There was a boy.
There was a boy, who would smile brightly, eyes turning into crescents everytime someone mentioned a certain hyung 4 years older than himself.
There was a boy, who would steal glances towards another boy everytime they had practice.
There was a boy, who always asked another boy to hang out for bubble tea, because the other boy was his favourite.
There was a boy, who always waited for another boy to catch up so that they could walk together.
There was a boy, who got upset so easily, but it only took a tap on his chin from another boy for him to turn all smiley again.
There was a boy, who tried his best to shield another boy from the crowd at the airport despite being caught in it himself.
There was a boy, who, by one way or another, always reacted before everyone else did when a certain other boy’s name was brought up.
There was a boy, whose dearest was another boy, and was also the other boy’s dearest.

It’s his birthday today.
Happy birthday, Sehun!

Lu Han, have you got used to not going out for bubble tea every so often?
Lu Han, have you got used to not having someone to protect you in the crowd?
Lu Han, have you got used to not having Sehun around?

They met when Lu Han was 20.
They parted when Sehun was 20.

Sehun, one day, if possible, how about giving Lu Han a visit in Beijing? (:

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