luhan's smile at him is so precious

Good Girl Ch 27: Birthday Pt 2

“Come on Taotao,” The older teases, sheading his winter jacket and rolling up the sleeves on his button up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him looking so hot. “Do it for our baby, she wants to see her daddies in action.”

Tao sighs and closes his eyes for a minute as if silently praying, “Okay, lets do this.”

“That was awesome!” I cheer from where I was placed before the fight began. The fight ends, Tao has his hands up in surrender, his chest is heaving, and sweat is dripping down his face. Lay is in the same sweaty state, both of them looking absolutely sexy. I would have never thought Lay would be so good at boxing, it feels so out of place with his warm nature. There fighting styles are so different and it showed as the fought each other, Tao was flipping around doing all sorts of cool wushu moves while Lay goes right into with his fists up.

“I’m happy you enjoyed it,” Tao laughs as he flops to the ground.

“Are you okay?” I worry as I rush over to crouch down by him.

He pats my head, “I’m fine baby, its just been awhile since I had a good fight like that.”

Lay chuckles behind me, “Aw yes, the good old foot solider days when we actually used to use our skills.” I want to ask about it but I know it will tense everyone up. They make vague jokes, leaving out any gruesome details, I sit back and enjoy watching their playfulness.

“You guys should get going, I don’t want to hear Kyungsoo hyung complaining that you kept her longer because of me,” Tao stands up.

Lay nods and grabs my hand to lead me back into the bathroom where I’m changed back into my jeans and sweater. After I have my winter wear on Lay drags me back out into the cold, our arms locked the small walk to a salon. I raise my brow at the sight of such a fancy salon. Walking in I’m not surprised to find it empty like all the other places I’ve been today. There are two hairstylists waiting past the lobby standing by one of the chairs. Lay takes my jacket and scarf before discarding his own and taking a seat in the chair next to mine.

“What would you like us to do?” One of the women nervously asks Lay.

His soft eyes are focused on me, “I’ll let her decide.” She looks at me expectantly.

“I’ve always wanted to dye my hair,” I answer honestly. I’m not surprised when she looks back at him for approval, he nods with a soft smile on his face.

“You will look beautiful.” He smiles softly at me.

“What makes you so sure? They could fry my hair and I could become bald,” I tease, but end up making the women tense, afraid of his answer.

He chuckles, “You would still be absolutely beautiful. Though one of these women might loose a finger or two for making you upset.”

“Oppa!” I swat at the man as he laughs. We both sit there and watch as the women go about bleaching all of my black locks. My hand latches on to Lay’s when they apply the bleach to my scalp. I can’t help but stomp my feet and curl my toes at the burning sensation going on, on the top of my head. He can only sit back and watch with irritation, his mouth set in a line, and I can tell he wishes he would have picked something for me. “Talk to me to distract me.”

“What is your favorite movie?” He asks randomly.

I try to ignore the burning pain and think of an answer, “Daisy.”

He nods, “I have that in my room, we should watch it later this week.”

“Where is your favorite place to go?” I ask, figuring we were going to play 20 questions.

“Home,” He smiles, “At least when you’re there, if not, I’m not sure anymore.”

I roll my eyes at him.

“What do you do with Jiyong hyung?” I’m surprised he asks me that, they never asks me distinctly what we do, just if I had fun, was he nice, should they be worried?

“We go out to dinner and talk,” I answer honestly.

“Just talk? For the last two months all you guys do for three hours is talk?”

I nod, “My life hasn’t always been exciting but I have some stories and you can already guess he does too. Are you nervous that I’m going to be gone for a whole weekend?”

“I’m beyond nervous. I want to scream, I want to cry, I’m starting to reconsider Chanyeol’s proposal to start a war.”

“No war,” I deadpan.

He huffs, “I don’t know how you expect us to do when another man demands your attention for a whole weekend. I’ve never gotten you to myself for that long, none of us have. He gets you for three hours every week.”

“And you get to share a bed with me every twelve days. You get to hold me, hug me, make love to me, all things he doesn’t get.” He tries not to smile at my words, but I can tell he’s satisfied with my answer.

“Are you nervous?” He stares at me.

I shrug, “I enjoy talking to Jiyong. But I have to admit I’m scared to spend so much time with him, I don’t know what we’ll be doing. I haven’t been away from you guys for more than 12 hours since I’ve known you, it’s a bit nerve racking.”

“If at anytime you want to go home, you call us. We will get to you as soon as possible and get you out of there.”

“Thank you guys so much for taking such good care of me,” I smile at him. He leans over and kisses me softly. I look at myself in the mirror, I can already see the lighter hair peeking out from the tin foil on my head. “I feel like I’m going to scare Soo.”

“He will be in awe.”

“You need to calm down with your sweet talking today.”

“It’s your birthday, I want to give you so much attention and make you so embarrassed your whole body will be red.” I click my tongue at him, looking away to hide the blush already creeping across my face. After a while longer the dye is washed out of my hair revealing my new blonde hair, a few shades lighter than Xiumin’s. The women dry it and style it nicely, I give them a sweet thank you, and get out of the chair. I’m surprised when Lay helps me put my coat and stuff back on. Noticing my confusion he is nice enough to explain, “I’m bringing you to him.”

Our gloved fingers entwine as he leads me out back into the cold. I don’t know how they were able to plan all of this so quickly. We only decided that they would each get me for an hour on Sunday, yet they were able to make a schedule, duel out who gets me when, and than get everything they need to together. I’m very impressed by them like usual. We find ourselves stepping into a nice restaurant and I suddenly feel very under dressed to be here. Lay leads me threw the empty restaurant to the kitchen where we find Soo dressed in nice dress pants, a white button up and black apron.

I giggle at the sight, “Daddy! You look so cute!” Soo cracks a cute smile, his eyes focused on the pot of food in front of him.

“I’ll be going but I’ll see you at dinner,” Lay whispers in my ear before kissing me.

“Thank you for the new hair,” I wave to him as he leaves out the kitchen door. At my words Soo’s head pops up, his big eyes open wider than I’ve ever seen.

“Your hair,” His mouth hangs open.

My heart drops, “Do you not like it?” I play with a wave, twirling it around my finger.

He automatically drops the spoon he was using to stir the food and comes over to me, he cups my face before kissing my softly, “I’m sorry, I love it. I was just shocked.”


He nods with one of those beautiful heart shaped smiles on his face, “I love everything about you.”

