Ukrainian animated feature film “Mavka: The Forest Song”

Mavka — a soul of the Forest — faces an impossible choice between love and her duty as guardian to the Heart of the Forest, when she falls in love with a human — the talented young musician Lukash

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I’m so glad you did the asexual headcanons! I love feeling recognized lol! Can you do some modern au domestic headcanons for Keith and his s/o? Or like adorable domestic arguments with Keith? Lol I’m just in the mood for some domestic Keith vibes

Henlo did I hear domestic? Sit yo butt down and get ready for adorable shenanigans.


  • You know how I said that he probably lived off of ramen noodles? This is not the case here
    • Since this is Modern AU I’m gonna say instead of a shack in the middle of nowhere, he lived in a college dorm
      • Still doesn’t defeat the fact that he knew jack shit about cooking though
    • But he learns ‘cause he thinks that you deserve that
  • Argument are rarely harsh and are more joking and will occasionally have passive agreesive consequences but you make up quickly
    • Like if he has an s/o thats taller than him and they get into an argument, he gets annoyed because suddenly things are out of his reach
    • “Scoot over.” *keith moves to take up more room* “Keith i swear to god if you dont move no cuddles for the week” *he makes room for you with a cute pout*
    • Intense argumeants are never fun
      • He storms out and might not come back after a few hours because he needs to cool his head 
        • Shiro will go off after him sometimes because it helps him to rant
          • When he does go after Keith, the hours long walks dont last as long 
      • Meanwhile you are still at your place. 
        • Sometimes you call up one of the others to talk
      • Both of you regret what you said to each other 
        • It’s like you open the door to go find him and apologize and he’s about to knock to apologize to you
  • Cuddles happen at any time
    • Cooking. His arms are around you
    • At the store. You bet your ass he’s holding your hand or has an arm around you
      • But PDA does’t go much farther than that
    • This sweetheart is touch starved he needs all the loving he can get
  • Since life can get really hectic, you have date nights set up on either Thursday or if you’re busy then, on Friday
    • Cutting out time for each other is important
  • Every couple of years the group gets together to go to Disneyland and California Adventure
    • He gets really excited and will drang you to the best places in the park
      • His favorite rides are Soaring Over California and the Matterhorn
        • *cough* his absolute favorite is Thunder Mountain Railroad *cough*
      • That one really got corn dog cart on Main Street is a must go to for lunch
        • I mean seriously they have good corn dogs
      • Or the Golden Horseshoe
      • Y’all are staying for a couple of day so you alternate between the World of Color and the fireworks
      • While in the line for rides you get in pretty weird conversations with each other or one of the others 
        • “Cannablism has the potential to solve world hunger AND overpopulation problems”
          • No joke my friends and I had a conversation like this while in line for the Matterhorn and the people in front and behind looked like they thought we were sadists or something
      • Do you know about the Music in the Parks program?
        • For those of you who don’t know it a program where school music groups go to perform in one of the parks
          • I did it all throughout middle school and it was awesome when the random people came to listen
          • And then we got to hang out in the park for the rest of the day with our friends
            • *cough* clarinets are the best *cough*
        • Anyways it’s basically a must for the group to go watch at some point when a school is there
  • If you have kids, he’s the stern but fun dad
    • I’m just gonna say you have twin boys
      • Alexander and Lukas
    • He teaches them some self defense
    • He’s also really big on anti-bullying
      • “Sir you’re here because your son hit another child.” “Do you know why he did it?” “The child he hit was making fun of another boy-” “Then I don’t see a problem here.”
        • After he takes his son out for ice cream
    • “Alex sweetie what do you have?” “A KNIFE!” “NO! GOD DAMNIT KEITH!”
    • You could just be watching a movie on the couch and them suddenly everyone’s there

Oleksiy walked through the streets of the capital city in the Fire Kingdom, waving a polite hand to anyone who sent him one and sampling all of the foods that were on display in the stands. There was a festival taking place and the midday was full of hustle and bustle from the citizens who were dressed in colourful clothes, decorating the streets, or standing behind food stands that Oleksiy sampled from.

Today was turning out to be a great day indeed. Nothing could possibly ruin his day no -

“Ahov, Oleksiy!” his mood instantly deflated like a balloon upon hearing that voice. He quickly put on a fake smile that he hoped wasn’t too obvious and reluctantly turned towards the person who called him.

“Lukash, how do you do?” he said with an audibly strained voice.

Local Towns Prepare for July 3 Festivities. Will Clapping Be Allowed?

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Belarus prepares to celebrate July 3, the day when Belarus was liberated from Nazis. The date is now dubbed an Independence Day, but in essence a fascist regime was swapped by the communist one, so Belarus did not become free on July 3. 

Traditionally festivities are to be held throughout the country including every single town in northwestern Belarus. Preparations are now in the final stages. Each municipality is planning various events. Some of the most typical are a parade, a concert, fireworks, etc. 

However, July 3 is generating some buzz not because of the official festivities but courtesy of online activists calling for another “silent” protest against Lukashenka’s policies. During the previous actions of the kind, people did nothing but stood and clapped. However, even for the innocent act of applauding, protesters were pulled to the police van. In northwestern Belarus, most protests went without arrests, but it’s always difficult to predict how the next protest will go. Not just activists but also journalists prepare for a possible detention. 

Police is already put on alert. The big question of the day - Will applauding be allowed since it’s an integral part of any festivity?