luigi vitali

I can see why the world is so obsessed with her. She is all about reinterpretation. She really represents the decadence of our time, she doesn’t fight or criticize anything, she just wants to embody it. She takes from pop culture, from respected high art, from underground and subcultural references. She shows how everything is on the same level, how everything is just a part of this corrupted game. She embodies this way of thinking in a very nihilistic way, she doesn’t criticize it. She is like the last martyr of fashion as religion.
—  Luigi Vitali on Lady Gaga as useless provocation'

Do you like or dislike her (lady gaga)?

Luigi Vitali: It doesn’t even matter, whatever. She is the end. From Andy Warhol to her is like the dead end of the road. It’s gone as far as it can go. Ultimately, she is essentially a part of that same idea—the financial market and the cultural market following the same trajectory. She has completely sold herself to fashion.