“I love you too,” I gave him a small peck. “What’s for lunch?” I wonder wandering over to the massive amount of food he has going on the stove. He pulls me away from the stove, placing my on the one of the counters away from the boiling pots.

He tells me what I’ve already heard today, “It’s a surprise.”

“Of course,” I chuckle. With that smile on his face he continues to stare at me for a few more seconds, “What?”

“You’re just so beautiful,” He coos.

I flick his forehead, “What is with you guys today? I know it’s my birthday but is all the fluffiness really needed? Stop with all the staring.”

“I can’t help it. I just want to stare at you all day. I’m jealous that Kai and Sehun get to stare at you during class.”

“You should stare at your food, it’s boiling over.” I laugh as he panics and rushes off to save whatever is in the pot.

I sit back and watch him cook, something I’ve grown to find incredibly attractive, especially when he’s doing it so cutely. He walks from counter to counter adding in vegetables, meat, and all sorts of spices, most of which I didn’t even know existed. When he is done he dishes the food up beautifully, I can barely get myself it eat it when he puts it down on the table that he sat me at in the dining room. But after a five-minute argument on how he will make it for me again if I eat it, I obey and happily stuff my face.

He eats slower, I can feel his eyes on me the whole time we are eating. We talk about silly things, cooking, and school, and I feel totally at peace with him. Our hour flies by quickly and before I know it there is a tall blond on my right picking at the leftovers on my plate and giving Soo a compliment.

“That isn’t for you,” Soo scolds the older.

“Excuse me for trying to appreciate your delicious cooking,” Kris sticks his tongue out at him.

“What are we going to be doing? It’s not physical right?” I sigh holding my full belly.

“We were going to go ice skating but after a talk with Chen I convinced Luhan to let me take his option and he’s going to share time with Xiumin hyung.”

I nod, “So what are we doing?”



“This is ridiculous,” I groan form inside the dressing room.

Kris chuckles on the other side, “Come on baby, let daddy see.” I sigh before stepping out of the dressing room to show him the frilly pink dress he had picked out for me. It’s straight off a doll I swear to god. I can usually handle girly clothes but this is just ridiculous. He gives me a massive smile, “You look precious.”

“I’m not wearing this, even for you guys,” I stomp back into the dressing room. I scan the other just as ridiculous dresses before finding one that isn’t too bad. I pull on the cute red dress that puffs out at where it ends at my thigh, and I’m quiet disappointed in its girly cuteness. Peeking back out I find Kris with his eyes fixed on my door, his eyes light up at the sight of me.

“I knew you would like that one,” He snickers as he stands up to get a closer look. His large hands start at my shoulder before sliding down my arms. They find their way back up to cup my face, his eyes scan ever inch of me before he leans in for a not so innocent kiss. I push myself up on my tip toes to try and get more contact with the giant. Noticing my struggle he chuckles into the kiss, his arms reach down and pick me up so my legs are around his waist.

“We can’t do this here,” I grumble in between kisses.

“Aw, come on baby,” The giant whines cutely, “Just a few more kisses.”

I huff, “Fine, a few more kisses.” I should say no, I should really stop this wandering hands and hot aggressive lips but I’m enjoying it way too much. We are interrupted by someone clearing their throat, looking in the direction of the noise we find a old man awkwardly staring at the ground.

“What the hell do you want?” He growls, shifting so my disheveled appearance is hidden.

Peaking around Kris I can see the poor old man shaking under Kris’s glare, “There is a someone outside demanding to see you. I tried to tell them to leave but they wouldn’t listen.” Kris looks back to me, places one more soft kiss on my lips before letting me down.

“Let them in,” He snaps and the man rushes off. “I’m sorry baby, we will just have to continue this later. Please wait in the dressing room,” His request is too late when a familiar man steps into the back of the boutique.

“Hello again,” The blond man from the office is standing there staring at us, who am I kidding his eyes are fixed on me. Seunghyun, that’s what Jiyong calls him, smiles softly at me but my alarms are screaming and I find myself hiding behind Kris.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Kris snarls.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to cause any trouble. So stop it with that glare, I’m not allowed to touch the girl, boss man’s orders,” He chuckles causally, but his joking does nothing to ease the tension. His tongue clicks at us, “I just came give my best wishes to such a beautiful birthday girl. And a gift of course.” There’s something just so unnerving about his smile, he reaches into his jacket to grab something. Kris reacts automatically, pulling a gun out from behind his back and pointing it at the man; how long has that been there? Seunghyun chuckles once again, “No worries friend, it’s just a card.” Like he said he pulls out a golden envelope with my name scrawled on the back. “It’s a gift from me and the others who are just dying to meet you. Jiyong speaks so highly of you.”

“We want nothing to do with it,” Kris spits.

“It would be rude not to accept it,” I say softly, looking suspiciously at the man. He smiles at me, I can tell from the look in his eyes that he thinks I’m a fool, a whore, easy prey. So I give him a small smile in return, stepping out from behind Kris to accept the card with two hands.

“You look lovely,” He compliments. When his phone rings in his pocket he hold up his finger to me before answering, “Yes Boss?” there is a pause while Jiyong speaks on the other side. “I’m delivering mine and other other’s gift to your favorite person.”

I’m not one bit surprised when he hands me his phone with an almost terrified expression, “Hello?”

“Hello Beautiful,” I can hear the smile in Jiyong’s voice.

“What can I do for you?”

“It’s the first Tuesday I haven’t seen you since we met, I miss you. I want to wish you a very happy birthday, make sure to have some fun now that you’re 18 but be careful.”

“Thank you oppa, I’ve got to go, I don’t have much more time with Kris.”

“I’ll talk to you on Friday, my hyung wasn’t rude to you at all was he?”

“He is fine, bye oppa,” I hand the phone back to an aw struck Seunghyun. “Thank you so much for the card but I don’t have much time left with my oppa.”

He nods, “Sorry for interrupting.” I surprised when he bows to be before leaving with the old man in tow. Looking back at Kris I can tell I’m no the only one surprised.

“Do you know what that was about?” I ask him.

“The whole thing was weird. Why did you take the card?” He looks down at me, obviously mad. “You’ll make him think you are buddies, you don’t want to be anywhere near a guy like that.”

“I’m hoping he thinks we are friends.”


I cut him off, “I know he is dangerous, he set off my alarms. I just don’t want him to know that I know he is bad news.”


