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So, I finished watching Crazyhead...

(Spoilers coming, so don’t read if you want to watch it)

The show was awesome, hands down. I enjoyed it, immensely. Susie Wokoma is just my everything. She was so refreshing to watch on screen. Beautiful black woman kicking demon ass, I’m all for it.

Though I loved this series (and I’m hoping for a season 2), I was super pissed about Sawyer. Two episodes…really? That’s it? There was potential in that character to grow. I think him and Raquel have unfinished business and there is so much to explore with their relationship.

I also want to know more about the demon Sawyer. Like how was he before he met Raquel’s mother? Was he super bad and just killing people all willy-nilly? When did he meet Raquel mother? Did he fall in love with her? If so, how did he fall in love with her? How was he with Raquel as a child? What age did Raquel find out her father was a demon? What happened in that crappy looking cabin in the woods?! There are so many questions I want answered and there is only one way to find out those answers….


And bring back the same actor too! Luke Allen Gale was phenomenal with Susie. Them together on screen when they was talking in the kitchen…GURRRRRRRRLLLLTNFFNVKDKFKSKFMFKD!!! I couldn’t be the only one who seen it. There is no way I was the only one. I watched that and his death scene more than I want to admit. It was just ugh! When Raquel said it was all his fault and Sawyer gave her that face??!!!

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Then she said, “Don’t. Don’t look at me like that.” 😭😭 Just got all up in my feelings.

Luke and Susie’s chemistry was off the charts. Way more than the other dude, Harry 😒😕. You could tell there was untapped story in their between the two. Sawyer would/could have so much to contribute to the gang. Could you imagine the things he could teach Raquel on controlling her power? Teach her about the different demons and their powers? Duude…I’m ready for it.

So, writers of the Crazyhead show, I don’t know what you have to do. I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but you have to bring Sawyer back. More than a thousand demon burst through that hell hole, Sawyer could/should be one of them that came through. I don’t know, maybe the guy he was possessing have a twin brother and he possesses the twin. I 👏Just👏Don't👏Know👏Crazyhead writers. But I do know I want Sawyer back protecting his precious kick ass daughter…and I want Suzanne to join the group and become an all woman demon hunting fighting trio (because let’s be honest, that’ll be awesome). That’s not too much to ask is it?


So the past October 13 Syfy let us know that they are cancelling Dominion after two season: Dominion is an American apocalyptic supernatural action television series based on the 2010 film Legion.

The plot revolves around the hypothetical situation where God has vanished, and in his absence the Archangel Gabriel and his army of lower angels wage war against mankind, believing them to be the cause of God’s absence. Although most higher angels remain neutral, Gabriel has convinced the lower angels (the “dogs of Heaven”, called eight-balls by humans because of their black eyes) to fight alongside him

Meanwhile this war is on, mankind survives in a few fortified cities. The Archangel Michael has chosen to side with humanity against Gabriel, living among humans in the fortified city of Vega (once Las Vegas) until the time a prophesied savior appears to save mankind.

In order to help us save these amazing series (full of super talented and way too attractive people)…

It only takes 1 minute to help us: please enter this website and sign the petition some amazing fans have created with the help of the platform, in order to ask Netflix to save this show.

If you sign this petition you are not only contributing on saving an amazing tv series that truly deserve to be renewed: you are also helping a very strong fanbase that loves this show so much. 

Thank you for your time.

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