luke attempts art

So I attempted to skecth Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo in his new outfit described by Jason Ward. Vader cape, Luke’s Tunic, Hux First Order uniform, and his scar, foxy but not too foxy. Original thread belongs to @bentages

KBTBB Art Style Headcanons

Eisuke: Eisuke’s…Eisuke’s trying his best. His art isn’t the greatest, but he believes it is. He only draws when asked, like in the Three’s a Crowd Substory. Eisuke mainly draws Mc.

Doodles of his:

Soryu: Soryu’s bad at drawing, but it’s honestly pretty cute. Everyone likes teasing him about it. Soryu mainly draws action scenes, dragons, and scenes from his novels.

Doodles of his:

Baba: While Baba has jokingly offered to draw Mc like one of his French girls no one has ever seen him draw. It’s a mystery as to what his art looks like.

Mamoru: Art isn’t a big interest for him, so he doesn’t put much effort into his sketches. He doesn’t know the difference between acrylics and watercolors for goodness sake!

Doodles of his:

Ota: :3c

Shuichi: Shuichi’s possibly the worst artist out of the crew;;;;. Shuichi considers his art style to be realistic, but if anything, it’s a lot more abstract. He tries his best! Like Eisuke, he’s rather confident in his art.

Doodles of his:

Luke: kitties!!!

Doodles of his:

Hikaru: Hikaru’s art is surprisingly pretty good. While he’s obviously not at Ota’s art level, his sketches look pretty nice! He’s a lot better than the rest of the gang, aside from Ota.

Doodles of his:

Mc: While Mc may not be the greatest artist, she’s definitely not the worst out of the crew. She’s better than Eisuke, considering that Eisuke called her work, “not bad” in Ota’s Birthday Substory!

Doodles of hers:


mmmmm whatcha say plays in the distance but louder 

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