You know I really want Lucy & Juvia to bond more ,. since they’ve been through similar situations, both beeing left by their important person for months, or more like a whole year in Lucy’s case. It’d be nice to see them gang up on the guys. talking about the issues with them. I’d like that.

Jucy/Luvia/Luju/Julu (seriously can you tell me what’s their common name?^^) has always been one of the brotps I’d love to see more of

remember that on chapter cover, where Natsu & Gray were fighting Mard Geer together 

I was really happy about that chapter. and as a die-hard-shipper: isn’t it suspicious that Mashima would put these tWo on the cover together when their boys are fighting? ;) (this has probably been talked about before, but I didn’t see it, so–^^