe he hasn’t got enough room and needs to squish up.

He wrapped his arms around me and put his chin on my shoulder.

“What?” I whispered and a tear fell.

“I’m sorry for getting angry, I just…. You know how I get when I have to dress up. It’s not me and we’ve both had a rough week. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get angry.” He whispered, kissing my cheek.

I turned in so I was facing him and we were now cuddling.

“I’m sorry… I kept picking arguments, knowing you’d get angry.” I said, pushing my head into his bare chest.

“I love you, you know that?” He said, pulling me in tighter.

“Yeah I know, and I love you. With all my heart even though sometimes I don’t show it.” I mumbled. He nodded his head and pulled my chin up so I was facing him.

“Don’t cry, you’re too beautiful.” He said, making me smile.

“Do you ever stop flirting Luke Brooks?” I giggled. He laughed and shook his head.

“Nah, it’s all part of my charm.” He smiled and leant in, kissing my lips with passion.



Luke Brooks Imagine: Singing in the Dark (Requested by Anon)


You had been tossing and turning all night. As much as you wanted to go to sleep, you couldn’t. Like at all. 

You rolled over to look at the time on the clock, frustrated and annoyed. The time read 3:30 AM. 

You huffed and lay flat on your back, staring up at the ceiling and twiddling your thumbs. Luke had been sleeping soundlessly all night, snoring softly and too caught up in his dream world to even feel the bed move whenever you tried to get in a more comfortable position. 

You stared at Luke with jealous eyes. Lucky bastard. Why did he get to sleep and not you?

With a sigh, you gently climbed out of bed and padded soundlessly downstairs to the kitchen to make yourself some tea. Maybe that would help you sleep. 

When you took a careful sip of your piping hot tea, you felt two strong arms wrap around you from behind and a warm, bare torso pressed against your back, causing you to jump slightly.

“It’s just me.” Luke mumbled sleepily, his nose pressing down on your shoulder. 

You instantly relaxed in his arms and let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“What are you doing up?” you whispered.

Luke snorted and softly kissed your shoulder.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

You sighed and took another sip of your tea. This time, it wasn’t so hot.

“I can’t sleep. It’s driving me nuts.” you mumbled in irritation as you leaned back in his chest, Luke’s strong arms still supporting you.

Luke lifted his head and softly kissed your cheek, still sleepy but awake.

“Come back to bed.” he murmured in your ear, “I have an idea.”

You nodded and followed him upstairs. Luke was practically dragging you by the hand back to your room when he collapsed on the bed face down.

You rolled your eyes and giggled at him.

“Is this your idea?”

Luke instantly sat up and got under the sheets, opening the blankets as an invitation for you to join. 

He opened his arms wide for you. 

“Come cuddle with me.” he mumbled, his puppy dog face evident even in the dark.

You smiled widely at him as you set your mug down on the nightstand and snuggling up next to him. Luke pulled you in by your waist and wrapped one arm around it while the other hand rubbed the small of your back lovingly. Your pointer finger was lightly tracing his Simba tattoo, making him hold you tighter. 

He moved his head so that it faced you and softly kissed you on the forehead before softly singing to you.

“Slow down

Make it last

I’m having the time of my life

And take your photograph

I don’t want to leave this behind

What seems so out of reach…”

You instantly recognized the song as your and Luke’s song. It was All I Ever Wanted by Brian Melo. You had found it in a tumblr post and replayed it over and over, eventually making Luke listen to it. The two of you soon declared that song to be your song. If anything could get you to sleep, it would be Luke’s raspy singing voice and your favorite song.

We’re holding it right in our hands

Let’s give up everything

Let’s jump in and never look back [x2]”

“This is all I ever wanted

but life got in my way

You’re all I ever wanted

I didn’t see how it could change

That something was missing until today”

Luke’s soft singing lulled you into a calm and peaceful state. Immediately, you could feel yourself finally falling asleep.

“The city comes alive

As soon as you walk through the door

Another sleepless night

But i don’t want to sleep anymore

I don’t want to sleep anymore”

You didn’t make it even halfway through the song. You had fallen asleep before Luke had reached the second chorus. But that didn’t matter to him because he kept singing anyway, just to make sure you were finally off in your dream land.

