EXO reaction to Kyungsoo and Chanyeol swapping personalities

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He would notice that they had switched personalities and just laughed it off

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Weirded out by the fact that Chanyeol said he was gonna kill Kyungsoo when everyone knows it’s usually the other way round

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lost af 

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I got too much on my plate with 10 kids to handle this right now

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Was really confused when Kyungsoo actually agreed to let him spread his butt cheeks

Someone gonna get refreshed tonight

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Confused as to why his best friend was making really good food when he can usually only make 1 dish

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Literally couldn’t care less (dgaf) 

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Annoyed af because he just wanted a peaceful day without people switching personalities 

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He’s used to hanging out with both of them so it doesn’t really bother him

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*See’s D.O with Adidas jacket*

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Slave to Pleasure [19]

(gif not mine credt to the original owner)

A/N: SURPRISE! With all the feedback I got from the last update I knew I had to show my gratitude with two consecutive updates <3 

Warning: Disappointing lack of sexual content, terribly written fight scenes and HELLA PLOT TWISTS. 

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November Playlist

These are most-listened and most-loved songs from November. Most of these songs were not released in November.

“Prism” by Shinee

“My Medicine” by LUNA

“Catch Me When I Fall” by LuHan

“JamCome On Baby” by Yoon Mirae

“Home” by Ailee

“Sleepless Night” by 9Muses

“Adore” by Ztao

“Woo Ah” by Crush

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No Wait!

Characters- Luhan x reader

Type- Fluffff

Word Count- 377

Request- Hey can you make an imagine when Luhan looks sleepy but he still wants to spend time with you. Thanks- @karizma114

A/n- I haven’t written in a while, it was nice! AND DID YOU SEE MAMA 2016!!?

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“Luhan, I’m gonna go home. You need to sleep babe.” you said as you stood up to grab your things.

“No! Wait! I am not tired.” he let out a wide mouthed yawn and continued, “I’m never home and I want to hang with you.”

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161203 iQIYI All-Star Carnival - Lu Han Wins Asian All-Round Artist Award + Backstage