Luhan and his need to spoil his babies.

While Luhan is always friendly and cheerful with everyone, he always pays extra attention to the ones he is closest too…Like Xiumin, Sehun, Kai and Lay. Although not on his eternal baby list, he still watches out for them, would be his two almost babies is Kyungsoo and Chen


Luhan follows his boazi like a puppy…Like seriously…He just trails behind him like a lost child and Xiumin is his mother. Although now we see, Xiumin be more initiative in their interactions, before Luhan left for China to film (ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER) Luhan was always the one (most of the time) to try and get close to Xiumin. Now Xiumin seeks him out and they get to be lovey dovey together. Xiumin is one of the few people who would be able to put up with Luhan’s constant energy. I was watching Showtime and it was the episode when they went to eat hotpot, and there is one part when Luhan is telling Xiumin something and my mother goes “Oh look what a nice guy, listening to girlfriend so closely.” and I realized a couple of minutes later, (it was very late at night and I thought she was talking about someone in the background) that it Luhan whining to Xiumin about something. Go figure.

(This is the moment I was talking about!!)

(Death By Die Jungs Photobook)

Now, we see how Luhan treats Sehun a little differently from Xiumin. While he practically worships the ground Xiumin walks on, Sehun is the one attached to Luhan (originally) and now they have a more balanced friendship but Luhan still pays extra attention to Sehun. Sehun is like a baby brother to Luhan and it is obvious that if Sehun had a nightmare, Luhan would be a likely choice for him to curl up to. They have a strong bond as brothers and I feel like if Sehun could adopt Luhan into his own family and make his actual brother, he would. Although there are not as many blatant moments as there were in MAMA, there are still some that make me squeal. Like how Luhan will tug Sehun while on the red carpet to make sure he doesn’t get lost. (Seriously, he is a giant. Even if does take a wrong turn or something, you’d still be able to see him.)

Now with Layhan, that’s a bromance that will always run hot. The two are complete opposites, with Lay being more mellow and Luhan more hyper. They are both brutally honest, but in different way, with Luhan who will answer the question in blunt force and Lay who will take a diplomatic route. They balance each other out, and obviously know each other too well. I mean if you know what your friend needs before he even thinks about it, then you guys spend a lot of time together. I wrote a post a while back about my Layhan defining moment, when Luhan wanted to get extra potato/ cheese sticks for Lay and Chanyeol does even fight back. Recently I saw a few gifs of them at their concert, when Luhan picks up the mikes and immediately grabs one for Lay, no hesitation, and Lay just takes it, like yea this is meant for me. And the way they gossip like women, they play together. They have the ultimate bromace.

Now with Kailu, it is not as popular as the other ships, mostly because of Kaisoo and Hunhan and Xiuhan (Luhan you cheater), but Kai is still someone who is babied by Luhan. The two of them stand side by side in the middle of the line, and they both are very popular members and Luhan is always making Kai laugh. Kai is a quiet person and he is not the type to go out of his way to make friends. (At least I think). Sehun brings out the child in him, while Kyungsoo make him more mature, even if he is babied. With Luhan though, Kai has a lot of respect and he plays with him. The two of them are the faces of EXO and Kai relies on Luhan, but takes care of him as well. I feel like Jongin comes out a lot when Luhan is around. Luhan seems like the type of person who would sit down and listen to Kai talk about his dogs, just smiling softly at the boy while he blabbers for hours, and just ruffle his hair when he finally talks himself out of words. Of course, when Kai is the first to notice that Luhan is not feeling well, he sticks by Luhan, forces him to sit. He playfully distracts Luhan when he is playing games. He turns to Luhan for help when he needs some, and I highly doubt Luhan will be able to turn him away. And the two are skinship monsters, especially in EXO’s first box the basketball game. Geesh.

(Look at their magical unicorn selves)

Now onto Luhan’s almost babies: Luchen and Hansoo.