“This is all I ever wanted

But life got in my way

You’re all I ever wanted

I didn’t see how it could change

That something was missing until today”

“Climbing so high

just don’t look down

we can see everything from here

for once in my life

feet off the ground

I don’t wanna come back down”

“Take your photograph 

I’m having the time of my life”

Luke realized you had officially fallen asleep and wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon, but he decided to finish the song for the fun of it. 

A small smile crept on his face as he sang the last verse of his favorite song.

“This is all I ever wanted

But life got in my wayYou’re all I ever wantedI didn’t see how it could changeNothing could get in the wayYou’re all i ever wantedDidn’t know what i was missing until today”

When he finally finished the song, he smiled softly at you and gave you one last kiss on your forehead before falling asleep alongside you, warm and tangled in your embrace.

A/N: Here is the song in case you wanna listen to it :) –> (x)

Luke Brooks Imagine for anon:

Luke had dragged me out of the door with my hand held comfortably in his so fast that one of my heels slipped off me foot.

“Luke…” I said laughing  “I need to put my shoe back on” I smirked while bending down and positioning it upright so I was able to shove my foot back into the heels that Luke had bought for me a few weeks ago and text me this morning that I need to wear them for tonight.

They were Christian Louboutins, just the classics, the shiny patent black 7 inch heels with the bright pillow box red on the underneath. Fancy;) They matched perfectly with the dress he had also surprised me with just a couple of days ago that was cut to mid-thigh with little cap sleeves and a deep plunged neckline. You could tell that Luke had definitely picked this one out… If you know what I mean.

“I know Y/N, I’m just so excited c’mon” He said in his deep aussie accent with a huge grin on his face, after he saw that my shoe was back on my foot he carried on dragging me to the car and opened the passenger side allowing me to slide in, while obviously checking my butt out, I mean it is Luke.

“Where are we even going?” I questioned, all I knew about tonight was that it was somewhere posh otherwise Luke wouldn’t have bothered telling me to make such an effort and to wear certain things. I wasn’t complaining though, I loved it when he was spontaneous, it’s just so thrilling and adventurous and it’s always lovely to be treated by my gorgeous boyfriend.

“You’ll see Y/N, I hope you like it though, and I took a risk with this one” he was still confident about his choice though, I could hear it in his voice.

After about a ten minute drive, Luke pulled up outside a little restaurant, I didn’t look like much, just little old Italian place on the corner with big opening doors.

“Let’s go inside baby” he whispered to me as I was stood outside admiring the little old building while he was locking the car up

We both walked in at the same time, as the door was held open by one of the waiters, it was just beautiful, and each table was only able to sit 2. It was clearly a restaurant definitely for date nights. They were all individually lighted with a candle in the middle from a wine bottle with melted wax dripped down the sides, the lights were dim but bright enough so I’d be able to see every single feature of my beloved who was now seated across from me.

“So? What’d you think, did I do well in choosing this place?” He questioned me with his big brown eyes gazing into my Y/E/C ones.

“You did, it’s just perfect I can’t believe you planned all this just for me, I know I’m not big on romance but this is just amazing Luke I can’t even begin to explain” Speechless, clearly as I sit stunned by this perfect place with the perfect person.

“I’d do anything for you Y/N you should know that, you’re worth more than anything I could ever give you”

The night followed on with Luke and me still in awe by this stunning place, after we got back home we spent all night making sweet love to each other showing just how much we appreciate each other.

A/N Sorry like hell that it’s short, I’ve done my best with the time I’ve got, hope you like it anyway and it’s not too cheesy xox

BB Gun challenge Luke/Beau

Sorry Beaus’s is long :\

Luke: Jai took 3 steps back and aimed the gun at Luke’s back. he had his back to his brother and was covering his balls, eyes closed waiting for the sting of the BB to pierce his skin. Jai shot it and it hit Luke in the lower back. He cried out, groaning and falling back onto the ground. You cringed at the sight as Luke rolled on the ground screaming and making sexual but painful groaning sounds. He got up slowly and limped over to where you were sitting the the bench against the wall. He sank to his knees putting his hand together to pray, shaking and closing his eyes for dramatic emphasis. He leaned onto his hands and knees so the boys could look at the mark. Indeed a swollen red spot was indented on his lower back. Luke groaned again. You traced around the spot lightly as the other boys examined it too.

