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The Smart Set by Kevin Lightner

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daily-lui  asked:

O-ohm? What happened to you? (Asking sohm)

Sohm:w-well ugh I’m sohm but ohm is ok he is still here it’s just idk how to explain it
Alpha:h-hey he k-kinda looks like our lui back h-home
Teal:hell yea we kinda fell through aportal with a bunch of stuff so yea heheheh

Quand on aime
et infiniment,
on est bien souvent
emprunté et maladroit.

On a si peur, parfois,
de blesser et de dire
ce qu'il ne faut pas.

Mais si on est aimé
en retour,
on sait malgré tout,
tout au fond de nous,
qu'au final,
on sera pardonné.

Toute la magie,
le miracle et la force
de l'amour
sont là.

Savoir accepter
son si tendre
et bel à soi,
comme il est,
et savoir l'aimer
bien assez
pour toujours
tout lui pardonner.


—  V. H. SCORP

Quand je m’endors toujours avant lui vers 23 h comme une mamie et que la dernière fois, endormie sur son torse j’ai pas ronflé mais j’ai respiré fort et qu’il s’est amusé tout seul à faire DARK VADOR avec mon souffle ! 

Que pendant la nuit il m’a foutu une claque qu’il s’est excusé qu’il m’a fait un bisou magique mais qu’au réveil quand je lui en ai parlé il avait tout oublié, ne se souvenant de rien. Qu’il m’a frappé avec son coude pour que je me pousse et que pour me venger je lui ai volontairement foutu mes pieds froid là où vous pensez pour qu’il se réveille en pleine nuit. Oups !

charisse  asked:

Hi! What books would you consider essential reading for someone trying to connect with their Filipino ancestry? Like many 2nd generations, I wasn't taught as much history in order to assimilate better to American culture. I'd really appreciate some direction! Thanks :)

I can recommend a few, some I have read, others that I have heard a lot about but haven’t personally read yet, as well as online resources. Most of what I have read so far is focused on precolonial history and culture as for the most part that is what I am interested in studying. When it comes to more recent history like the late Spanish colonization, American colonization, and more recent history I’d suggest getting in contact with indiohistorian​ and pag-asaharibon​ as they are the ones I tend to learn more information in colonial and post colonial history from. In regards to Pilipin@-American history there are several books I can recommend that I have been looking into, a few that I read that I’ve learned from joining the FANHS (Filipin@-American National Historical Society) community.

You can visit here for resources on mythology and folkore. Here for another list made by someone here on Tumblr on books and resources to read. Then for resources on precolonial history and culture in general based on historical accounts this post I made years back has some you can look through (there was actually a recent updated listed I made but accidentally deleted and lost when I switched the domain name to the Tumblr blog over from the wordpress one which I rarely touched and was an idiot to forget to back up. I’ll be making a whole new resources list eventually again).

If you want to browse through a collection of books in culture and history I’d suggest looking through Arkipelago Books, the Pilipin@ Bookstore (which is located at the Bayanihan Community Center in San Francisco, CA) at their website here.

Crushing Grief - Daithi De Calibre

Crushing Grief

Daithi De Calibre

Word Count: 1,716

Prompt: Lui spends a lot of time with (insert person), which makes Daithi jealous. When walks in on (insert person) kissing Lui, Daithi is understandably upset until Lui explains.

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Some angst. Language

Song: Crushing Grief by Neck Deep

Special thanks to seargentbutternipples for letting me have this prompt.

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