Productive day!

After a bit of a meltdown yesterday and a bad night in terms of switching, nightmares and body memories I’ve actually managed to be a productive Snorlax today. I (with Helen co con at points and Luke co con at other points) have:

  • Washed all of our plastic cups for the week.
  • Made myself and ate two lots of food today.
  • Sorted a ton of paperwork that’s been building up for ages and filed, recycled or shredded it.
  • Gone through our new care plan and our new relapse management (crisis) plan, highlighting what needs changing/correcting.
  • Written a long email to our CPN (community psychiatric nurse) about the plans and a lot of other points about our care that have come up recently (this took me hours to get right!)
  • Copied our therapist into that email.
  • Filled in a form we needed to do for the water company.
  • Unpacked the printer (yes, we still have stuff to unpack!)
  • Printed new car insurance and breakdown cover policies to put in the car.
  • Scanned in recent disability and housing benefit letters (I like to keep them on our private external hard drive, just in case, plus it’s easier to print them if we need copies for anything!)
  • Printed hotel info for London next week (we’re going to see Adele in concert!)
  • Had food shopping delivered and put that all away.
  • Had an hour on Tumblr answering asks..

And it’s only 7pm 😄

The Last Jedi Poster - An Astronomical Hint?

The poster of The Last Jedi shows a blood red background with what looks like the constellations of Orion and Scorpio behind Luke and Kylo respectively.

In Greek mythology, the Gods sent a scorpion to kill Orion for his hubris, and both Orion and the Scorpion were placed in the skies by the Gods.

The constellations of Orion and Scorpio are never seen in the sky at the same time. When Scorpio climbs the eastern sky, Orion disappears under the western horizon as if hiding from his killer.

However, every six months the roles get reversed. As Orion rises in the East, Scorpio scurries below the western horizon, as if fleeing from the great hunter he killed who now seeks revenge.

The two are destined to consciously interact, brought together by higher forces,  so that each one brings a dramatic change to the other one.

Luke suffered a “death” of sorts when his jedi order was destroyed, and he went into exile, and is being pursued by Kylo. Could it have been due to some arrogance on Luke’s part in the past?

Does this also mean that the rumors of exploding huts is true, and we’re going to see Luke as the pursuer and Kylo as the pursued in Episode 8?

Where does Rey fit in all this? I believe that Rey (with the glowing lightsaber) represents Polaris, the star that never sets, and all the stars in the Northern sky appear to rotate around it. Polaris is also known by other names such as the Pole Star, Highest Peak of the World Mountain, Lodestar, the Steering Star, the Ship Star and Stella Maris (Star of the Sea) .

The ancient Greek referred to Polaris as Kynosoura, from which the word Cynosure is derived. Cynosure means an object that serves as a focal point of attention and admiration or something that serves to guide.

This reinforces Rey’s role as the central character and hero of this adventure. She will also be the voice of reason and guide to both Kylo and Luke, helping a lost and fractured family find their way.


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