The funny thing is, they get what’s in the box if they can guess it correctly, but I think they forgot about that little detail, either that or they’re hoping to get some really weird shit. We still don’t know what’s in the box. 


Happy Tenth Anniversary Kuroshitsuji!

just like, everyone in black butler’s second season is terrible written which is why they can’t really shine, even Claude could be really interesting if the anime team just, decided, with, a, characterization. But they didn’t which is why second season sucks. But look at Hannah. 

Hannah is a powerful demon who protects a sacred sword and has three other demons to serve her, and she… got her perception of reality fucking destroyed for, a child. And she endures all kind of abuses from another child just because she has the feelings of the first child inside of her. And along the way she starts to truly feel it. 

she loves Alois. She loves Alois because Luka loves Alois, she loves Alois because Alois hurts her and hates her and she doesn’t want that and she wants that and she accepts that, because a demon’s only path to joy is through suffering. 

She wants joy with them.

and then, then she makes everything possible so that they all die, the four of them, together. Claude there too because that was Alois’ wish, she did everything possible for their Happy Ending, theirs and only theirs, because beings like them couldn’t have it any other way.

just… Hannah is fucking awesome y’all. 


These are basically a year old. Over a year old tbh. But here you go.


Still kinda debating on expanding this au, so I decided to draw some designs up for it~ 

Will get to their circus outfits later, and may or may not change up Ciel’s.

Also I wasn’t sure if I should include Luka or not, so I drew him anyways, but I left the option open to you guys if you actually wanted him in the story (at the point I was considering having it branch off, he may not be in it by that point anymore), so just let me know before I do too much more with this. 


Ciel’s father got a Facebook. Finally.