Do you hate cancer? Do you like video games? Do you want to watch people play video games while also stopping cancer?

As all of my followers know, I’m a part of an organization called Red Hat Games, a charity group based out of Harrisburg, PA who fights for various causes through video games and cosplay.  This summer, our Hats Off To Charity events are benefiting The Jeff Musser Foundation, a nonprofit based out of Lancaster, PA that helps the families of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer pay for treatment, travel costs, etc.

Starting August 26th and ending August 29th, we will be playing our top 10 favorite video games on our Twitch page.  All donations raised from the event will be donated to The Jeff Musser Foundation.

Throughout the weekend, we will have various donation incentives to name your favorite characters, choose your Pokemon Team, and more.  We might even have a few special guests along the way from your favorite video games pop in!

Can’t donate? That’s no problem!  Come hang out with us for a few good laughs, and please share this post to spread the word!  Because cancer sucks, and nobody likes it.

Lineup for the event is posted under the cut:

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My brother found this while cleaning. It’s a Super Mario Bros. movie coloring book. We both had one but god only knows what happened to mine. Some of the art’s really doofy and then some is surprisingly good! I’m happy to see it again