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Secret Admirer (Luke Skywalker imagine)

“Ugh. Why do I have to get up?” I asked my self as I got out of my bed to the bathroom to brush out my hair. I just decided to be straight today. I got dressed in my very simple Jedi outfit and grabbed my light saber. Once I open the door I almost tripped over something. It was (favorite flower). With nothing attached to it. Not even a note. I picked them up and put them on my nightstand. I smiled to myself. I walked out the door to a large hallway. Into the training room. Luke and I were training a new class of Jedi. “Hey Y/N” Luke said as I walked in. “Hey Luke.” I said back. “When are the kids getting here?” I added. “In about two minutes.” He said. “Oh okay. What are we working on today?” I said. “Just some simple light saber tricks” He said. “Oh well I know plenty of those maybe I can just teach the class Skywalker.” I said. He rolled his eyes and said “I saw some flowers by your door today. Who put them there?”. “I have no idea.” I replied as some kids walked in. I saw Luke sister Leia walk in. “Take care of my child Luke.” She said. “Ben will be fine.” He replied. “Where Han he is usually the one who comes and lectures me.” He added. “Hi Master Y/N” Ben said looking up at me. “Hi Ben. Ready to learn some awesome tricks.” I said.

“Of course I am” He replied and I have him a high five. I didn’t realize that Leia had left and Luke was getting ready to start. I took attendance and we started. The class took all day and the kids were tired. After everybody had cleared out it was just Luke and I. “Hey do you have an idea who left the flower. It actually has been going on for a while. Almost every week.” I said to Luke as I put my light saber in its holster. “Yeah I actually do.” He said as he scratched the back of his neck. “It has been me. I have liked you for as long as I have known you.” He grabbed my hands.

“That was the only way I could find the courage to do something for you. It actually was probably a little creepy. I really do like you Y/N. So I guess here goes nothing. Do you want to go to dinner with me?” He asked.

I will finish what you started

Kylo Ren: You need a teacher.

Darth Vader: There is no escape! Don’t make me destroy you. Luke, you do not yet realize your importance. You’ve only begun to discover your power! Join me, and I will complete your training! With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict, and bring order to the galaxy. [snip] Luke, you can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny! Join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy as father and son! Come with me. It is the only way.

So many parallels between Rey vs Kylo Ren (TFA) and Darth Vader vs Luke Skywaker (ESB).

Both Kylo Ren and Darth Vader corner Rey/Luke then offer to become their teacher.

Darth Vader wants to bring order to the Galaxy, and possibly Kylo Ren wants the same. To restore the balance of the force and removing Snoke with Rey’s help.

Luke and Rey reject their offer. Luke throws himself of the ledge, while Rey fights back.

Darth Vader wants to rule the Galaxy with his son and Kylo with his queen.

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Mara spent a lot of time during the trek on Myrkr looking at Luke's butt in his tight pants and pretending she wasn't. Years later he tells her he knew all along - he's used to people looking at his butt. And taking sneaky holos of his butt. There was even a competition the Rogues ran on Hoth to see who could get the best butt shot. Han won. Mara goes straight over to his and Leia'x place to see if he still has the holo. Of course he does, and Mara adds it to her collection.

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