luka kovac

El clasico: A Summary

- me yelling for 90 minutes
- ref having no idea what he’s doing
- Neymar slipping
- Varane saving our asses
- Neymar diving
- drama
- benzo and cris killing each other
- pique almost scoring for RMA
- Cristiano laughing about it
- Neymar Slipping
- hands
- more drama
- Luis Suarez scoring
- me crying
- Casemiro the saviour entering the pitch
- lucas vasquez doing what iwanted to do for a long time
- hands everywhere
- Varane saving our asses again
- drama drama drama
- baby asensio entering
- hands again
- neymar diving for the 100th time
- lionel missi
- andres iniesta helping marcelo
- serhio aka header king dramatically missing
- drama
- fight
- serhio aka header king rising
- me running around this house and yelling hala madrid
- saint Raphael Varane saving our asses one last time
- me being proud of my club

,,Our big family!!!” - Marcelo

,,Step by step, little by little…This is a TEAM. Happy for the goal. ¡Hala Madrid!” - Casemiro

,,An important victory at the difficult pitch!” - Alvaro

,,Great result. Well done team 👍” - Cristiano

,,Huge 3 points… 💪🏻⚽️ Big team.” - Luka

,,A goal achieved with the team! Hard game, big victory ⚽👐” - Keylor

,,Important 3 points!👌” - Toni

,,Good win at San Mames before the international break!” - Sergio

,,TOP👌🏻” - Karim

,,Big work and bigger victory. 11 La Liga finals left. Let’s continue! 💪😄” - Lucas

,,3 points more to continue! Grande Real!! ⚽️💪” - Nacho


My family died during the war in Croatia so I came to America. I had a relationship with someone I cared about, which I then ruined… I started looking for the answers in the wrong places, you know like sex, drinking, living fast. Killed a patient I should’ve saved and then I almost killed a medical student in a car crash… Woke up one morning and everything I had was gone. Gone or broken. So what do you have for that?

gifset meme + favorite male character (ER), requested x,x


“I’m still in love with him, I am. I’ve been in love with him since I was twenty-three years old. He's… everything to me. He’s my life. I feel complete when I’m with him, and I feel empty when we’re apart. He’s the father of my children. And he’s my soulmate. You’ll find someone Luka, you will. You’re such a wonderful man. She’s out there, I know she is. Someone who’ll love you the way your wife loved you. You’ll find her. You will.