luke and simon are having so much fun

Another fun fact:  Simone and I are designing shirts for the ROWYSO tour for her and I and our other best friend to wear.  And since theres only three of us, and four boys, one of them will not be represented (which is totally unacceptable) SO we were thinking of possibly having the fourth shirt designed and then having a giveaway of sorts???  

It would be for a Michael girl, similar to the design they have in their merch store, but instead of the baseball style it would be a football jersey (much more flowy and comfortable)  We’ve got all the ideas down and literally months to actually design them, but from what we’ve figured out, these shirts are going to be amazing.

We’re going to be looking for someone to give it away to, hopefully at the Massachusetts show in August.  If you’re interested and you’re going to be there, let us know and we’ll pick a random winner to give it to.  We’ll keep you posted as the time comes closer and get actual pictures of the shirts and their designs, and remind you of this awesome giveaway.  Just keep an eye out!

- Taylor and Simone