Chen is also part of the maknae line, being the 2nd maknae in EXO M and the fourth (?) in EXO itself. He doesn’t get babied by the members as much as the three other maknae line members do. When Kris was around, he would always mess with Chen a little, but he was distracted by Tao. Lay would be lost in his won world. Luhan was focused on helping Xiumin but he never forgets to pamper Chen a little, helping with his Chinese and playing along with his antics. Chen also cares for Luhan and he always looks happy to be around him. He takes what Luhan says to heart and he obviously takes care of his older brother.



(I was trying to find a gif of the time Chen gave his jacket to Luhan in Showtime because Luhan -the poor deer- was freezing as he had to wait before he could jump into the sea but I have failed -cries- )

Luhan must love squishy things, because he sure does have a fondness for Kyungsoo. Luhan is one of the members that D.O does not hold an irrevocable grudge for and will be nice to. He seriously becomes adorable when Luhan is around, and he smiles a lot more and Luhan is very touchy with him (what else is new?) and the two have a very cute relationship. The two of them have a similar vocal range and D.O obviously loves to hear Luhan sing, or at least he loves the sound of his voice. Luhan also likes to cuddle to Kyungsoo and remember when they both went to the haunted house together? wasn’t it nice when D.O abandoned Luhan but well at least he gave the ‘manly’ man a partner, so he didn’t have to go alone. I still remember his screams for Sehun and D.o. Can you imagine Luhan singing him to sleep? Because I can. Hahaha (No I haven’t played Luhan singing as I fall asleep. Why do you ask? -Nervously hides Luhan singing playlist-)

Behold Part 1 of the Luharem!

I wanted to add more pictures…But this post is super long so I’ll stop here!

Credit: to the owners of the pictures and gifs- how do you make such pretty ones?- 

I wish I could say I was sorry for such a long post…but I’m not…so…Sorry not sorry!

There was a boy.
There was a boy, who would smile brightly, eyes turning into crescents everytime someone mentioned a certain hyung 4 years older than himself.
There was a boy, who would steal glances towards another boy everytime they had practice.
There was a boy, who always asked another boy to hang out for bubble tea, because the other boy was his favourite.
There was a boy, who always waited for another boy to catch up so that they could walk together.
There was a boy, who got upset so easily, but it only took a tap on his chin from another boy for him to turn all smiley again.
There was a boy, who tried his best to shield another boy from the crowd at the airport despite being caught in it himself.
There was a boy, who, by one way or another, always reacted before everyone else did when a certain other boy’s name was brought up.
There was a boy, whose dearest was another boy, and was also the other boy’s dearest.

It’s his birthday today.
Happy birthday, Sehun!

Lu Han, have you got used to not going out for bubble tea every so often?
Lu Han, have you got used to not having someone to protect you in the crowd?
Lu Han, have you got used to not having Sehun around?

They met when Lu Han was 20.
They parted when Sehun was 20.

Sehun, one day, if possible, how about giving Lu Han a visit in Beijing? (:

Are there any other harem? I mean, XiuHarem is all over the place. And everyday it's killing me.

I just wonder (again), are there ships such as:


KriHarem (?)










I really want to know. :))))

Don’t know about the terms/names (sorry), just made that up. ^_____^

how do you even do graphics this is so bad sorry.. anyway! i just hit 300 followers even tho i’ve only been in the exo fandom for like.. literally a month so thank you new followers!  i follow a lot of blogs so i’m sorry if i forgot anyone OTL. senpais are bolded, friends are in italics. if you’re neither, don’t feel bad i still love you ;~;

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It’s already April 13th in Korea, sorry for being so late. Regardless, happy birthday, Sehun!

Another year without your favourite hyung has passed by. Are you used to it now? I know you two still talk, but it’s definitely not the same as living together and working together. You still manage well, and I’m glad. I admit I do wish to turn back time, because nothing makes me happier than seeing you two happy in each other’s presence; but I’m satisfied with knowing that you two are still maintaining a great relationship, too. I hope it’d remain that way?

My wishes for you this year are the same. Stay healthy, be happy, work hard, get the recognition you deserve. Find yourself good companions, you’ll need them. Keep in close contact with your dearest, because distance kills love.

Also, Sehun, one day, if possible, how about giving Lu Han a visit in Beijing?