I look up at him, “I could tell from the way he was looking at me that he is up to no good. He thinks I’m an idiot so I’m going to continue to let him think that. I prefer to have people estimate me.”

“I’m impressed, but I’m still mad. Don’t think about stuff like this, you are a baby, remember that.”

I nod, placing my heads on his chest and going up on my tip toes for a peck, “Of course, I’m sorry. So I’m guessing it’s pointless to ask who the others are who gave me this card?”

“Jiyong hasn’t told you about them?”

“He never uses details like people or places. I only know about Seunghyun because I asked about him.”

He nods, “You’ll probably meet the other three this weekend, they aren’t as bad as Seunghyun, they follow Jiyong without question. Seunghyun on the other land likes to cause trouble but is always loyal, which is why hyung keeps him a round.”

“What about the whole bowing thing? That only happens when I’m with Jiyong and I’m pretty sure they are only bowing to him.”

“He’s showing his respect, I could tell he was surprised by how causal you were being with hyung. Regardless for how much an asshole he is, he is very loyal. I think he is realizing that Jiyong didn’t claim you as a fuck toy but as a, um, companion.”

“What was Seunghyun hyung doing here?” Sehun growls when he comes into the boutique.

“He wanted to give our baby a card,” Kris explains pulling the card out of my hands.

“Did he touch you?” Sehun grabs my shoulders and scans me from head to toe.

“Do you really think I would let him touch her?” Kris slaps his hands away from me.

“Sorry Hyung, that guy just always gives me the creeps,” The younger visibly shivers. “You should go change so we can go.” I nod obediently before sneaking back into the dressing room to dress myself for once today. On the other side of the door I can hear the hum of their voices, whispering mostly likely about whatever is in the envelope the blond man gave me.

Coming out of the room I’m greeted wit a kiss to my head, “Your new hair looks beautiful” Sehun smiles down at me before stepping away to let Kris give me a goodbye kiss.

“We will need to finish what I started later,” He says in between pecks.

Smirking I say, “Maybe tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? What about tonight?” He pouts.

“I’m not picking until tonight but I have good idea of who it’s going to be.” Since it’s my birthday they gave me the option of who I want to have birthday sex with.

“I swear to god if it’s Xiumin, I’m going to kill someone.”

I laugh, “It’s a surprise.”

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Hi there! I was hoping to request an exo react to their s/o jamming out and dancing to one of the solo songs made by the three that left. (Like singing to 'Lu' by Luhan or etc) - 😁❤️ Hopeful anon

Ah~ I was really excited when I saw this request—thank you for requesting! I hope this is what you were looking for~


You sit in the living room, scrolling through your playlist when you decide on playing one of your favourite songs—the song that never fails to put you in a carefree mood.

“I got that good good, I got that got that good good.” You nod your head along to the annoyingly catchy lyrics. Looking over your shoulder, you see Baekhyun sporting his wide beagle-like grin.

“Ah~” He muses, “That old hyung still has it in him, huh?”

Throwing himself onto the couch next to you, he glances over to sneak a peek at your lengthy playlist, nodding along to the music.


Chanyeol pulls your wrist through the small boutique you both were shopping at, looking for new clothes to purchase for Jongin’s birthday. Once he settles down with all the mindless chatter, you immediately notice a familiar beat in the air.

“I got that good good.” You sing along to the song, doing a small freestyle dance.

Chanyeol spins around on his heel to look at you, chuckling to himself when he realizes you’re familiar and a fan of his hyung’s song. He decides to join you, waving your shopping bags in the air.


You relax your legs in the car, Jongdae focused entirely on trying to guide himself to the restaurant where you two were to meet up with the rest of the beagle line. Turning on the radio, you without hesitation, notice the song playing. He glances over at you, and noticing your widened eyes, grins to himself as he proceeds to turn up the volume. You roll the windows down, mindlessly singing along.

He nudges you, “Why don’t you show that much enthusiasm to my songs, jagi?”

“Show some respect to your hyung!” You retort playfully.


You scroll down your playlist, looking for a song to listen to while you cook dinner. Instantly, you click on Luhan’s “That Good Good”. Turning up the volume, you begin to chop some celery when Kyungsoo walks in, his eyes wide.

“What’s up, Kyungsoo?” You ask, your eyes locking with his.

He smiles his wide smile, “I just find it cute how you’re a fan of Lu-hyung.”
You chuckle as he takes a knife from the kitchen, helping you chop the vegetables for dinner.


“Jagi,” Jongin yells from across the room, “Can you play a random song? The guys back at the dorm are hosting a freestyle dance-off and I need to practice.”
You nod, clicking the shuffle button on your phone. Immediately, you laugh to yourself when the song begins playing.

“I got that good good.” You sing along. Jongin grabs you by your wrist and seats you on the couch.

“Jagi, I know you got that good good, no need to remind me.” He murmurs, closing the distance between your lips.


“Yifan,” You call out his name, “Get your ass over here.”

Lazily, he looks up from his phone, taking off his shades. “What do you need?”
Blasting the song from your phone, you almost choke when you see his eyes widen in surprise. Wanting to see more of that precious expression, you throw together a goofy freestyle dance behind the kitchen island.

He snorts, “That song’s about me, not you.”


“Baobei,” Yixing pokes your shoulder, “I’m bored. Can you play a song so I can try playing it?”

You giggle, nodding. Your finger instantly clicks on Luhan’s song, “That Good Good”. Directing your eyes over to him, you feel your lips form a smile as you notice his confused expression.
“Isn’t this Luhan ge-ge’s song?” He asks, dazed, “What does it mean?”
You nudge him playfully, “Hey! You wanted me to play a song!”


“Y/N,” Luhan screams from across the room, “I’m writing a song and I don’t know how it should sound. Play me a song so I can compare.”
You bite your lip. Laughing inside, you tap on his song, “That Good Good”.

He turns around from his computer desk, raising his eyebrows. “This song will definitely be very good good.”

You roll your eyes, “Your sense of humour makes me concerned.”

“And that song will be about you.” He retorts, running to pull you into an embrace.


“Jagi, come over here.” Junmyeon calls out, motioning for you to take a seat next to him at the computer desk. “I wanna show you some old pictures.”

You take a seat next to him as he shows you pictures of his old friends, the old days of EXO. He point each member out, telling you about how they were on tour, how much they meant to him.

“And this is Luhan-hyung.” He presses his lips together, “He was so nice to be around—I heard his career is really taking off.”

