luhans reaction tho

He tries to comfort you because you can't play your favorite sport due to health issues.

Thank you bubu~ I hope your first request suits your taste. Sorry If I couldn’t grasp the situation enough, though I tried my best to play it out properly. Hope you like it~

Luhan: “I-It’s fine, I still need you on the bleachers cheering for me. How would I be able to win otherwise? We can play soccer together, even though I know It’s not your favorite sport. It’s still some small happiness we could share, right? I promise not to hurt you… please don’t cry.”

Chanyeol: “You can’t play it, but you can still watch it, right? I got us tickets for your favorite sports team! Front row! We also get to meet that player who you love so much. C'mon, smile, we’re heading off tomorrow morning, just the two of us." 

Kai: "Another six months? You can do it, can’t you? You already went through six months. Even then, it’s a year we’ll look back at in the future and I’ll say: Remember when you couldn’t play this? Remember when I had to massage your shoulders? Well, you see, It was just a year, and you’re stronger than just a year.”

Sehun: “Six months? It’s fine, for now, we can focus on us. And once those six months are up, I promise I’ll play with you even though I don’t know how to and you’ll beat my ass at it. We’ll just laugh and look back. Alright? It’s fine. I’ll walk with you again." 

BYUN FREAKING BAEKHYUN YOU DIRTY PIECE OF FILTH! I will destroy you and your *sobs* perfect body! How dare you try and destroy my bias list by destroying your shirt???!!!!! I HAD AN ORGANIZED LIST ALL ALPHABETICAL AND COLOR CODED!!! BUT NOOOOO you have to shred all of my lists and resistance on those washboard abs leaving me as nothing but a pile of fan goo steaming on the floor.

I hate you.

But um feel free to make this a regular thing…

Exo Reactions To Their Already Skinny Girlfriend Going On A Diet

Here you go xo

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Baekhyun: *is concerned but hides it with humor* “But if you lose more weight, I won’t be able to see you anymore.”

Chanyeol: *doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to offend you but he’s super concerned*

Chen: “Are you serious right now?”

D.O.: “I think you’re beautiful no matter what, but if you think it will make you happy then go ahead.”

Kai: *as he’s shoving food in his mouth* “Food doesn’t make you fat, just look at me. I’m skinny & I eat like a pig. Come to the dance studio with me instead & we can work out together… Are you going to finish your chicken?”

Kris: “I don’t think so. I can’t let you do that, it wouldn’t be healthy.”

Lay: “Why does everyone say they’re on a diet when I cook dinner?”

Luhan: “That’s ridiculous. You’re perfect the way you are.”

Sehun: “As long as the booty doesn’t go anywhere, I’m fine with whatever.”

Suho: “I’m going to buy you the best, most delicious diet foods ever.”

Tao: *when you tell him you aren’t eating junk food anymore* “But… cake.”

Xiumin: “Are you testing me to see if I’ll call you fat? Because that’s not going to happen. You’re the most beautiful creature in the world.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

EXO reaction to you telling them they’re losers.

Xiumin: What the hell? 

Luhan: I’m amazing! 

Luhan: or naw.

Kris: My dancing skills aren’t good. I know. 

Kris: My dancing skills are great. 

Suho: I’m not a loser okay. I am fabulous!

Lay: Wait, what. I didn’t hear what you said. 


Baekhyun: I’m not a loser

Chen: *in a sarcastic tone*

Chanyoel: I thought we went over this.

DO: (gif)

Tao: You’re talking to the wrong person.

Kai: *knows it’s true, but must stay fierce.*

Sehun: I don’t think so.

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You should make a reaction of their jizz faces o3o

Challenge accepted!


Baekhyun; You think he gotta sneeze? Naaah, jizz face.

Chanyeol; Feeling the orgasm coming

Chen; A melodious moan escape as he comes

D.O.; Overdosed with pleasure

Kai; Drunk with ecstasy

Kris; Reaching the galaxy

Lay; Casually coming as he watches you riding him

Luhan; Has to bit his lip not to moan to loud

Sehun; You can almost feel his pleasure with him

Suho; Holds his breath for a second, just a small second

Tao; Short but intense

Xiumin; Heaven!


I hope you don’t mind, I wasn’t that inspired for the phrases XD as this is just jizz faces xD

Exo reacts to Baekhyun dating Taeyeon
  • Suho: Byun Baekhyun! I can't even- YOU BETTER NOT GET HER PREGNANT!
  • Sehun: *giggles*
  • Chanyeol: *Already busy with writing a serenade to Dara*
  • Xiumin: OK, so when a man and a woman.. No, it's all about the bees. Bees. And flowers. Goddamit, I can't do this, someone else teach this kid!
  • Chen: *wiggles eyebrows and throws condoms at baekhyun*
  • Kai: *stares intensely at D.O*
  • D.O: *ignores Kai*
  • Lay: Taeyeon? I thought you were dating Taehyun? Or was it Taeyang?
  • Tao: Ewwwww hyung, girls
  • Luhan: Talking about dating scandals, I heard Xiumin is dating someone...
  • Kris: Nice bro, scandals are my style
Kyungsoohh la la~

mysticmindsartisticlives said: “Could you do Exo’s reaction to Kyungsoo’s short shorts at the rehearsal before the concert in Chengdu? They had to be professional because they were practicing, but what were they really thinking?”

