‘Friendzoned’ Part 5: Luke Hemmings Fanfic


I sat in a ball on the sofa in my apartment, phone in hand, texting Craig. My first single came out last month and it was doing pretty well on the charts. In about an hour, I had to leave for an awards show where Luke and I would ‘meet’. 

Text from: Craig

Hey, are you okay on what you need to do for tonight?

He was referring to the tight schedule he, Luke and I had planned out together, although I was still a little unsure as when to do what.

Text to: Craig

Still a little unsure as to the timing, but apart from that, yeah.

Text from:Craig

I’ll text you when you need to do stuff, okay?

Text to:Craig

Okay, thanks.

It amused me how cold Craig was when we first met. How he looked like one of those models on brochures for golfing holidays and acted like how you would expect. But now, he acts like how I did when I was fifteen around my best friend at a sleepover.

Text from:Luke

You nervous for your first award show?

Text to: Luke

Yeah, but I’d never admit that, ha.

Text to: Luke

It’ll be fine. And, come 11 pm, you won’t have to leave my side.

I was aware that he had a girlfriend, but I couldn’t deny how happy that text made me and how it calmed the whirlpool of butterflies in my stomach. God, I couldn’t wait to ‘meet’ him and be by his side all day. And I prayed that Phoebe, Alexa and Heather weren’t there. 

An hour later, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door to reveal a chauffeur, dressed in all black, sunglasses adorning the top of his head. He lead me out of my apartment complex to a slick, black limousine with blacked out windows.

After hopping in the back of the car, I stared out the windows at the blurring view as the driver whisked me away into the world of glitz and glamour I was almost sure I didn’t belong in. I gazed down at my tight fitting blue dress and the ruffles gathering around my silver heels. The car pulled up to the red carpet snapping me out of my daydream. The driver stepped out of the car and made his way over to my door and opened it. The muffled sound of cameras shuttering and photographers yelling intensified immediately as the door popped open, bring the surreal image before me into the real world.

I twirled in my dress, a smile as fake as a pageant queen’s plastered on every inch of my face. The small crowed of people positioned in front of me triggered a small pang of fear in my lower stomach. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton being interviewed by some news outlet. Luke looked at me for a brief moment, a genuine smile creeping onto my face as soon as his eyes found mine, a giggle escaping as he rolled his eyes at the interviewer’s over-asked questions. He faced the interviewer again his eyes not leaving mine, until a bodyguard ushered me away from the paparazzi, and into the building beside me.

I survived the whole ordeal relatively well, seeing as I wasn’t relevant enough, nobody stopped me for photos or interviews. But at the moment I was stuck at an after party, all alone in the corner, timidly making eye contact with celebrities and taking sips of my cocktail when they scoffed and looked away.

Text from: Craig

Paparazzi's outside. Find Luke and ‘go back to his place’. TRY TO LOOK HAPPY. 

“Hey, I found you.” I pivoted around to see Luke.

“Hey, Craig just texted me. The paparazzi’s outside, we have to ‘go back to your place’ now.” I shouted above the noise of the blaring music, making air quotations as I did.

“Okay, let’s go,” He said putting his arm around me and pulling me closer, “Hey. Do you actually want to go back to my place. Not to do anything, just as friends. But it’ll also make it more realistic.” I nodded, coming off as more enthusiastic as I meant for it to be. 

We walked outside, a gust of cool air washing over me and leaving goosebumps in it’s trail. Luke ran his hands up and down my arms in an attempt to warm them up. I cocked my head into his chest and he hugged me closer into him. I looked up at him through my long, fluttery eyelashes, wanting nothing more than to kiss him there and then, but I didn’t want Phoebe to try to crush my soul more than she already wanted to. Cameras started flashing from behind a patch of trees, adjacent to the pathway we were walking on.

“Oh God.” Luke mumbled under his breath. I giggled at his annoyance. It didn’t suit him to be sarcastic. You wouldn’t expect it from someone so squishy and adorable. He pulled me even closer, and rushing me into the car at the end of the pathway. We drove away, seeing the photographers look down at their cameras and bragging to each other about the photos they got. Luke laid across his lap as we drove away to his place.

Yeah I love him ❤️