Luke pulled his shirt down and sat back onto his knees in front of you. He looked back at you, his big brown puppy dog eyes looking for a little bit of comfort. You rubbed his shoulders, letting his head fall back into your lap, eyes closed. You rubbing over his shoulder feeling the tense muscles through his baseball tee and planting a kiss on the top of his curly head. 

“Auhhhhh” he moaning, squirming from the still stinging pain on his back.

You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, resting your chin on his shoulder and your cheek against his. You gave it a quick kiss and pulled back knowing his wasn’t very fond of pda, especially during dare sundays in front of the boys.

“You’re an idiot,” you said softly, stroking his cheek with the back of your hand. 

He opened his eyes for the first time. “Shut up, you know you love me.

"Luke, stop being a pussy and start the next round.” Jai jeered.

Beau: “One, two..” the boys sang in mockingly high voices before Beau pushed Jai into the bushes laughing. Jai turned around aiming the gun, sending Beau running, yelling , “Don’t shoot.”

But Jai had already done it and beau was on the ground, groaning in pain.

“Ohhhhhh. Oh fuck,” he moaned. You ran over to him and kneeled down next to him, grabbing him under his arms so his head was laying in your lap. “OHHHH…OHHH fuck” he repeated, his hands over his eyes, moaning.

Jai shot him again, nearly getting him. Beau sprang up and squirmed, grabbing his leg. You grabbed his hand and he squeezed it tight, squirming like an fish out of water. He moaned again, letting out the repetative swear word.

“No Jai, too far, too far.” James called.

“Jai c'mon.” you pleaded, pulling the hair out of Beaus eyes and stroking his side lightly, avoiding the sensitive spot on the back. Luke tried to calming him down but Beau protested and squirmed more, making you pull him up onto your knees to keep him from kick Luke. 

Jai came forward and held out his hand. “fuck off, fuck off!” beau yelled, serious upset at his brother over reacting, kicking at him. Jai back away, still pointing the gun at Beau. He turned onto his side and buried his face in your neck, trying to calm down. You put an arm around his shoulder, tracing the muscles in his arm slowly and rubbing his upper back to soothe his shaking body. The boys gathered around and pulled up beau’s shirt to see the mark.  

“’s bleeding,” Luke said.

“That’s mad.”

The boys gave him sometime to sit on your lap. He was practically. sitting up and leaning again you. He had his face on your left shoulder, nuzzled into the crook of your neck with his eyes closed, breathing heavily down your neck. You had your left arm wrapped securely around the side of his body, supporting him up and keeping him close, his body rising with each slow breath.

You felt water drip from his face and down your neck. His eyes water both from the pain and from his anger. You reach your right hand up to wipe it away but he was done, over it and standing up, ready to move on.

* * *

Luke was taking his two steps back and aiming the gun at Beau’s crotch. Beau was absolutely terrified after already taking two hits and now taking one from close range on his balls. He covered his face with his hand and made frantic screeching cries before he was hit.

His hands fell away from his eyes and he keeled over. He was in so much pain he couldn’t even yell out. All he could do was let out quick moans and swear between his short, ailing breaths. His face was contorted and his eyes closed in utter agony. You slowly approached him.

“I’d rather get a chainsaw to the neck.” Jai admitted looking down at his brother. 

“Oh baaaaaaallls” Beau moaned.

“Oh Beau…” you sighed frantically, not sure how to handle this.

“I’d rather get a chainsaw to the balls” James said taking it even further.

You kneeled down cradling his head, his hand never moving from his aching balls. He rocking into your knees and you stroked his cheek whispering to him.

