snowleopard Krefeld BB2A0267 by safi kok


Leopard with good vantage point, Kruger NP, South Africa by cirdantravels

English and Dutch have some very similar nouns but:

  • the Dutch word for turtle/tortoise is literally shield toad (schildpad)
  • the Dutch word for leopard and the Dutch word for sloth are literally 1 letter apart (luipaard and luiaard)
  • the Dutch word for leopard means lazyhorse
  • the Dutch word for slug means naked snail (naaktslak)
  • the English word slang is the same as the Dutch word for snake
  • on that note, our word for garden hose is garden snake (tuinslang)
  • we don’t say “it’s raining cats and dogs”, we do have a saying “it’s dog weather” (hondenweer) for when it’s nasty outside

African leopard - Olmense Zoo by Mandenno Photography
Via Flickr:
African leopard Zaki he is 19 years old