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The Batfamily and what they steal

Dick: beds. Whenever he spends time in the Manor, he falls asleep in a different bed every night. Regardless of whether the room - or the bed - is occupied.

Jason: credit cards. He’s perpetually broke, so he snags Bruce’s credit cards whenever he comes by the house and then switches them out later. Bruce hasn’t noticed, but Alfred has.

Tim: phones. He doesn’t do it on purpose, he just suddenly needs to be online and forgets that the nearest phone isn’t actually his.

Stephanie: grappling hooks. She’s started a collection.

Cassandra: cookies. Whenever Jason stress-bakes, some of the cookies invariably go missing. Everyone knows it’s Cass but no one can prove it.

Damian: batmobiles. Boy loves driving, can you blame him?

Kate: Renee’s clothes. They don’t fit her at all, but then Renee has to walk around her apartment shirtless and Kate can’t argue with that view.

Luke: prototypes. He continually sneaks into the WayneTech R&D department to try out the newest toys, to the point where his father has given up and put him on the official payroll as a beta tester.

Terry: old batsuits. His excuse is that they’re lonely and need someone to take them out of the cave every once in a while.

Bruce: photos. He takes pictures of his kids when he thinks they’re not looking, and puts them up as his screensaver. Bruce is Good Dad™.


get to know me meme: [9/10] families → Bat Family
I know I will fail from time to time, to see that big picture. To see what we’re fighting for. I will forget to trust. I will forget to reach out…                                                           When those moments come, Bruce. I will be here. Right at your side.


Shadowhunters 2x18 Sneak Peek #2 Season 2 Episode 18 Sneak Peek

Luke Fox: Just getting serious.

I like to have fun on this blog, but I thought I should touch on some serious matters, considering all the things going on as of late.

So this resonates with me a lot. That despite Luke’s privelaged upbringing, he still recognizes the injustices that went on around him. Despite his flashy, cocky attitude this shows he didn’t just reject the life Lucius had set up for him to play superhero.