I was tagged by thranduileto to list 15 things that make me happy (◠︿◠✿) in no particular order

1. Richard’s smile (obviously)
2. spending time with richiecrispie
3. lovely random messages on tumblr
4. going to the cinema
5. giving gifts
6. making people smile
7. good food
8. traveling
9. smiling Richie
10. Richard’s selfies
12. spending time on a beach
13. hugs
14. good music
15. did I mention happy Richard makes me happy?

I tag richiecrispie, richardcfarmitage, lukasnorth, bloodbuzz-smartypants, bilboo, butfili, chibihobbit and everyone else who feels like doing it because things that make us happy are awesome.

lukasnorth replied to your post “Ok, so this gifmaker *points at her boobs* is going to stay out of the…”

hon, good advice from a stoic - relax and blacklist things you don’t like ;)

Well I love Richard, Hannibal & I like Lee, so I can’t really blacklist them… But it’s ok, I’ll just stay out the RA tag, all the excitement will blow off, as it always does :)

pollysthings replied to your post “Ok, so this gifmaker *points at her boobs* is going to stay out of the…”

what???? are people obsessed to that point? really? are they so dumb? they should get a life, for f*cks sake!

I know, it’s so sad to see people react like that ! maybe they think the part was for Lee & now they’re jealous & bitter. Anyway let’s just try to ignore them !

I was tagged by one-to-rule-them-all. Thank you, dear!

One rule: NO changing your background once you’ve been tagged, even if it’s embarrassing!

I’ve lost count of the years I have this wallpaper, really. My precious. :’)

And as you can see everything is clear and free from icons. And you know why? Because I don’t have any bloody project on the way and I don’t know if I’m happy or sad. Probably both.

And now tags… you know I’m always lazy with tags. But today I’m bored, so microlina, lukasnorth, serennog, his-beloved-mrs-mikaelson, redsirion and whoever wants to do it, just do it.

lukasnorth replied to your post “i saw your text post about you being happy becauser someone got you RA’s autograph but arent you overreacting it wasnt you who met him and got it?”

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? What have I missed, now you can be ‘too happy’ or ‘overreact’ about something positive happening in your life? Gosh, people are so bitter I can’t stand it.

I agree people are incredibly bitter now a days. So because I’m happy for once it bother’s someone…that’s fucked up.