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Mario Kart Asks!!

1- First Mario Kart game?

2- Best Mario Kart game?

3- Do you play the handheld Kart games?

4- Is there one of the games that stands out as being really bad?

5- Who do you always race as?

6- Which game has the best tracks?

7- What is your all time favorite track?

8- Describe a silly moment that happened during a race.

9- Are you generally better or generally worse than your friends?

10- Do you ever play Time Trials?

11- Is it disappointing that there aren’t as many tournaments for Mario Kart as there are for other games?

12- Favorite character?

13- How old were you when you played a Kart game for the first time?

14- Preferred controller type/setup?

15- Do you like Battle mode?

16- Do you have a Mario Kart Rival?

17- Which game did you play the most?

18- What is your all time least favorite track?

19- What is the most underrated Mario Kart game?

20- What is the most overrated Mario Kart game?

21- Kart or bike?

22- Do you like playing with the steering wheel?

23- Do you miss DK Jr?

24- What is the best mode to race in?

25- Make up your own question.

Super Mario Kart - Yoshi and Ghost Valley?

We all know that Super Mario Kart didn’t have as many character themed tracks as the games that came after it, but that didn’t stop me from assuming every character did own their very own track! 

This was mostly based on the game’s ending credits, in which the camera focuses on one character in a specific track as they all drive in a straight line (See video 0:39)

Going by this logic:

  • Luigi: Mario Circuit (Mario let his bro keep his race tracks, since Luigi didn’t have any of his own. That’s what I liked saying to myself at least back then)
  • Peach: Donut Plains
  • Yoshi: Ghost Valley
  • Bowser: Bowser Castle
  • DK Jr.: Choco Island
  • Koopa Troopa: Koopa Beach
  • Toad: Vanilla Island
  • Mario: Rainbow Road

Most of these were pretty straightforward, even if the character wasn’t exactly tied to the theme of the track they appeared in, but the one that always caught my attention the most was Yoshi and Ghost Valley.

Why was this Yoshi’s track? Why is this place overrun by ghosts? Did Yoshi do something to the Boos? Why is he racing here if this isn’t his islan- wait a second. No… it can’t be… but OF COURSE! This IS Yoshi’s Island! It’s obvious and I can’t believe I was so blind! All pieces come together when you look at the clues: 

1) if you look at the background of the track, you’ll notice shadows that look like trees, mountains and castles:

…and what Yoshi related place do you see all these things in? WELL:


In the first world of Super Mario World: YOSHI’S ISLAND

2) The music for the track is THE SAME as the one in Ghost House levels and the Sunken Ship in what game? You guessed it! Super Mario World:

3) The dark spooky, blue and brown, theme of the track bears too many similarities with the Ghost House levels in SMW:

…and with the Sunken Ship level, which is overrun by ghosts… and where Mario and Yoshi “stole”… the mysterious Green Orb from…



The Boos were angry at Mario and Yoshi for taking the orb they were protecting! After all they do try to stop you from getting to it. But they couldn’t do anything to Mario since he wasn’t around anymore, so they had to go after Yoshi! For this very same reason, they decided to take over the Yoshi’s Island track in Super Mario Kart and transformed it into:

Ghost Valley…

Or that’s what I liked to believe when I was a kid at least ;D

So what do you think? I hope you enjoyed this crazy theory I had as a child and let me know if you liked it or not!

3 Raceways & Wario Stadium (N64+SSBB+3DS+WiiU)
Molly "GenoRoll"
3 Raceways & Wario Stadium (N64+SSBB+3DS+WiiU)

Oh, remember how I “upgraded” that DKC2 “Funky the Main Monkey” mix?

Well, I did the same with MK64’s “3 Raceways & Wario Stadium”. In fact, it’s very similar to the other mix

With both of them:

1. I started with the original and it’s most different remake (DKC2 & DKL2 for Funky, MK64 & MK8 for Raceway)

2. then I added another remake, as well as a completely different version from a completely different game. (DKC2 GBA & DK:JC for Funky, MK7 & SSBB for Raceway)

I actually wasn’t gonna add the MK7 version (as it’s almost the same as the original version), but the addition of SSBB was drowning out the original, so I added it to make it actually sound like it was where.

You know, I wouldn’t mind if a retro cup in the far future was just made up of these courses. Just Luigi Raceway, Mario Raceway, Wario Stadium, & Royal Raceway. I just can’t get enough of this music. I guess I could say that it’s my favourite Mario Kart theme ever.

(Mind you, I was able to hack my copy of MKWii to add basically every course ever, so I could play a VS match with all four of these courses back-to-back!)