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You went to see your husband David playing today with the brazil nt. You were so proud of him, he defended very well. After the game, you join him in front of the locker rooms with your daughter Mia.

“Minhas duas princesas ! (my two princesses)” he said when he saw you two 

He took your daughter’s hand and gave you a kiss.

“You’re ready babe? We can go?” you asked him as he took you by your waist. He nodded and smiled.


When you stepped out the stadium, a lot of fans were waiting. When they saw him, they started screaming and asking for autographs and photos ! David turned to you. You know what he was about to say.. You just smiled and let him go see the fans. He’s an amazing person, he worries so much about them.

He took your daughter in his arms, and walked to meet the fans.