luiz hernandez

To the Colombian/Mexican fans....

Get over it. Now for bigger descriptions. (lol)

For the Brazil vs. Germany game, put yourself in that position. No team or fan should go through that heartbreak. That’s not how the national team of Brazil plays, and that can’t be the same players who beat you in the quarter finals. Something happened. They lost both their captain and one of their star players, and there was discouragement. That’s the worst thing that can ever happen, and you honestly think they deserved it? All because of your subjective thoughts on who should have won during the Colombia vs. Brazil game? Imagine if you lost two of your men, and you went through and that happened to you. Would you be as happy? No one deserved that humiliation and it was downright hard for me to watch, and I’m sure for a lot of people. To lose so embarrassingly in their home country and have their fans turn their backs on them….to burn the Brazilian flag….it’s downright awful. I am not the biggest Germany national team fan (although I give credit where it’s deserved and I believe the German team have been the most consistent players in the cup), but if the roles were reversed I would still have the hardest time watching it. Even if you hate the team that beat you, I would think that you would expect them to fight a good fight after managing to succeed past your team. And for the record, you should be proud of your team. They are amazing players, and things happen. You win some, and lose. But it’s how you handle it that really matters. If you want to be ignorant about it, that’s all on you. But your team managed to make it to the Round of 16 and even the quarter-finals. That’s a huge deal. This is the first time my team (Greece) made it to the Round of 16. We lost to Colombia (3-0) and it was humiliating. A lot of my friends poked fun at me for it, but my team tried their hardest to recover from it and they went through. I couldn’t have been more proud. Every time I think of the game yesterday, I think “What if that was Greece?” I would never burn my flag. I would be very disappointed, and I would probably cry a lot. Because it does mean a lot. These games are not easy. 

As for the Argentina vs. Netherlands game, since when do you guys go for Argentina?! That was meant to be a joke. So please if any Mexican (or Argentinian) fan is reading this, don’t be angry. I get it. The referee made a bad call, and Netherlands were able to score a penalty. I’m sure you all know that when an opportunity is given, it’s taken. Same thing applies in the realm of soccer (or football in this case is a better name for it xD). Also we’re all going to have refs that make bad calls, and we’ll get angry and frustrated. It happened to Greece when they went up against Japan. It happened when Suarez bit Chiellini and he got away with it for that match. (I’m not talking about what happened after, because by then Italy lost their chance to advance.) I can name random occurrences throughout history where refs have made pretty bad calls that could have affected various outcomes. Your hate is on Robben and the team as well, but why? Maybe he just took the opportunity present for him, but he did apologize for it. From what I saw of both the Costa Rica and Argentina games is he didn’t try that stunt again. I think again it’s still controversial, but that’s just how I feel about it. The ref didn’t have to call it a penalty. I mean isn’t that why refs are there to begin with? They call out based on what they see. Why do we focus on one part of the game when we should be reevaluating our own players? Is it really helpful for your own coach, Herrera, to make a point that it was the referee’s fault for Mexico’s exit? The damage is done, how is that beneficial for the team to hear their manager say that? Maybe people have a different opinion on that and it’s fine but Netherlands is a great team. To advance to the Round of 16 this year and play a good game against them is a great feeling to possess! I was impressed with the Mexican national team, and I thought they did a great job during the group stage! Be proud of what your team has! (Oh and Ochoa is so adorable, make sure you don’t lose him!) So why spat out saying “HAHA KARMA IS A BITCH!” News flash, they made it far (SEMI-FINALS) and they lost due to luck because penalties are always the worst. (This isn’t meant to insult Argentina if anyone is thinking that. I was impressed with Argentina’s team as well.) But really in all seriousness Mexican fans, why root for Argentina? o.O Argentina beat Mexico back in 2010 with a score of 3-1, and in 2006 with a score of 2-1. Both times being during the Round of 16. Oh, is it because Messi made that sign for you guys? That’s cute. I mean root for whoever, but I remember there was huge controversy over that too. Either way, Netherlands made it far. Hate all you want, but that’s not going to be any good. When Costa Rica beat Greece, I wasn’t planning to hate on their team. I acknowledged the fact that it wasn’t meant to be this year, and I focused on the accomplishments made by my team. So stop with this bullshit about “sweet revenge”. It’s just so silly! 

Rant officially over (for now)

Now let’s take some time and appreciate good sportsmanship, and may the best team win for the finals!