“It’s gunna be alright baby” you said, still stroking his cheek. He opened his eyes to look up, to give you an appreciative glance before sitting up abruptly and vomint on the ground. You cringed and rubbed his back smoothly. 

“What the fuck!?” Luke cried. “There’s no food involved”

“I seriously feel like my balls are in my fucking stomach,” Beau moaned coughing. eventually he got up and they finished the out-tro. Still holding his balls he sauntered into the house. You quickly look through the freezer and find a frozen bag of peas. You grab it and sit with your legs across the coach cushions. 

“uhhhhg..” he moaning sitting down on your lap, careful not to sit on his balls, and leaning against your chest. You slowly lower the bal of peas on his crotch.

“uhhh…uhhh…awwww.” he moaned as it slowly suck down around his sore balls. 

You put an arm around his shoulder, stroking up and down again, felling his skin tremble under your touch. He closed his eyes and nuzzled into your shirt. His breathing slowed as he instantly drifted off to sleep. You kissed the top of his head before laying your head against his beanie and closing your eyes and drifting off with him.

Imagine#101- Finding your ring-Jai

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you were cleaning the house since you had nothing to do because it was one of the daresundays again.

“ it makes your lips so kissable and your kiss unmissable. Your finger tips so touchable and your eyes irresistible” I sang as I cleaned around the room. I hummed and started cleaning Jai’s closet. I was wearing one of his favorite shirts with my booty shorts. I looked at a shirt and grabbed it because it was my favorite. I threw it on the bed and continued cleaning. 

I started to grab a towel the was hanging but I knocked down a box in the process. I looked and saw it had lots of our pictures. I smiled at one. It was the pic Jai took when he asked me out. He dragged me down to the park and he had a big screen and showed me a slideshow of me and him and he asked me out.

I grinned at myself and looked more into the box. he had our old CD we made together. He even had our first movie date tickets. “ I swear i’m so lucky” I said and started cleaning up the mess I made. I put away everything but I kicked something on the side. I looked and saw a black box.

I grabbed it and opened it. I saw the most beautiful ring in the box. I read the inside and it said “ Mrs.Brooks” It even had the day he asked me out. “ shit love you found it” Jai said and I turned around. I cried and tackled him to the ground. “ I take that as a yes” Jai said and I just nodded. He smiled and carried me to bed. 

“ well i’m glad you said yes babe. I wouldn’t trade you for the world” He said and I smiled. “ I love you so much I swear i’m lucky” I said and he just chuckled. “ oi my shirt” He said and played with my hair. I laughed and kissed him. He grabbed the ring and slipped it on my finger. “ well Mrs. Brooks we have to make wedding arrangements” He said and I chuckled. 

“ Not now Mr.Brooks I just want to cuddle with my everything” I said and he smiled. We stayed in each others arms and fell asleep with stupid grins on our faces

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Luke Brooks Imagine - How you met

You were sitting in a little coffee shop just down the road from your school. You usually came here after school to read or finish any homework you had, sometimes you only came for the peace and quiet the shop granted you. Today was like any other day, you sat at the same table against the wall that you always sat at, reading Paper Towns by John Green for an English assignment. Everything was normal until a conversation between a girl and quite attractive guy got your attention. You pretended to keep reading but secretly you were listening to what they had to say.

“What are you drinking?” The average height boy asked after he sauntered up to her.

“That’s none of your business,” she coldly shrugged him off before getting up to leave the shop. She past by you and you could smell her fruity perfume like she had bathed in it.

Next thing you know he was yelling after her but stayed in his spot.
“I was just trying to be romantic and find love in a coffee shop! Least you can do is tell me what you’re drinking!” He yelled which finally made you look up at him and laugh to yourself. He had chocolate brown hair that was slightly curly, but it looked like that he had tried to brush them away. From where you were sitting you could faintly see his lip ring and you believed his eyes to be a hazel colour. The girl was long gone by now, yet he still tried to yell after her. Finally he gave up and went to leave the shop but for some reason you wanted him to stay, you were intrigued by him.

Just as he went to pass you, you spoke up.
“Caramel Macchiato, extra whipped cream, hold the caramel,” you spoke quickly as he reached your table.

