luke appreciation post

Luke Triton Appreciation Post


What really makes me die a little inside is that when Aurora tells the group that if they step into the light, the world will be saved but they will die, everyone freezes and is like ‘oh shit, now what?’ and LUKE MOVES FIRST. 

Not Emmy the badass or the incredibly gentlemanly and selfless Professor, or even Sycamore who hardly has any hope for the future at this point, but THE 11 YEAR OLD BOY. 

Dear, sweet Luke, who has his whole life ahead of him, is the quickest to throw all that away because he recognises that it’s for the greater good, and this is something bigger than him. He is the most selfless of all. 

Bless this child. We are not worthy of Luke. 

fan-favorite BATB 2017 cast members- a summary (pt 1)
  • Dan Stevens: is really, REALLY hot, but in reality is cute and adorable
  • Luke Evans: also really hot, everyone in the fandom has seen all his other movies
  • Josh Gad: adorable, has adorable family, and represents all of us when he randomly breaks into song
  • Ewan McGregor: living meme, actually all of his characters, especially Lumiere and Obi-Wan
  • Ian McKellen: inspirational father figure to literally everyone
  • Alexis Loizon: his instagram actually makes all of his fans pass out in shock because he's that gorgeous

It really pisses me off, when the black sails fandom doesn’t agree with where the story is going, so they claim it’s just bad writing. Like, how dare you? I get the story is dark and violent and the end is probably going to be a shitshow, but that’s what we’ve been in for since the beginning. Besides have you been paying attention to what sort of shit is being aired lately?

Never before have I seen a show, that would have such deep and comprehensive writing, such involvement with its characters and their development. Even the good stuff I’ve watched had many unnecessary scenes just to pass time, thoughtless writing or bad acting at some point, but with black sails every single detail is always perfect.

The writing of the female characters is the best I’ve seen so far. They could have written them as most similar shows do - as strong cunning wives who are in charge of men, without them knowing it (alright, maybe except for grandma Guthrie). But no, they fucking LEAD THE SHOW, with no compromises. (Max creating herself with nothing else but her wits and refusing to stand behind a husband for appearances. Anne being a fierce pirate who can literally kill anyone that gets in her way- and they are still sooo much more than that)

And Madi… her decision not to take the deal even if that threatens Silvers life- it wasn’t shown as a sacrifice nor as a lack of affection towards him. If it were truly badly written, she would feel the same as silver does, but she is much stronger than him. She is simply someone who believes in freedom and would selflessly give everything up, not only for the benefit of her people, but for everyone who was opressed by the colonial rule. Something that is completely incomprehensible to a colonial shit like rogers.

The writers of black sails did not just try to include diversity in the show for ratings or baiting groups of audiences- they’ve built the whole damn story upon it.

The writers and the cast have brought characters and their stories to life in a way i have never seen before, and I’m really afraid that I will never see anything quite like it again.

So, no matter how this ends i would like to say how much I appreciate this show (and the amazing cast of course) and I hope everyone else in this fandom does too.


Do you guys think the twitter fam is aware that 95% of 5SOS’ songs wouldn’t exist, meaning 95% of their fame wouldn’t exist, without a certain intelligent maori bassist?