You nod, playing the song. He looks at you, asking if this is his hyung. Nodding, you watch him as he continues looking through old pictures.


“Sehun.” You take a seat next to him on the couch, “You remember your old hyungs, right?”
He nods, not looking away from his phone. “Yeah, what about them?”

You click on the song, waiting for a reaction. He looks up from his phone.

“Is this Luhan-hyung?” He asks, confused.

“Yeah.” You confirm, “It’s a great song, isn’t it?”

You watch as he nods, “I downloaded it a few months ago—you’re late on the hype, jagi.”


“Zitao,” You say, seated at the couch. “You got to listen to this song.”

“What is it?” He asks softly, curious. “What song?”

Smiling brightly, you click on Luhan’s “That Good Good”.

“Ah!” He exclaims, “Lu-ge has been doing so well lately! I hope he’s taking care of himself.”
You nod, “Isn’t it a great song?”
He takes your phone, “It is, but I like is song, ‘Lu’ much more.”


“You have to listen to this song.” You demand softly, nestling your head in the crook of his neck. “It’s a really catchy song and I can’t get it out of my head.”
Minseok raises an eyebrow, “Play it then.”
You click on the song as you watch Minseok’s expression. “Who sings this?”
“One of your old friends.”
You watch him as he thinks long and hard before finally realizing, “Ah! Luhan! I hope he’s doing well.”

EXO M as Yanderes :
  • Xiumin : / The overprotective type \ Maybe it’s bc he’s one of the oldest, but he felt the need to protect you from everything and anything , every time you fall he would be there to catch you , if you cut yourself he would take care of  you like you were a doll…His doll. Sometimes it really makes you feel like you couldn’t take care of yourself but all he would answer is “ I just don’t want my precious baby to be hurt . I would always be there to protect you ,don’t worry love I’m here now ”

*In Yandere mode : One day you come at him crying because one of your ‘friend’ had beat you up out of jealousy bc of how caring Xiumin was with you…As you told him everything his jay tightened as he hug you close planning his revenge . After you fall asleep , he would go to your ‘friend’ house and give her what she deserves , even if she was a girl he couldn’t care less about that … “You hurt someone really precious to me…Now I’m gonna make sure you remember this forever.” (let’s just say she would never bother you again ) 

  • Luhan : / The cute but jealous type \ He wanted you to think only of him , that’s why he would say sweet words in your ear , doing cute faces bc he knows how much you love cute things so he wanted to be cute for you . He loves the way you would blush as he complimented you and calling you cutie , the way you smile at him like he was the only person in the world.You were his world and soon enough he would be yours. “Cutie !!!! Where are you ? Oh.. You’re out with friends ? Girls ? Boys ?? Come back right now. No huh ? Ok, I’m coming then. “ 

*In Yandere mode : When you told him you have a boyfriend he would be shook  at first… You were with a guy that wasn’t him ? Unbelievable. You were his to have , why would you want another man ? He could give you everything you wanted . In front of you he plays it cool like he didn’t care but when he meets your boyfriend he just couldn’t bear the fact that you had chosen this bast**d and not him. “So you’re her ‘boyfriend’ huh ? I don’t like you , you don’t deserve her ! (YN) break up with him, can’t you see you’re too good for him !? “ 

  • Chen : / The kind and innocent type \ This boy was head over heels for you , all he could think of was you , all he talks about was you , he needed to see you every day and if you were sick, he would take care of you just like a brother would , yes for you he was the big brother everyone would dream of and you felt lucky to have him by your side… Little did you know what was hidden behind his innocent smile :))) “I’m on my way to your house , I bring your favorite chocolate bar and your favorite film so we can watch it together ^^ No don’t worry you never bother me ^^ “

*In Yandere mode : Because you consider him like your family , you always tell him everything , just like today… As you told him about your crush on this guy you meet on social media he wouldn’t say anything , he was lost.. How could you be in love with some random guy you don’t even know in real life after everything he’ve done for you. “Oops I accidentally break your phone and your computer ! I’m so sorry.. You can use mine if you want :)) “ 

  • Tao : / The showing-off type\ He wanted you to see him as the perfect guy , people call him a show-off , but it was all for your eyes only , he didn’t care about all the other girls . He only wanted you to be his and to see how perfect he was for you . When you hurt yourself by falling or anything he would come at you and hold you bridal style all day long and if you try to walk he would just hold you tight. “No you don’t bother me darling ;)) Do you see these muscle ? I can hold you for days if you want” *showing-off level 54 ^^ *  

*In Yandere mode :  who does this guy think he’s to take your beautiful eyes off him huh ? If he’s searching for an ass kicking he just find it bc there’s no way he’s gonna make it without a little souvenir . He looks at you as you only pay attention to this boy and all he could feel was jealousy . When you come at him telling him what the guy told you , his only answer was “isn’t it too ridiculous ? The way he tried to show his non existent skills ? Don’t talk to him ever again. “ 

  • Kris : / The flirty type \ Back hugs , kiss on the neck , leaving hickeys on your neck , whispering in your ears…. That was daily things for him to do to you and you thought it was his way to show that he likes you as a friend , you never think of it as more than this . Yes, he was such a flirt to most of girls,but with you it was different , you were so much more than just another girl he flirts with . He felt the need to mark you every time he sees you . The way he touches you wasn’t enough… He knew that one day it won’t be enough anymore. And he couldn’t wait for you to be his. “What ? I leave a hickey on your neck ? Sorry love you’re just so beautiful I couldn’t resist ;)) “ 

*In Yandere mode : Because you never take him seriously , today he was going to prove you he wasn’t kidding when he told you he wanted you. As you make your way to your house , a hand suddenly grabs your wrist and push you against the wall of an empty alley… Your eyes wide, you scan the man in front of you and saw it was Kris. He looked you in the eyes as he makes his way to your neck , leaving a hickey once more , surprised you tried to push him away ,but his grip on you tightened more to the point it hurt. “I’m sorry, but I can’t hold myself back no more , I want you , don’t resist love I’m not gonna hurt you don’t be scared babe “

  • Lay : / The caring but violent type \ Around you he smile and laugh at every joke you make bc of how cute you were he couldn’t bear to see you sad, so he stay by your side all the time, carrying your books , doing helping with your homeworks , holding your umbrella for you ect…. Little attentions that you were very thankful for so you tried help him just the way he help you by kissing his cheeks , hugging him , holding his hands ect… Things you know he likes , that was your way to say ‘thanks’ and he was more than happy with it :)) “Here, let me carry your books for you :)) , Are you cold ? Here, take my jacket ^^ “

*In Yandere mode : When he saw you being bullied that day , his sweet smile disappears in a second as he saw the guy leaning into you while you shake in fear , tears streaming down your face… He runs faster than he never did before and grab the man by his shoulder pushing him down on the ground . If eyes could kill this man would be 3 feet under the ground right now . He turns around to face you and wraps his arms around your shaking body as he whispers in your ear to run home. He didn’t want you to see what was coming next bc it wasn’t pretty at all…. “You make my girl cry now pay the consequences pig “ 

I do hope you enjoy ^^ Don’t hesitate to leave requests or anything :)) I don’t bite ;) (I’m French so I apology for my mistakes guys */////* ) 

I love y’all xx.