“What?” He questioned hesitantly wondering if you were even talking to him.

“She ordered a Caramel Macchiato with extra whipped cream and no caramel. I stood behind her in line,” you repeated and without an invitation he sat down in the chair across from you.

“Although I don’t think you made a very good pick,” you continued referring to the girl he tried to spark a conversation with. He raised his eyebrow at you as to ask why.
“Who orders a Caramel Macchiato without the caramel? It kind if defeats the point.” You laughed and he chuckled as well.

“Luke,” was all he responded as he reached his hand over the table for you to shake.
“(Y/N)” you smiled placing your hand in his.

The rest of the evening was spent in the coffee shop with Luke, both of you talking away like you had known each other for years. Soon enough it was beginning to get late and you had to leave. You ended the night with saying goodbye and that’s it. No number, not even a I’ll see you again. Bummed when you got home you sat on your bed and resumed reading Paper Towns. As you opened it to the page you left off on you noticed a little scribble in the bottom right corner which you identified as his number. Not only that but there was something else written underneath it as well.

“One step closer to finding love in a coffee shop. Hope to see you soon.

I was having a dream that I met all of the Janoskians and went shopping with a friend of mine and Beau, but then my alarm woke me up and I looked around for a bit then sat up in my bed and started crying because that dream was better than the reality I live now…

Cuddling - Janoskians Preference

Beau - You and Beau were just going to have a lazy day in since he just got back from Europe. And, of course a lazy day meant lots of cuddling together and watching America’s Next Top Model. So, that’s what you were doing. All cuddled up together on the couch with your head lying on Beau’s chest occasionally sharing a kiss while the commercials in the background were playing. Then, when it was on you had heated arguments about who deserved to win and who didn’t. The arguments usually ended up in a tickle fight between you two. Those days are what you loved most about your relationship with your one and only, Beau Peter Brooks

James - The boys all decided that it would be “fun” to go camping together for a whole weekend in the woods. But, all of their “experience” from ‘Janoskians v.Wild’ didn’t help very much when we all seriously wanted to go camping. So, here we were all cuddled up with one another trying to absorb some warmth since no one could get a fire to start at all. When James realized that the rest of the boys were cuddled up to you as well he immediately knew he wasn’t gonna let that happen. So, he picked you up and moved you over where none of the boys were and engulfed you in a big hug that lasted all night long. And, you were the warmest of all the boys there.

Jai - You and Jai both were not morning people at all. So, when the boys all busted into your room at 9 in the morning with a video camera filming you lets just say neither of you were very happy with them. “awwww look at Jai and Y/N all cuddled up together, I bet Jai got some last night” which wasn’t true. Needless to say Jai just rolled over to you and hid you and him both under the blankets as the boys stood there and terrorized you until they figured they had enough footage. “Finally” you mumbled into Jai’s bare chest. He just kissed you on the forehead and mumbled a “Thank god” into your hair.

Daniel - Here you were, in the emergency room yet again because of a stupid challenge the boys decided would be fun to do. This time they thought they would try to do park-core, which is basically running and climbing and jumping buildings and other structures. And, Daniel being the special seed he is missed a step while trying to jump onto a window ledge from the roof of the house and missed. So here he was with a broken foot. The hospital insisted that they keep him overnight just in case. So, now you were sitting in an uncomfortable hospital chair as Daniel laid in pain. “C'mere Y/N” he whispered. So, you climbed in the bed with him and shared the most awkward, yet loving cuddle ever.

Luke - The boys were all inside yelling over who was going to clean the piss up out of the bathroom floor that magically appeared while the boys were playing a riveting game of Fifa. Luke had no part in it this time, since you both were out buying groceries when the crime occurred. So, to get away from all of the yelling and horrible stench of piss in the house you both went onto the rood and laid while looking up at the stars. The lights of busy LA were in the background as you stared up to the heavens just talking and cuddled up to each other. There was rarely a time where you could just do this without the boys teasing you, so you took advantage of it and cuddled nice and close while looking at the stars, and you could have stayed in that moment with Luke forever.