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You went to see your husband David playing today with the brazil nt. You were so proud of him, he defended very well. After the game, you join him in front of the locker rooms with your daughter Mia.

“Minhas duas princesas ! (my two princesses)” he said when he saw you two 

He took your daughter’s hand and gave you a kiss.

“You’re ready babe? We can go?” you asked him as he took you by your waist. He nodded and smiled.


When you stepped out the stadium, a lot of fans were waiting. When they saw him, they started screaming and asking for autographs and photos ! David turned to you. You know what he was about to say.. You just smiled and let him go see the fans. He’s an amazing person, he worries so much about them.

He took your daughter in his arms, and walked to meet the fans. 


Request; Can you write an imagine about “Cara” who fall in love with David Luiz but him doesn’t feel the same but anyway he behaves good with her and in the final they can be together or not it’s your choice ;)

David Luiz.

You and David had been friends since he moved to France. You’re a well known figure in france due to you being a model but also having some involvement in politics and equality for everyone throughout europe. You both hung out whenever you weren’t out fighting for social justice or whenever he had freetime. After a while you developed feelings for him, but you knew that they could never amount to anything seeing as how he had a girlfriend.

Today you were going to a meeting and then meeting David for lunch and then heading over to your house and hang out. You got ready then headed out for city hall. You were walked in and you sat down and started speaking to the mayor as well as other council members. Once the meeting was done, you checked the time and saw that you were running late for lunch with David. You hurried to your car while texting him that you were going to be late. You headed over to the 16th district and walked over to your favorite restaurant. You found david and sat down then said “Sorry, the meeting ran late and i feel so bad. Did you order already?”

He just chuckled and smiled at you, then said “It’s fine, i already knew you were going to run late.” “How did you know that?” “You’re Cara, you’re always late.” You stared at him for a while then smiled and said “Okay, you’ve got me there.” You laughed and the waitress came over and asked what you wanted to eat. You both told her what you wanted to eat, then handed her the menus and continued with your conversation.

“So how’s your love life?” You glance at him and said “What love life?” You smirked and he said “Cara, don’t you want kids?” “Yes.” “And get married?” “Yes.” “Why don’t you start dating?” “I don’t have the time. Especially with everything going on right now.” “How old are you gonna be now?” “25. that’s still very young.” “Okay, i’ll give you that. Just promise me that you’ll start dating soon.” You smirked and gave him the look you’d give guys that would somehow seduce them. You saw his face soften and you laughed. “That’s not fair!.. How do you do that?” You shrugged and the food came out. You ate while talking then afterwards got in your separate cars and headed to your flat. When you got there, you left the door open for him while you ran up to get into something more comfy.

You walked downstairs, tying your hair in a bun in the process, and turned on the tv, getting ready for your movie night. You walked into the kitchen and made popcorn for David and you got yourself some fruit and chocolate to snack on. You sat down and started watching Fast and Furious then some rom coms and then you left it with a horror movie.

“I still don’t get how you like horror movies.” You smiled and said “I just do, deal with it.” You munched on some of his popcorn and continued to watch the movie. Once it was over, you looked over and saw he was fast asleep. You got him a blanket and went up to your room. The next morning you woke up and started making David breakfast. He woke up and walked in. You smiled and said “Go take a shower, you smell bad.” He just rolled his eyes and headed up to your bathroom.

You finished his breakfast right around the time that he was done. You both sat down and talked for a while, then he left to go to practice. You went upstairs and got dressed then headed out and ran some errands. Once you were done, you headed back to your flat and got cozy. You heard a knock at your door and opened it to see your good friend, Kendall Jenner.

“Cara! How’s it going?” “Kendall! I’ve missed you so much. I needed someone to talk to.” She laughed and said “So what’s been going on?” “I need someone to distract me in all honesty.” “Whatever happened to you and David?” “Well first, he has a girlfriend. And second, he’s the reason why i need a distraction.” “Um, as far as I’m concerned David’s single.” “What?” “Yeah, didn’t you hear, it’s like, all over the news.” “No, when did this happen?” “Sometime this week. I think it was like two days ago.” “I wonder why he didn’t mention it to me.” You shrugged and heard a knock at the door. You walked over and saw David and Marco there. You smiled and invited the two in.