Luhan - One

A/N: My first Luhan scenario! I am so happy… except I feel like this scenario is all over the place.

masterlist // get to know me

     You were lying down, asleep, on your couch as Luhan arrived in your apartment. His heart melts at the sight of you peacefully sleeping. He moves closer to you, careful to not make any sound, not wanting to disturb you from your sleep.

     As he comes closer to you, he notices pictures scattered on the coffee table in front of you and a single empty frame. Luhan recognizes his and your face in the photos, most of them were from your dates and a few were stolen photos of him.

     Luhan picks up one of the candid photos you took of him. He was in awe by the quality of the photograph. You were a photographer and had a habit of taking unnoticed photos of Luhan. He was just so magical to you, always smiling ad laughing.

     A smile creeps in his face as he flips the photo around. There was note behind it, written in your handwriting.

     He looks like an angel. Why is he always smiling? What makes him so happy all the time? If there even is a reason to it… Lu, I love you so much. Your smile puts away my troubles and fears and all I know is you… truly an angel.


     Your face was filled with confusion as you look up at him. Luhan was shocked at first, not expecting you to wake up when he was so silent.

“How’d you know I was here, jagiya?” He asks, setting down the photographs on the coffee table and kneeling down beside the couch.

     You were silent for a moment, just staring at him, taken aback by his intense stare.

“I just did… I felt like something good was here,” you say, smiling at him, not realizing what really was the reason you knew why he was here.

     Luhan nods to your reply, “Maybe there is.” He leans in and kisses you slowly and sweetly. Something you haven’t had and felt in a long time.

     His lips were warm and soft on yours, filling you with an unexplainable feeling of comfort, home, and love. You couldn’t quite choose what was the exact feeling.

     When he pulls away, there was a small smile on his face. Luhan stared at you for a few seconds before ickly turning around and grabbing the pictures and the picture frame you laid out on the coffee table.

“What are these for?” He asks, glancing through the numerous photographs he held in his hand.

“I’m choosing a picture to put in the frame.” You answer simply, taking the frame away from him.

     As you held it, you remembered the task you had to finish until you dozed off and grumbled. You were supposed to choose a photo to place in the frame, but you couldn’t choose the perfect photo.

     You watched Luhan flip through the photographs and see each photo you took of him and of both of you, each beautiful and unique… the reason why you couldn’t choose a single photograph.

“Why don’t I help you, jagi?” He offers, looking at the pictures by detail.

     You sit down beside him on the floor and grab a few photos from the table and glance through them too. Many of which were pictures of the two of you laughing. Happy smiles and dazzling eyes were in each picture, making none stand out, until you landed upon one photo.

     It was a photo of you and him hugging each other and looking into each other. Luhan stood taller than you and looked down at you as you looked up at him. A soft smile was on his lips while a blush was evident on yours. It was clearly a candid photo that was taken through a timer when no one was around to take a photo of you and him… and it was so precious and pure. It was not planned out nor faked. It was just pure love and connection between you too.

“Jagiya, are you alright?” Luhan asks as he wiped away a stray tear from your face. You didn’t notice you teared up while looking at the photo.

“I think I found the perfect photo, Lu.” You say, carefully placing the photograph into the frame and on the coffee table.

You sat back down on the floor with Luhan who was smiling at you, “I just realized that love isn’t just about two people in love with each other. It’s about two people becoming one.

[LuMin/XiuHan] “UNFAIR” Song



LOL YOU TWO ’RE SO UNFAIR  (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻ 

When I read the lyrics, I wonder if the song-writer want to reveal Xiuhan story.

“When you smile at me like that
it’s so hard for me to pretend like it’s nothing”

we all know about Luhan’s special gaze with Minseok

and how precious smile Minseok gave Luhan only

“I bet if my friends saw me they’d curse me out,
seeing me act and talk like this”

When they were together, it was their own world and no need anyone else

So let’s talk about their same age ‘chingu’ Galaxy style Yifan instead muahahaha

Someone please give him a spaceship to get off this fu*king sweetie couple and return his mother planet~

“Pulling me in and letting me go
while I’m just getting more and more lost in you
is just so cruel”

He ‘s so serious

don’t flirt, don’t play that deer Minseok ah!!!

“I think my trembling will let you know more clearly than any words could.
Nothing else is important.

“As time passes I’m just calling you again”

Ofcourse it have to be Minseok, just Minseok

“I know this is strange,
but don’t talk back and just listen to me”

“Am I just selfish? (What do you think?)
Is me wanting to be the only one to see
your eyes and nose and lips greedy of me?”

Yeah, only look at him

only hug him

only kiss him

only choose him

only love him

“…be my love,
we’ve had coffee together every day (my baby, yeah)”

“…be my love,
we talked on the phone a long time each night”

“It’s about time for you to fall for me”

“oh baby, falling,  let’s fall in love”.

I also found the perfect match between some lines of songs EXO - Sing For You, On The Snow and Lu Han - Our Tomorrow, Promise,… I hope someone could mash up the songs, Your Song & Sing For You (”Babe it’s your songgg~” - “I’ll sing for youuu..~”), or On The Snow & Our Tomorrow - Promise, Unfair & Deep,… or all of them. It’s must be beautiful melody.

Faking It

6. “Explain to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”

Pairing: Reader x Luhan


“Explain to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” Luhan whispered, glaring around to the unknown people. You twisted the faking wedding band around your finger. You were tired of having to explain to him.

“Okay. I may or may not have told my cousin I was married because I was jealous she was getting married.” You whispered back. Luhan whined. “Why did it have to be me tho?”

You tapped his knee with your finger as people began to quiet down.

