luke and simon are having so much fun


Simone Missick for Complex

“It’s been a long time coming for Simone Missick and Misty Knight to get the recognition they deserve. And now that we’re seeing their come-up, it was definitely worth the wait. “I’ve been having so much fun doing just everything that goes into being a superhero and it is challenging,” says Missick. “But it is everything that I’ve waited for ever since I was a kid.” Us too.”

Simon Lewis Headcanons

-Simon is the cutest cuddliest drunk, where as clary becomes giggly and finds her hair and everything else funny, simon just wants to snuggle up to everyone. Of course because he just smiles and snuggles its impossible to resist him many a club night has been spent with him curled into a booth with his lover

-Simon actually has a pretty strong stomach, I mean after tolerating izzys cooking and the god awful crap the academy deemed food, he can eat almost everything without throwing up

-but when he does get sick he multiplies that illness and spreads it to everyone, no one is immune.

-music is his happy place, pissed off, sad, emotional in any way and all he needs is an hour uninterrupted with his music and he can temper himself back to normal. Please generally leave him alone to chill with his headphones after that one time jace broke them and he snapped and glared at everyone the entire day.

-simon is definitely bisexual, I mean he pretty much most of the guys were kind of hot. He’s pretty open about it and when one day someone in the clave mentions something he details explicitly why that man is a disgusting bigot

-he’s really close to his sister rebecca, they support each other a lot and he texts her all the time. Rebecca, izzy, clary and magnus like to go shopping every month and he picks them up and drops them off so the can have fun without cabbing it everywhere.

-he thinks of joceyln and luke as his second set of parents, they helped raise him too after all the time he spent in their homes. they always have a place set for him for dinner if he wants and since he was 12 he has been part of the family portrait. He was so devastated when joceyln went missing and so relieved when she was home, he just wished he could have seen them get married. 

-If he hadn’t of chosen Lovelace as his shadowhunter name he would have asked to be called fairchild because it would mean just as much