Best of my WAYWRN Part 2

This weeks Friday challenge on Styleforum encourages all participants to bring out their A game. You will be allowed to chose from all the posts you’ve ever posted in Styleforums WAYWRN-thread and pic the one of your outfits you deem your personal best. These are a selection of the outfits I have posted that have gotten a lot of positive feedback.

I would definitely change a few details before wearing these today, but all in all I think most of them are pretty decent.

Pt 1

Luigi Bianchi Mantova F/W ´14

For many Luigi Bianchi Mantova of Lubiam is not as well known as LBM1911-brand but the line’s collections for sure has the required characteristics to satisfy the needs of even a more demanding customer looking for pieces to fill one’s business-wardrobe.

Inspiration for the upcoming fall collection arises from 1960’s optical patterns featuring graphic macro checks, madras, micro designs, damier motifs and Prince of Wales-checks in different shades. The color scheme is kept restrained and earthy - making it easy to combine these pieces together. Double-breasted overcoats and suits featuring wool- and cashmere blends together with vests - offered both with matching suits or alone - top off the selection. One of the interesting choices in terms of materials is the intertwining of cotton and wool bouclé yarns that is used to produce a kind of multicolor 3D effect on suits and blazers.

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