“I would like to have everyone’s attention please.” A older man stood before the crowd. Everyone began to find a seat and quiet down.

The man trailed off about the beauty of marriage, and each second of it the tension between you and Lu grew a little more. You brought him here because he was the only guy friend you wouldn’t feel completely awkward with. And deep down, you had sort of a crush on him.

A piano began to harmonize and everyone turned to watch the bridesmaids walk through the isle. You scoffed quietly at the men linked to their arms. Seriously, how come you could never find anyone?

The ceremony continued, and eventually your cousin was standing under a beautiful ark with one hunk of a man. They shared their vows, kissing rather lovingly.

You’re cousin found you and Luhan. Luhan spotted her walking your way, and quickly slid his fingers through yours. You looked at him strangely.

“Y/n! It’s so nice to see you!” She chimed. Gosh, her voice was annoying.

“So this is the guy you were talking about. I didn’t actually believe your when you said you were married.” She chuckled. You glanced at Luhan. He could tell what you meant just by your face.

“Hi, I’m Luhan.” He reached out to shake her hand. She gladly took it, smiling at him.

“So where did you two meet?”

Luhan gave your fingers a squeeze, and you kept your lips sealed so he could do the talking.

Luhan cleared his throat. “A friend hooked us up.” You bit your cheek at the cringe worthy lie. “He set us up for a blind date and I knew just then she was the one.”

Thank god Luhan was an actor. He barely pulled that one off. You thought he sold it with the romantic kiss to your knuckles.

“How precious. Well, I’m gonna go get another drink.” She hopped up, walking away. Once you both knew she was gone, you glanced at each other and started laughing uncontrollably.

“‘I knew just then she was the one..’” you mocked, wheezing and pushing him backwards. “Whatever, you loved it.” Luhan giggled. The mood quickly died down and you exhaled.

“You know, I really like pretending to be your husband.” Luhan said, reaching his hand back to rub his neck awkwardly. His finger intertwined with yours, and this time you knew it wasn’t because someone was coming.

“Do you wanna go see a movie with me tomorrow?” He asked, squeezing your hand as he felt it begin to sweat. You smiled, glancing up at him.

“Yeah, that sounds really fun.”


Exo Reaction to You performing Ailee’s ‘U&I’ and comming sitting on their lap [...]

Thank you, I like your request ^3^


Baekhyun: He watches you with excitement in his eyes when suddenly you come closer to him and sit on his lap, still singing when suddenly the high part comes up and you give it all you can. He’s confused, happy and amazed at once.


Chanyeol: He’s confused at first, and startled when you randomly sit on his lap, singing the song like nothing happened, but when you hit the high note he just applauded and whispered into your ear loud enough that you could hear
“Woah, you did such a perfect job~”


Chen: He freaked out when you sat on his lap, but then laughed quietly to himself, you looked straight into his eyes as you sang, and his eyes widened as you nailed the high note


D.O: Awkwardly tries not to look in your eyes while you’re on his lap, embarrassed from the public skinship. He peaks at you from time to time, when you are coming to the high note, he looks at you more confidently as if he was waiting for this moment


Kai: Kai was enjoying everything like a little kid, proud of the talent you have, when you suddenly come closer, he was a little shy, but still happily watched you sing with passion. The high note made him apploud really hard, you’re his idol number 1 after all. After everything he just whispered in your ear
“I’m so proud of you”


Kris: He was relaxing in his seat, watching you very closely, his arms crossed as he was smirking at you. When you came closer to him and sat on his lap, he kept looking at you, as if nothing happened, though his smile looked more awkward than before and he looked slightly surprised. When you seductively ended the high note, he applouded with the rest of the audience, feeling more proud than ever


Lay: Got shy as soon as you sat on his lap, he didn’t expect you to do something like this, he just laughed quietly to himself, and stared at the floor until you nailed the high note, and he smiled to you


Luhan: Enjoys the show all the time, feels super manly when you decide to come closer to sit on his lap and sing for him, looking stright into his eyes, though he started making faces which nearly made you giggle, but you stopped yourself, and still flawlessly sang, even the high note


Sehun: You weren’t sure if it’s a good idea to sit on this little devil’s lap, but you decided to do so anyways, just to make him at least a little embarrassed for all the jokes he made earlier for you. To your surprise, he had talked to Luhan just a moment earlier and started mimicking you, annoying you so hard that you barely nail the note


Suho: Looks at you like at a precious jewel. You come to sit on his lap and he becomes flustered, yet still watches you as you sing with a smile on your face. He knew it was a very important moment in your life, he secretly held one of your hands and smiled at you all the time


Tao: His reaction is simple: Fangirls over what just happens!


Xiumin: He suspected that you’d do something, but he had no idea it will be sitting on his lap and singing looking atreight at him, but he was so excited he didn’t really mind. He was fangirling over your talent and was super happy when you chose to come to him, he would make seductive faces at times, to make you a little shy, but he loved watching you. The high note was so flawless he kept complimenting you for that after everything had ended


I hope it was ok, I know, this is longer than usually, and I try to make them straight to the point, but it was difficult with this one, you gave me quite the challenge, but I like challenges ;3

EXO REACTION: You (Best friend+Crush) falling asleep on them~

Sure can! here you go anon <3 

Xiumin: She’s so precious… *tries to contain himself from pinching your cheeks*

Originally posted by cosmicdrive

Luhan: *Laughs at the way you’re sleeping uncontrollably since you look so adorable* 

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Kris: *Will hold you close and kiss you softly on your cheek, and when you wake up he will smile innocently and deny it* 

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Suho: *He will feel like his heart skipped a beat when he see how cute you look snuggling closer to him. His eyes will tell a lot but he will remain silent stroking your hair humming softly for you to sleep~*  

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Lay: *He will feel flustered when a small smile appear on your face as you nuzzle your face in his chest and will start giggling crazily* 

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Baekhyun: “How dare you sleep on me!” He will say playfully attacking and tickling you like the little shit he is.

