luke barclay


“He’s had another daughter, but Pippa doesn’t want to see either of them. What I’m worried about is, will he just show up at the house? And if so, when? If he’s anything like he was back then, Jeremy’s really unpredictable. He could show up on our front porch tonight, for all we know. Or it could be months. And what if he calls Pippa awful names too like he did me?”

“I thought he never wanted to see us again? Oh man, this won’t end well…”


“Morning,” I greeted as I entered the kitchen. “Need any help?”

“Morning, Ruby!” Luke chirped. “It’s fine, I’ve got this. Waffles for breakfast?” I smiled.

“You know me too well. Hey, how come I woke up in the bedroom? I swear I fell asleep elsewhere last night…”

Luke chuckled to himself.

“I’m gonna be honest here and say that I really needed to pee, but I couldn’t move without waking you up. So I carried you to the bed so that you could sleep there instead, it was probably a lot more comfortable for you anyway. Don’t worry, I took the couch. Anyway, let me crack on with these waffles, you should see if Pippa’s awake.”


Alaina: Sorry I took so long! Mrs Simons gives me migraines sometimes, I swear.

Luke: It’s fine, I waited with Tracy and Haeju.

Alaina: Not Ruby?

Luke: She was too preoccupied with Jeremy.

Alaina: Right… how come you seem so miserable about that? Aren’t you happy for Ruby?


Alaina: C’mon, why aren’t you happy? Ruby’s your best friend!

Luke: …because I love her, that’s why.