OMG. O.M.G…OH MAI GAWD!!! This request was hilarious thank you so much for sending me stuff! HONHONHON I had fun with this one~ I switched the orders a bit, but I hope you like it!! <3 (Ye be warned; loooong post ahead!)


*Doing his thang during rehearsals* “Ugh, why is it hotter than Kai doing the Baby Don’t Cry performance during the concert? Aha! SUN! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS! No matter- I know exactly how to deal with this heat! Fire cannot kill this penguin!!!” *rolls up shorts and struts around*


“So the exo-m unit gets to wear short sleeves, right? Then what about exo-k, it’s so hot today-” *catches sight of D.O. strutting them legs like there’s no tomorrow* 
“Well, well, well, never mind~” *starts imagining all of exo-k in similar shorts, and basically: The Baozi likes what the Baozi sees*


*Mutters to self* “First Xiuminnie strips, then Lay shows his unicorn abs…Chen is showing off his guns, all of them stripping on stage- what’s next?” *sees the fan-footage of the rehearsals*


“…K-Kyungsoo? Is that- no, it can’t be… MY SON! HOW YOU’VE GROWN! YOUR LEGS ARE LONGER NOW, RIGHT?! Look how cute and tan they are!” *incoherent cooing* (let’s face it, Kris always had a soft spot for the squishy)


“Yep! That is my boy, putting himself out there, getting a good healthy tan. I have raised him well, right? Right?!” *proud Joonma not even caring about professionalism*


*Mumbling to himself* “Is Kyungsoo-ah walking around in super short shorts?- I should focus on this choreo…” *keeps watching every time Kyungsoo walks by*
“Okay. That is it. I’m going to pat his butt!”


*Teasing the other members for staring at Kyungsoo* “You should hit all of them, D.O.-ah! Look at these perverts!”



“No way Kyungsoo would do it, he’s the dark lord of the night, he hates sunlight- WHOOP THERE IT IS! He actually did it!” *laughs in mirth*


*In the middle of rapping when he sees Kyungsoo do something so out of character. He tries to stay professional and continues his rapping, unaware that he suddenly started to freestyle*
“Tto dareun neukdaedeuri bolsera-, how did you roll em up so high, yo, Kyungsoo-ah? I never knew you liked to show off them legs like a fashionshooooow! Your legs are long but you are short, how? This I must knoooow!” *Squishysoo immediately puts the fear of God in him*


“OH MY GOD! I cannot believe he actually listened to the fake fashion advice I gave him! It was a joke, Kyungsoo-ah!! Oh please, don’t come to China to kick my butt…”


“I am totally being a professional. There is nothing not professional by looking at your hyungs to see how they do things… Are you sure that’s D.O.-hyung? Did Baek-hyung spike his water?” *maknae can’t help but stop and stare*


*On the outside* “Hahaha, hyung is so silly, look at you parading around like that! Come on, we have to work, this is important! How do you dance with your shorts up like that, exposing all of the skin on your legs?”

*On the inside* “MUST. PROTECT. HYUNG. FROM. OTHERS. AT. ALL. COSTS. Don’t freaking try anything, hyung!!!”

*deeper on the inside* “Why must you torture me so, hyung? Just wait until rehearsals are over!” *enter dirty thoughts*


"Ahhh sweet mother of coolness, this is a lot better!”

“…Why are all these idiots staring at me?”

“Better hit Baekhyun- I’m sure he deserved it for something…”

“At least Jonginnie is normal~”

“Yep. Totally normal~ OuO” *secretly rolls shorts up higher*

Exo reaction when they accidentally see you in your underwear

Xiumin: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’re here!”

Luhan: “Hehe, I didn’t see anything, I promise.”

Kris: “I said I need to take something  and I’ll go out, but no you had to throw pillows at me”

Suho:  “It’s ok if I see you in bikini but not in you underwear? What’s the difference?”

Lay: “Don’t throw thing on me I’m out I’m sorry!”

Baekhyun: “Girl, nice bra”

Chen: “You should have closed the door, I know you wanted me to see you like this.”

Chanyeol: *After walking into the room that  you were changing in*

*Good thing that she didn’t see me*

D.O: *Don’t look, Don’t look, oops I looked”




Okay sorry

Y/N: Go! Out! 

Sehun: “This is my room also I can stay if I want to”

Anonymous: When Exo M walk in on you and you're naked

Hi, could you do a reaction when exo m walk in on you ‘accidentally’ and you’re naked, thanks :D

Cheeky anon, no judgment;)

Xiumin - “Don’t mind me jagi, just carry on with what you’re doing…”

Luhan - “W-Woah…I…Damnn…”

Kris - 

Lay - *mumbles* “This girl is just…perfect”

Chen - 

Tao - *Tao-ness intensifies*