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Chen: *He will poke your cheek and tease you until you wake up and glare at him. He will apologise then startle you with a quick peck getting you both flustered and laughing awkwardly* 

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Chanyeol: *He will cover your tiny figure with his huge jacket and stare at your sleeping face, and when you wakeup he will smile warmly making you blush and hide your face in his chest only then, he will realise that he can’t keep his feelings to himself anymore* 

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Kyungsoo: *He was in the middle of telling you something then be startled when you hug his arm and breath against his neck, sleeping like a baby. He will feel flustered and will try his hardest not to freak out. When you wake up he will laugh at the way you’re rubbing your eyes cutely. He will not resist the urge to pull you in for a tight hug* 

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Tao: *Will whine and will never let you sleep* ignore Sehun and chanyeol

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Kai: *will snuggle closer to you and sleep* 

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Sehun: *Will smile genuinely when he see your innocent sleeping face, and will hold you firmly and closer to him until you wakeup. Most likely to kiss you the minute you open your eyes.* 

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Feel free to request~ 


- To me everything started from HunHan, HunHan made me fell in love with Exo, HunHan helped me overcame hard times, HunHan kept me going and HunHan kept me standing tall. Do you know what breaks my heart the most? To found out that my beautiful, precious HunHan will never be the same, I’ll never be able to see them glancing at each other, smiling at each other, I’ll never be able to see their soft touches, to feel emotional by them. It hurts the most to know that someone who taught me how to feel, how to love again will never be the same anymore. HunHan made me believe in friendship/love again, HunHan made me overcame my depression and I sweared that I’ll always love and support them until the very end, until I take my last breath.

As a person who knows why Luhan mainly decided to left, I feel somehow happy, because he’ll be able to take care of his health, because it matters the most to me, his well being is everything I’d give up my life for. Only thing that breaks me down is that I don’t want to see EXO breaking apart like that, I don’t want to see my precious HunHan breaking apart like that. It hurts so much, the pain is getting unbearable to know that they didn’t have a chance to complete what they started together, they didn’t complete their dreams together as one.

To me, it doesn’t really matter where Luhan is, as long as he’s happy, he’s healthy and safe. As long as he’s smiling the brightest and feels loved I’ll be happy, I’ll be fine, because I was ready to let him go without any complaints, I was ready to see him drifting away from us, from Exo, from Exo Ls, but deep down in my heart I’ve never been ready for it, I’ve never been ready to see the person who kept me standing tall leaving us. Only thing I wish for is his happiness and his health. If everything that’s happening right now is hard for me, for us, can you imagine how hard it’s for him? Only thing I’ve left is to support him, to cherish him, to comfort him, to appreciate his hard work, his love towards us, towards Exo forever. I want him to know that he’s not alone, he has me, you, Exo, he has us. I’ll always stay by his side, I’ll always try to yell his name louder to make my voice reach his ears, to let him know that he’s not alone, that there’s a person left who is supporting and cherishing him, who’s willing to give up on everything for him, because Luhan is everything I’ve left and I don’t want to lost someone who keeps me alive, strong and makes me never think about giving up. I want to express my thankfulness towards him by staying forever by his side, by loving him forever, because he helped me and I’ll never be able to forget his kind, breathtaking doe eyes, his shy, cheerful attitude, his beautiful smile that makes me think that life is beautiful, because there’s a person like Luhan living.

As for EXO, I hope they’ll stay strong for us, for their dreams, for Luhan, because sometimes life doesn’t go as we want and I hope they’ll continue fighting for their dreams, fighting for Luhan’s dreams, fighting for us, for their beloved Exo Ls who’re always by their side, supporting and comforting them forever. As for them, I want them to be happy, with or without Luhan, I hope they’ll keep going, they’ll keep being as One. To me Exo’ll never be the same anymore, but I’ll stay by their side forever, I’ll keep loving them until the very end, even if it’ll be so painful to see them without Luhan, without Kris, even if it’ll be too much pain to handle to watch them performing as ot10 instead of ot12 or ot11, I’ll be by their side, I’ll be here to support them forever, as long as I’ll be able to breath, to see, to live.

Once I said that as long as I’m alive HunHan is real, so I’m not going to stop loving them nor stop cherishing them, I’m not going to stop believing in HunHan, because they’re everything to me, they’re everything I’ve left, everything I can hold and lean on.

Xiao Lu, dear my little deer I want you to know that I loved you from the very beginning, I love you and I’ll always love you. You’ve captivated my heart by your beautiful soul, your kind heart, your angelic voice and your ethereal beauty. You’re my angel, an angel who’s always next to me, keeping me breathing, happy and alive. My precious Xiao Lu do whatever seems right to you, I’ll always follow you on your long way of life, to make you stronger, to make you brighter by my support. You’ll always be my one and only, my little snowflake who has the first place in my heart, who I will always love and cherish, who I will always dream about, think about and I’ll fight for my dreams, I’ll make them to come true, because you taught me well, you taught me how to keep going, how to stand up whenever I fall. You’re leaving us, but never forget about us, you’ll always be the brightest part of Exo, you’ll always be our little deer, so never stop comunicating with us Lu, never stop chasing your dreams.

Thank you for being a part of Exo, thank you for being our inspiration. Don’t forget that we were always here for you, we’re always here for you and we’ll always be by your side to make you shine the brightest, to lessen your pain, to make you smile, to let you lean on us, to share your pain, happiness and tears. We’ll be always here for you Xiao Lu, we’ll be here loving and supporting you, until the very end, until my last breath.

I love you with all my might my little deer and I always will. You’re my eternal love Lu Han.

anonymous asked:

Love the scenarios! I'm requesting Xiumin scenario. His girlfriend moved to the US, after she left she found out she was pregnant, but didn't tell him, because she didn't want to effect his career. She returns to Korea for vacation with her now 3yr old daughter, Mom & daughter are big EXO fans. While on vac they go to the EXO cd signing so little girl can meet her idols & daddy. Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you <3 It’s not that good but I hope you like it :) Enjoy ^^ Thank you for requesting~


Hearing his breathing slow down and deepen, she opened her eyes and gently lifted his arm off her waist. She could feel tears brimming in her eyes as she fought off the urge to puke her guts out. Being as quiet as possible, she quickly got dressed and pulled out the long prepared luggage under the bed. She pulled the blanket over him and pressed her lips to his forehead.

“I’m sorry, Minseok.” She whispered as a tear dropped and fell on to his face. Minseok grumbled something inaudible and fidget a little but nonetheless, he didn’t wake up. Feeling the guilt eating from inside, she pressed a hand to her mouth and stifled a sob. She took a deep breath and barely calmed herself before taking her luggage. She walked out of the room and took once last look at him.


Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hello! I shall request again. XD Hmm. How about an Exo scenario. You are a foreign student traveling to South Korea. While on the plane, you begin to watch Exo videos because you are totally in love with them. You watch many videos, but then you see a live performance of Moonlight. You can't control yourself, and your eyes then become watery. (how can they be so FREAKIN perfect). The person next to you asks if your okay. AND IT HAPPENS TO BE NO OTHER THAN FREAKING LUHAN!! UR THE BESTEST! :D

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT OMFG SORRY IF IT SUCKS I’VE BEEN FEELING POOPY. Anyways yeah i stayed up late doing this so don’t punch me if it’s not good. Anticipate the ending bc theres a plot twist bc hey why not.

on a side note.

i really need to pee.


“Waaaaachaaa reaaaadinnnn’?” A voice next to me asked.

I turned to see who was the one asking the question, it was a child, he was at most maybe 10 years old.

“Ummm…nothing…just….nothing…"I responded as I put my phone down on my lap.

For the past half hour I’ve been sitting in the waiting area to get on a plane that headed to South Korea.

But why are you flying overseas you might ask?

Wellllp. Not tryna brag. .But i’m studying overseas…So I guess you should like…Ya know…Bow down to me…Just a suggestion.

And honestly for this being my first time flying and all, I’m DESPERATELY BORED. 

The only interesting thing that’s happened was seeing a fly land in an old lady’s head. So my best shot at having a decent conversation was this kid who had dried saliva on the corner of his mouth.

"If it wasnt anything.” the child paused raising an eyebrow at me. “then why where you staring at your screen for a long time?" 

wut a nosy ass

"Good point… .Do you really want to know?” I asked giving the boy a small smile.

The boy nodded his head and leaned closer as I motioned for him to get at a whispering distance.

I was reading smut.” I spoke softly.

The boy sat up straight and frowned at me. “What’s a smut?”

I bursted out laughing and the people surrounding me turned to see what was going on.

“What’s a smut??” The boy asked again, his voice getting louder.

I couldn’t stop laughing so the boy just walked away frustrated and sat somewhere away from me.

Somewhere really far away from me.

what a betch.

Maybe this is why I don’t have friends right??


I was beginning to put my earplugs in when the flight attendant came onto the speaker.

"Ladies and Gentleman please present your tickets at the front so we can get you into your plane. Thank you.”

I grabbed my suitcases and my phone filled with smut and walked to the front.

Things really do happen fast. Don’t you think?

I mean a while ago I was working at a frieken KFC and now i’m going to South Korea to study? It’s really nerve wrecking.

So many things have happened before I got the opportunity to learn in a new country.

I got my first ticket for public urination, I punched my ex-boyfriend in the face AND he cried after I hit him, But the best part of my life was probably getting into Exo.

I was hitting my low point in life, I didn’t know what to do. . I felt so…lost. . I guess.

I was watching random music videos and I found some weird one filled with Asians, and I remember thinking what the fook.

who are these lesbians?

But now that I look back at it, i’m glad I stumbled upon them.

There perseverance was amazing and all the hard work they put into their shows, it basically inspired me to get my crap together.

And look where it’s got me.

I’m reading smut in public. ISN’T THAT GREAT?!?!?!

I made my way into the plane and sat next to the window.My hands fished out my phone from my purse and I sat there excitedly, so many fancams have been released today from Exo’s First Solo Concert.

And what better way to spend your ride then to watch Exo dance and sweat and hip thrust and have full make-out sessions with each other.

i mean wut.

A person sat next to me but I didn’t really bother to see who it was. It was my Exo Time and no one, i repeat, no one can interrupt me while I fangirl my way to Korea.

I felt really embarrassed because I kept on screaming each time I would see these fancams. I could almost swear the person sitting next to me was laughing at my reactions. BUT I DON’T CARE. IT’S FUDGING EXO.

E- X -O

My fingers clicked on the next fan cam and for the first time I had an out of body experience.

My lady was always my jam but when I saw the frieken video of them hip thrusting you best believe it looked like i needed a doctor because lord jesus I kept on screaming.

The guy sitting next to me kept turning his head to look at me, maybe he thought I escaped a crazy house. I dunno. 

The next fan cam I watched after that was Chen’s solo. And can I get. . can I get. . I repeat can I get a HALLELUJAH.  



Hehe. Time for the next video.

The screen faded into a shot of D.O. and Baekhyun standing on stage while the rest of the members sat in chairs surrounding them.

Hmm. . I guess they finally surrendered to SatanSoo.

I’ve never seen the clip before so I continue to watch it.

The melody began playing and I recognized it instantly.

It was Moonlight. aka. Baby Making Music.

I felt my tears well up from all the feels. Honestly, i’m surprised that I didn’t start crying before. I turned up the volume and saw the performance.

And oh my gawd where they perfect. The way D.O.’s voice matched perfectly with Baekhyun, how OT9 did that sexay body wave, how they where wearing those really nice pants that emphasized Sehun’s bootay.

I cannot.




My tears started falling really fast, I had to keep on wiping my nose with the sleeve of my sweater. Before I knew it I started sobbing.


I began sobbing, like a big fat baby, but it’s just that. . they where too perf in this performance I just can’t.


“Are you okay?” The person next to me asked with a heavy accent.

He dug out a packet of tissues from his suitcase and handed them too me.

“Thanks. .I’m okay. .” I responded as I wiped my tears.

I turned to see his face to give him a reassuring smile.

“Are you sure?” he asked his eyebrows furrowing.

His face..

He looks…



Am…I . . Dead…

Is. . it …really…who I think it is…?

I cleared my throat and asked the question that would change my life forever. “What’s your name?”

“Name…? It’s Luhan.” he responded a small smile on his face.

no faken wei.








“Oh. .Hi. .Nice to meet you…Luhan.” I answered back giving him one of my best smiles. My tears began welling up again and before I knew it I was crying again. Don’t judge me.

“Don’t cry.” Luhan whispered as he patted my back.

I nodded and wiped my tears for the 300th time.

Jesus he’s so pretty.

“I saw you at the waiting area.” he spoke trying to make small talk. “You where laughing really hard, it made me curious as to what you found so funny.”

A small smile crept onto my lips, “Really? Would you like to know?” I asked.

Luhan bobbed his head.

“I told a boy that I read smut.” I said as I began laughing.

“Really?!” Luhan said sitting up straight really fast, he looked at me with a bright smile.“I read it too!”




I hope you liked itttt.

Well i’m off to bed now so deuces. Give me some feed back too gurl okay. And thanks for sending the request!