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YAY! Nintendo AU stuff! I have so many HC and ideas - like Bowser and peach (and co) secretly play sports together, or Luigi turning out to be a firecracker when you come after his friends (he esp hates it when people get attacked for discriminatory things, like "Samus can't be good at sports, she's a girl!"), Link has to talk to someone if he sees them wearing green, or Mario and Luigi (more him) know all the secret spots at school/neighbourhood to hide or take a short cut

Omg I’m sorry but as soon as I read Peach and Bowser playing sports I- I mean I could see Peach playing some kind of made up sport with Bowser that involves running around and hitting things with a bats but. If someone tried to get her to play anything for real she’d “nope” out of that pretty quick.

The other stuff if fun too, Link and Luigi become weird friends because they both wear green all the time.

save him, he’s clueless