luis v saenz for district attorney

I, Luis Saenz, am your experienced candidate of choice for Cameron County District Attorney.  This news segment, from KRGV Channel 5 and excerpted from the web, shows one case I have prosecuted and in my interview you will see that I am advocate for the victim through the pursuit of justice. 

The position of District Attorney is one that should not be left to on-the-job-training - trust in 19 years of experience - trust me, Luis V. Saenz, to be your candidate of choice for Cameron County District Attorney.

Family - through family, we can conquer all obstacles, make all things happen.  My wife Delia is always there, a rock against the turbulent tide of time, campaigns, challenges, and whatever storm crashes upon the shore.  She is also the tree that stands in the prairie - ever beautiful, providing shade when needed, and always strong.  With Delia, all things are possible.  Many thanks to my lovely wife for her support, and to all my family for always being there!