You know, the Mario Bros. went on an entire adventure that pretty much proved we should stay out of Luigi’s dreams.

His bad dreams are… Predictable at best. You won’t learn anything new from watching them.

His good dreams are also easy to anticipate. But-



I… I don’t know how to end one this note.

But like I said: an entire adventure.


I’m lazy

appreciate Luigi and his many ways

main games: timid, but highly capable

spin-offs, connected franchises, and sports: lots of pizazz and style built around his being less “tough” compared to Mario; shy yet confident

Mario & Luigi: clumsy and cowardly, but never lets it stop him form accomplishing things; protector of his brother

Paper Mario: literally living his own life, basically becoming a master at avoiding the type of bullshit that follows Mario

Luigi’s Mansion: a real-ass person who is basically a role model for how to live with and conquer a life of self-esteem issues


Just a little something i noticed when looking at some really big Mario Party Star Rush renders:

The Mario Bros. and Wario Bros. hats are made out of completely different materials. While the Mario and Luigi have the embroidered emblems with sewn on borders, Wario and Waluigi have these felt-like patches, and it appears to be glued on instead as there is no stitches and the fabric is slightly raised.

The even stranger detail is that their hats are a different texture to the Mario Bros. With their caps being a fuzzy material, while the original hats are made out of a more a cotton twill. Over all the Wario Bros. hats feel cheap and newer, which is very suiting. Here is Luigi’s and Waluigi’s for comparison: