hey buddies i got some fic recs

I have some cielois fics to recommend because I think they need more recognition. So here they are. These are all completed by the way. If you don’t like or ship cielois just move along on you’re merry way. But if you want to fic recs then prepare yourself because it’s going to be LONG.

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Alois: so you’re telling me my boyfriend stole your identity? That’s hilarious


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Happy Tenth Anniversary Kuroshitsuji!

Artworks2. Though she didn’t create Alois/Jim and Claude, she’d like to write a manga about them (but don’t expect it to happen).

Also, she suggested to the s2 writers to make the earl and Sebastian lose… horribly. Since she feels their loss in s2 is the “blackest way possible”, don’t expect it to be *quite as bleak* at the end of this manga. It can still be really bleak….


These are basically a year old. Over a year old tbh. But here you go.