So here she is! Knives set up a mini-photoshoot with me in the outside scenery. He is my absolute favorite photographer–there is not one photo in the set that I don’t like! I think my only regret is that I don’t have any photos of me standing, but ::shrug:: what can you do?

I meant very much to debut this cosplay on Friday, but since I didn’t make it to RamenCon that day I had to settle for Sunday. I’m very happy to report that Starless was recognized twice (my running expectation is 0-1 for a con this size), and I only tripped over my skirt once! My cute little shoulder buddy received many nose boops, and I got a lot of compliments on the tree staff.

Character: Starless (Kagerou, a webcomic)



So this is the results of my scarification makeup test with latex!

I did a lot of back-of-the-hand experiments before I moved to working on my face; the clear latex was pretty, but didn’t really stand out except in close-ups no matter what type of foundation I used (also, as a side note: some brands of cream foundation makes the latex gooey). When I switched to combining dark-toned eyelash glue with Milani powder foundation I got some really surprising results! It stands out really nicely since it has a subtle tint to it.

As much as I love this, I’m not sure whether this or tattoo-style markings are canon. I wanted to try doing tattoo-style markings on the other side with the AA paints but a friend called right when I got up to look for them, so I was kind of rooted in place. Instead, I finished up the makeup on the right side of my face while we were talking.

(this is so awesome I kind of don’t want to take it off tho)


(the first two pics are from 1997, lol.) in earlier stories, he had a nifty hearing aid implant because the Lord of Chaos tormented him through his childhood until he deliberately deafened himself.

he was originally a thunder elemental, but unaware of it, so his implant’s antenna was always getting struck by lightning and he could never figure out why. (that’s why modern heyoka has a tattoo of a lightning bolt, lol).

heyoka is genderqueer. kano uses ‘he’ to refer to him, and Kid uses 'she’, and both are pretty much fine.

worst kept secret in the comic: heyoka’s the most important character in kagerou. 


Starless: Alright, we’re all ready for… Buzz, what are you wearing??

Buzz: A top hat and mustache!

Starless: You’re not wearing that.

Buzz: But I look dashing!

Starless: I am NOT going to this convention with a meme slithering around in my dress. Give me this hat…  (Where’d you even get that anyway?)

Buzz: Gotta catch me first!

Starless: Get back here! Don’t you dare aaAAAHAHAHAnohahayou stop it or I’ll… GOTCHA!

Buzz: …

Starless: Um… your mustache is gone.

Buzz: I lost it in your dress when you grabbed my tail!

Starless: Dammit, Buzz…


Steve: Aber für was is lu im männlichen ne abkürzung? Luonard?

Jule: Lukas

Riku: lunjamin! 

Jule: es ist Lukas.
ich  hab die Comics gelesen

Riku: lundrian

Steve: Lucian! Lugolas?

Riku: xD
lumli !

Steve: wtf Oo

Jule: Rilunaru und Stevlu

Riku: Luvoid !

Steve: Das sind unsere chinesischen namen

Riku: ne dann wär kein R drin

Steve: lilunalu
nur der mann im mond schaut zu.
Vllt isser auch zum Teil asiate und sein Vater nennt ihn lunior, weil er kein j aussprechen kann o.o

Riku: oder er wurde früher als loser gemobbt und da die menschen immer fauler wurden wurde das auf lu verkürzt

Steve: das isses
so, wie mein ex-chef jeden morgen bei uns in die Firma is und einfach ‘h’ gesagt hat, weil er zu faul für hallo war
das war voll gut. die neuen waren immer total verwirrt, wenn er das gemacht hat
und er hat auf 'schäfchen’ gehört ^^

Riku: ich hätte jeden zweiten morgen “tschi” ergänzt
oder “aste mal ne mark”

Steve: er hat nich 'ha’ gesagt, sondern einfach 'h’

Riku: also er hat geatmet?

Steve: jop. jeden morgen. ein mal

Riku: hm nö sowas is mir grundsätzlich zu anstrengend

Nach diesem Zeitpunkt wurde es nicht mehr blogtauglich.


starless is my favorite character to design dresses for. she mostly wears super-long skirts and low-heeled boots or sandals, and she carries a staff that is a small tree with a dryad living in it, which changes shape whenever i get bored with the design the plot requires.

she has an encyclopedic knowledge of magic, godly arcana and battlecraft, the result of many years of focused study at the Citadel. her staff imbues her spells with power, which allows her to perform sorcery even though as a human she has no innate magic power.

i forget to draw her facial markings a lot of the time.

she has a little pet snake that lives in her wrap, but i’ve never settled on a name for it. or a solid design. or a species. one of these days i will do all three, i promise.

as i get older and realize not everyone needs to be a fresh-faced teenager, i find myself aging my characters up. starless is maybe 38 years old, young enough to serve as a guardian of her god’s Weapon, but old enough to have actually mastered the lore of her priesthood.

also she’s gay. it only came up once in the story, so a lot of people missed it.

oh! another random trivi point: she’s named after a song on the Rurouni Kenshin soundtrack. i was really into RK at the time.

anonymous asked:

Is Kagerou still alive?

yes, it is! my not working on it is a medical thing, not a lack of interest.

if for any reason i decide that i won’t finish the comic, i promise, and may my ipod fall in the toilet if i do not follow through, that i will post a final update with my outline and story notes for the rest of the story so you will know what the ending would have been.

also it only just occurred to me that Orbk’s snowfield Zone where all the murdered women and girls go after they die is a gigantic snarling nod to “women in refrigerators”.


i love when that happens, man. it’s the best part of fiction

one of my favorite comic panels, from like eight years ago or something nuts like that. inked by hand, scanned, colored in corel photo-PAINT 8. 

i just really like the movement in it. and OK’s creepy gross skeleton arm.