You four hung out then after a while, Kendall went up to her room and Marco got a cab ride home. You turned to David and said “Why didn’t you tell me that you broke up with your girlfriend?” “I didn’t want to burden you.” “That wouldn’t have been a burden. Always remember that if you need to get something off your chest, you can talk to me okay.” “Okay. So i’ve got one question.” “Okay, go.” “Why is it that you dont want to date.” “Why are we back at this?” “I’m just curious.” “In all honesty, it’s because i have some feelings towards you. But i know that they can never develop into anything?” “Why’s that?” “Well i mean you were in a relationship and you just got out of it. I didn’t want to be a homewrecker and plus i didn’t even know if you liked me.” “Well, i do like you. But you’re right. I do need time to get over my ex.” “So for now we’ll just stay friends?” “Yeah.” He smiled and kissed your cheek, then said “I’m going to go home now, but i’ll talk to you tomorrow okay?” “Okay.”

You walked him out and closed the door behind him. You went to your room and took a nap then the next morning you went downstairs and had a sack with Kendall. After you were done with your snack, you went up to your room and got dressed for a day out with Kendall. During lunch, you both sat down at a rooftop terrace and enjoyed the view. Once you ordered your lunch, you started eating and Kendall said “So what happened after i fell asleep?” You finished your bite and said “Marco ended up leaving and me and david hung out for a little bit.” “What’d you guys talk about?” She smirked and raised her eyebrows and you laughed, then said “We got to the topic of me having feelings for him.” “No way!” You nodded and she asked “What happened?” “He told me that he had feelings for me too.” “So are you guys dating now?” I shook my head and said “I don’t want to rush into anything because he just got out of a long relationship and he feels the same way.” “My only concern is what if one of you guys moves on Cara.” “ I know, but i mean. It’s already out there. Lets just see what happens.” She nodded and said “Thats true. Are you ready to go?” You took your last bite and nodded, then left the money for the tab and the tip. You thanked the waitress. You went shopping then decided to go to the Louvre and walked around. After having a long day, you went home and got comfy, then watched some movies together.

2 months later

You got up to the doorbell ringing and rushed downstairs. You opened the door and saw David with his back to you. “Yeah, just wait there real fast.” You cleared your throat and David turned around and smiled. You tried to look past him but he blocked your view. You looked up at him and he said “Ready to have to most adventurous day of your life?” “Can i be ready first?” He laughed and said “I didn’t realize you were still not dressed. Okay, go get ready. You have half an hour.” You laughed and ran upstairs. You shouted from your room “What are we going to be doing?” “It’s a surprise.” “Okay but what should i wear?” “Wear workout clothes for now and then take a set of clothes for a nice restaurant.” You got ready, put your hair in a ponytail and just out on a light coat of mascara. You put the extra clothes in the backpack as well as some water bottles and granola bars. You went over to the door and David checked his watch, then said “15 minutes, nice!” He kissed your forehead and grabbed your hand. You saw what he was blocking and saw that they were dogs. You smiled and ran towards them. The people holding them handed them over and David thanked them. You both had one dog and you guys started running with them.

Once you finished your run you went to a spa and relaxed then headed to david’s house. You showered  then got out and started getting ready. Once done, you walked downstairs and saw david dressed in all black as well. He smiled and said “You look great.” “Thanks.” You smiled and he grabbed your hand, then walked you out to his car. He drove to the restaurant and you both were taken to your seat. There, you both talked and hung out. Somewhere along the lines, he grabbed your hand and said “Cara, im ready.” You looked into his eyes and he smiled. You then said “To be in a relationship?” He nodded and and you tried so hard not to smile. “Would it be alright if i kissed you?” You smiled and leaned in and kissed him. He smiled into it and said “i can’t wait to show you off to the world and show them that you’re my girlfriend.” You smiled and laughed a little and said “Well why not start now?”