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I’m just going to leave this here, because it’s relevant, again, and I remember seeing a legit press interview he did for Hatfields And McCoys in which he referred to Bill Paxton being a mentor to him while on-set, so I’m not saying that it’s been nearly two decades, and Bill Paxton is still trying to raise the greatest ships from dark depths, but it’s been nearly two decades, and he’s mentored Noel and literally fathered James.


Gallavich is coming to a complete and utter end, Isak and Even did the most beautiful cuddling I’ve ever seen on TV just to come to a excruciating stop, and only God knows what Philip and Lukas will be up to this upcoming Sunday. It’s rough out there, guys. Just quit the games and be in love!

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The Uneasiness in the Relationship (Colin Fisher x Female! Reader)

Hi. Can I get 5 of angst prompts with Collin Fisher? Female reader please. Thank you

“You’re everything to me, yet I’m nothing to you.”

Obviously, angsty, hope you enjoy. I don’t think I wrote Colin well, though.

The lab was quiet except for small sounds of rustling, which was coming from you. You went through individual papers, trying your best to figure something out for the current case. Everyone but you had left (minus the security guards) and you couldn’t remember what time it was at this point. With outside issues happening, you decided to put yourself to use, and that meant staying awake all night trying to solve the case. You haven’t touched your phone or looked at a clock in hours, so it surprised you when Jack walked into the room.

“(Y/N)? You’re here early,” Jack said, going over to his desk.

“You could say that.”

You continued to do work as Jack watched you, confused.

“Did you stay here all night?” He asked.

“Well, maybe a little bit…” You replied quietly, sitting down and rested your head in your hand.

“Why didn’t you go home to Fisher?”

You sighed. Just the question you wanted to avoid, of course. “Just a little bit of issues.”

Jack walked around his desk, keeping his eyes on you. “What do you mean? What’s going on with you guys?”

“Listen, Jack, We’re at work so let’s work, okay?” You said, standing up and walking out of the room.


You hadn’t actually seen Colin much that day, you’d seen him once in the bone room, and that was it. So, when you saw him talking to Jack, you knew something was up.  You were walking out of their view when you noticed them talking, causing you to stop in your tracks. Colin’s head was tilted to the left the slightest bit, and he seemed to be confused by whatever Jack was saying. You slowed down your footsteps and listened carefully to what they were talking about.

“Listen, you gotta talk to her, man. She spent the entire night here, and I don’t think she got any sleep for the past couple days, you of all people should have seen this,” Jack said.

When you heard this, you immediately walked away, a little bit angry but also grateful at the same time. The two of them probably heard your footsteps as you walked away, but that wasn’t important. You walked to Cam’s office, telling her the information you had gathered and ignoring Jack and Colin as they walked into the room. As soon as it was possible, you left the room, bumping Colin’s shoulder as you exited.


Once again, you decided to stay late, even though the case was solved. You dreaded talking to Colin at this point, scared of the talk you were destined to have sooner or later. You were trying to prevent it for as long as possible. 

You heard footsteps behind you as you were sorting through various papers, causing you to glance behind your shoulder to see Colin. You sighed through your nose and turned back to the papers.

“(Y/N), Jack said something to me about-”

“I know what he said, I heard it. I was there, remember?” you interrupted.

 "Yes, But he said we should talk about it.“ 

You sighed and turned around, now facing Colin. ”You’re everything to me, yet I’m nothing to you.

"What is that supposed to mean?” Colin asked.

“It means exactly what I said. I live for you, you’re my everything; you’re my world. But, to you, I’m just kind of… here. I don’t matter.”

Colin shook his head, “You’re wrong, though.”

You huffed. “Yeah, right. Prove me wrong, I dare you.”

Surprisingly, Colin leaned forward and pulled you into a kiss.  His hands on your cheeks, gently pulling you closer to him. He kissed you softly, trying to show you that he did care and he just had a little bit of trouble expressing it is all.You, shocked, stood there with your arms to your side until he pulled away, which was only a second later. 

“(Y/N), I do love you. I’m sorry I haven’t been showing it. That stuff’s not really my thing.”

You nodded, finally smiling for once in the past week. “I’m sorry, too. I love you.”

Even Colin smiled at that.

The Kissing Between the Bickering (Colin Fisher x Female! Reader)

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Can you write an imagine with the prompt “Shut up and kiss me.” With Collin fisher x female?

I was so down to write this tbh. I hope this satisfies your needs!

Colin and you were bickering about something stupid for the past thirty minutes. It was just to kill time. Neither of you wanted to leave the other’s presence, as it oddly calmed and reassured both of you.

"I’m just saying, if they’re okay with the bestiality part then it’s odd to think that they’re not okay with the gay part,” Colin pointed out, talking about the new Beauty and the Beast.

“Yes, but as long as they have their reasons we should accept it. It’s their opinion.”

“Still, it’s extremely foolish. How can they be okay with the fact that a human falls in love with an animal but a short, 5-second clip of a barely gay moment?”

“However ridiculous their reason is, it’s their opinion and if they believe it so firmly they won’t change it. Sometimes you just have to move on from these things.”

“It actually adds to the plot nicely, though, the fact that one of the side characters is gay adds to the darkness a bit in the film.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” you demanded, pulling Colin’s face closer to yours.

He complied, leaning forward and capturing his lips in yours. You smiled into this kiss, moving your hands, so they were behind Colin’s neck instead. You took one of his hands and nudged him into you, so the two of you were standing chest to chest. 

When Colin broke away, you put your forehead on his and stared into his eyes. “Thanks,” you whispered.

Colin nodded and kissed you once again. It was these moments where he wasn’t talking about how dark the world was and was paying attention to you, his girlfriend, that you loved. The fact that this didn’t happen too often added to the specialness.

Given, you two would hold hands and kiss, but it wasn’t as intimate as these times.