luhan's smile at him is so precious

[LuMin/XiuHan] “UNFAIR” Song



LOL YOU TWO ’RE SO UNFAIR  (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻ 

When I read the lyrics, I wonder if the song-writer want to reveal Xiuhan story.

“When you smile at me like that
it’s so hard for me to pretend like it’s nothing”

we all know about Luhan’s special gaze with Minseok

and how precious smile Minseok gave Luhan only

“I bet if my friends saw me they’d curse me out,
seeing me act and talk like this”

When they were together, it was their own world and no need anyone else

So let’s talk about their same age ‘chingu’ Galaxy style Yifan instead muahahaha

Someone please give him a spaceship to get off this fu*king sweetie couple and return his mother planet~

“Pulling me in and letting me go
while I’m just getting more and more lost in you
is just so cruel”

He ‘s so serious

don’t flirt, don’t play that deer Minseok ah!!!

“I think my trembling will let you know more clearly than any words could.
Nothing else is important.

“As time passes I’m just calling you again”

Ofcourse it have to be Minseok, just Minseok

“I know this is strange,
but don’t talk back and just listen to me”

“Am I just selfish? (What do you think?)
Is me wanting to be the only one to see
your eyes and nose and lips greedy of me?”

Yeah, only look at him

only hug him

only kiss him

only choose him

only love him

“…be my love,
we’ve had coffee together every day (my baby, yeah)”

“…be my love,
we talked on the phone a long time each night”

“It’s about time for you to fall for me”

“oh baby, falling,  let’s fall in love”.

I also found the perfect match between some lines of songs EXO - Sing For You, On The Snow and Lu Han - Our Tomorrow, Promise,… I hope someone could mash up the songs, Your Song & Sing For You (”Babe it’s your songgg~” - “I’ll sing for youuu..~”), or On The Snow & Our Tomorrow - Promise, Unfair & Deep,… or all of them. It’s must be beautiful melody.

Exo’s Reaction - Meeting Their Gf Backstage

Hey! Thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


Xiumin - *He’d be unable to stop smiling and would go grab a coffee while you both have a quick catch up*

Lay - *This little precious unicorn would be so excited to see you again and would tell you how amazing you were on stage* (F.t. Chen)

Kai - *He’d pull you close into a hug immediately only to make little jokes about your performance which he wouldn’t really mean and that you end up with him dying of laughter*

Suho - *He’d instantly tell you how good you were on stage and would make a huge fuss over you that you haven’t seen each other in a long time*

Kyungsoo - *He’d go really squishy and would ask how you’ve been and would have to go on stage straight away but he’s always look at you as he knew you were there*

Tao - *This little panda would be amazed to see you after your perfect performance with your members and would compliment you*

Chen - *He’d play about and pretend that he ain’t missed you over the time that you ain’t seen each other due to busy schedules but would end up wrapping himself around you and not leaving you go*

Kris - *He’d play cool like always and would speech to you no differently from any other time but he’d give you a sweet kiss and a hug to show that he’s missed you*

Chanyeol - *This giant baby would be so excited to see you when you get backstage and wouldn’t be able to leave you alone due to how much he’s missed you*

Baekhyun - *He’d be unable to keep that stupid grin off his face and would make sure that you’re okay and that you’re both home soon*

Sehun - *He’d unexpected to see you but when he does, he would instantly follow you and wrap his arms around your waist, giggling into your shoulder*

Luhan - *Kisses would be planted all over your face and he’d treat you to dinner straight away to have a little catch up* 


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