Magnus Bane is so iconic. He’s saved everyone’s ass this episode and fucking deSTROYED Iris when none of the other five Shadowhunters in the room could. He’s also the most caring man to fucking exist ok. He saved Raphael and cared for him when no one else did. He’s also there to give the best fucking advice for anyone that needs him. DID I MENTION HOW HE FIGURED OUT WHAT WAS GOING ON WHEN NO ONE ELSE HAD A CLUE?? He’s so wise and fantastic and no one can argue with me about this. You know who else is fucking iconic?? LUKE FUCKING GARROWAY. He’s the only good parental figure and he’s not even Clary’s biological dad oK. HE CARES FOR EVERYONE AND IS THERE FOR EVERYONE. He helped Maia and Simon when they turned, gave them a home, loved and cared for them. Magnus and Luke are both blessings, pass it on. RESPECT THEM 👏👏 GIVE THEM ALL THE LOVE 👏👏 SHOW THEM GRATITUDE 👏👏👏

I love my bf so much?? He’s so soft and goofy and sweet and never fails to let me know how much he loves me. I feel so safe and comfy around him. He’s patient and sensitive. He loves his mom and older sisters. He loves stuffed animals and bubbly pop songs. He always suggests we wear dorky matching couple clothes in public. He loves blanket forts and cuddling. He always texts me good morning and goodnight. He sends me long heartfelt texts like modern day love letters. He fantasizes about having a life with me in the future. He’s so unabashedly excited to marry me one day. And he’s also my best friend. He makes me laugh and tells me everything. We sing together in the car and play video games and show each other funny stuff on our phones. He let me give him a makeover one time and it was so fun. I’ve seen him cry. We disagree but we never fight. He never raises his voice at me, never pressures me. He loves me and only ever treats me with respect and kindness. We trust each other. He’s always there for me and I’m always there for him and wow I just love him so much?? I love my bf so much

Things Rogue One made so much more meaningful/better

•That dumbass flaw in the Death Star

•Bail Organa and his relationship with Leia (”I would trust her with my life”)

•Bail Organa and his relationship with Obi Wan (”he helped me greatly during the Clone Wars)

•All the republic turned rebellion ship designs from TCW and SWR

•The amount of pain Anakin is in all the time

•Seeing a city and then planet explode from the ground’s perspective adds so much depth to what happened to Alderaan (even though we did see it for a moment with the Hosnian system) 

•The inner workings of the rebellion, and Mon Mothma’s role

•the importance of Luke being a jedi to the rebellion, the fact that every time they dispatch troops, “may the force be with you” is announced over the loudspeakers even though most of them believe the Jedi to be extinct