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Yeah, the first anon about Louis and Luke came a few weeks ago, like two weeks ago it think, saying they were going for Xarry 2.0 with them and then Emma got another anon before the blind article. Yesterday the article was published after the pap pics were Louis was with Luke and the others and then now the photos of them sharing clothes. I think this is the timeline.

WTF?! So are they making this a thing?? alw4ys-you said she got anons 2 weeks ago saying they was gonna be a Louis/Luke push like the Xander one. Now there is the blind, and on the same day pap pics showing Luke wearing Louis’ jacket?? Are they really fucking doing this???? Isnt it enough that he has a baby and a gf right now?? 

the jacket sharing was deliberate, Louis is the star and he was feeling cold in those pictures. who do you think articulated this pairing and pap walk? I don’t believe it to be true btw but I do believe it was an action of PR

Yeah I saw anons doing rounds about it before I even knew there was a blind. I think lads-laddylads got one anon about it on Saturday/yesterday

I was more prone to laugh this all off until I learned the anons started making the rounds before the Blind. Yet again, this is so laughable, really, that I don’t even know how we’re supposed do react! Dude has a son and 3 girls around, my god.

Anyway, I’ll personally just chill and wait, as I always do. If it’s meant to be something (and with something I mean a very small hint/push, like Xander at most), we’ll get more from Blind Gossip (which seems to be the informal mouthpiece for this half assed houie attempt) and another spotting or two.

Phone down// Luke hemmings blurb

There was no doubt that Luke was hot, but when he was mad, it went to a whole new level. You sat innocently at the edge of the bed looking up at Luke walking around the room as he was yelling loudly at the poor soul on the other end of the line. All you could think about was the was his vein popped from his neck and how his eyes were different from the usual myriad shades of light and baby blue, now a much darker tone. It might’ve been insensitive, but how could you help yourself.

Luke turned to look over at you biting your lip and for a moment you could swear his eyes were filled with lust but returned back to the angry dark blue. Luke still filled with rage started to grip his hair in frustration. You started quietly singing phone down by lost kings to yourself,

“Why don’t you put that fucking phone down?
Darling, so we could be alone now"

By now Luke had quieted down a little bit and could hear your soft singing

“Can’t you just be here when the lights go out
Why don’t you ever put that phone down?
What could be so goddamn important
That it can’t wait until the morning?”

Luke gave you a look that was basically asking what you were doing, but still on his phone bickering. Slightly annoyed (and horny) you stood up.

“You got me right here with my clothes off now
Why don’t you put that fucking phone down?”

You sing as you Strip yourself of your dress leaving you in your pink nude lace bralette that goes up towards you neck giving you a matching choker.
Luke looked you up and down seeing the set you were wearing, he looked into your eyes as you dragged him by his tie, walking backwards towards the bed laying yourself and him down supporting himself with one hand, the other holding his phone up to his ear he muttered a quick bye to the phone and set it down. You looked up at him smirking innocently. His eyes flickered between your eyes and your lips “what was that about” he asked in a low growl. You just replied with a shrug and he kissed you roughly and moaned into your mouth as You put your hand up to the back of his neck playing and tugging at the small hairs. His lips moved down to your neck sucking and leaving marks all over, you moaned at the pleasure…….//I’ll let you guys make up the rest before god starts to hate me

Things Rogue One made so much more meaningful/better

•That dumbass flaw in the Death Star

•Bail Organa and his relationship with Leia (”I would trust her with my life”)

•Bail Organa and his relationship with Obi Wan (”he helped me greatly during the Clone Wars)

•All the republic turned rebellion ship designs from TCW and SWR

•The amount of pain Anakin is in all the time

•Seeing a city and then planet explode from the ground’s perspective adds so much depth to what happened to Alderaan (even though we did see it for a moment with the Hosnian system) 

•The inner workings of the rebellion, and Mon Mothma’s role

•the importance of Luke being a jedi to the rebellion, the fact that every time they dispatch troops, “may the force be with you” is announced over the loudspeakers even though most of them believe the Jedi to be extinct 


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Even so, nothing really came from xarry apart from more houies so like?? What's their aim here? Just get more ppl to think they're not together anymore??? Like it's so transparent. Also now they're completely doing a 180 on this het louis image they're pushing like ???? I'm so confused lol. It's all such a mess and yet again makes louis look like this unfaithful shitty person which we know he isn't. I'm just hoping this is them doing all they can before it ends soon.

But doing a Louis / Luke push rn, even if very small, just to appease the Houis, is hilarious. Dude still has a baby, and a new girlfriend, who has just returned after being gone for 2 years… what’s up with this push then? Is some other stunt ending very very soon and they want to appease Houis and antis and whatever when it does? So they can ship Loke or whatever hahah when the stunt does end?? Can they jsut end the stunts then???

Exactly, literally nothing really came out of Xarry anyway. And I’m quite confident even less will come from this. I’ll start narrowing my eyes the moment BG makes hteir own blind about it. Until then, I rather enjoy something else!

And, yes, please, end this bloody baby farce first and foremost, I’ll pretend to ship Luke and Louis for three whole days if you end it first, I promise.


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