luka the golden

seriously but gabe is the most underestimated series character EVER? like fuck, just think about it

he always protects philip from beau or other mad people

he is willing to fight with his own wife to defend him

he has found a stranger woman buying vodka and saved her from suicide not even knowing she was suicidal

he found helen’s box from buffalo ‘07 and he never told her he found it nor never asked about it before she decided to tell him herself

he tried to share his family traditions with his foster kid

and helped him with love heartaches

and with developing feelings for a boy????


gabe is literally my fave from the entire series. preach

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Jesse getting frustrated because Lukas' hair is perfect and his is a curly mess

Lukas had excellent hair. He stood in the mirror, having just finished blowdrying it and combing it out. It was almost blinding how great it looked.

“How do you get your hair so nice…?” Jesse whined. He tugged at a tangled lock of hair and twirled it around his finger, a dark brown in comparison to Lukas’ golden blond.

“I just… wash it, a lot, I guess.” Lukas shrugged. “It’s a habit.”

“And you use up all the hot water…” Jesse mumbled offhandedly.

“It’s… it’s worth it though, right?” Lukas laughed a little.

“It is…” Jesse smiled faintly before Lukas grabbed the comb he was using.

“I’m sure I could get your hair looking nice if I tried.” Lukas offered, lifting his chin.

“I’d like that…” Jesse’s smile got bigger.

Lukas had run a bath with lots of bubbles and grabbed some of the hair products he used while Jesse curled up in it, relaxed.

Jesse was suddenly less relaxed when warm water got poured over his face and hair.

“Lukas…” Jesse grabbed a small flannel to hold over his eyes. “Give me some warning, first?”

“Sorry…” Lukas grabbed some shampoo and started to rub it into his hair. “This might take a bit, so get comfortable.”

It did take a while before Lukas was finished, washing it all out.

“Are you done?” Jesse pulled the flannel off his face.

“Not yet.” Lukas grabbed a bottle of conditioner.

It was another long time before Lukas was done. Jesse sat while Lukas carefully blowdried and combed his hair out.

“…and, that should be about it.” Lukas faintly smiled.

Jesse glanced towards the mirror. “Oh, wow.” He was kind of surprised… His hair was still the same style and colour and everything, but it just looked… better.

“Your hair is great, Jesse, it just needs a good wash…” Lukas spoke before laughing… “I love it…”

“Th-thank you.” Jesse smiled up at him…