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Exo’s Reaction to you not being by their side when they wake up


*Last night you two had a little fight in which you woke up thinking about. You were still a bit mad with Minseok so you get out of bed before he wakes up and go for a walk. A few minutes after you left he wakes up and sits up on the bed. He looks to see if you were still sleeping but you weren’t there. He sighs realizing that you were probably still mad with him so he just lays back in bed until you get home so you two could talk.*


*Today you went to the gym early without telling Luhan. So he wouldn’t worry about where you were, you left him a note on your pillow. Luhan turns to face your side of the bed because he thought he was going to open his eyes and see your beautiful face; but when he slightly opens his eyes and notices you weren’t there his eyes grew bigger wondering where you could be. He sits up and looks at the time and then looks back at your side of the bed and notices your note.*

Y/N: “I went to the gym by myself so you could get some sleep since you’ve been working hard and need some rest. I’ll be home soon! Saranghae! -Y/n” 

*He smiles at the fact that you cared so much for him and his health.*


*While you sleep at night you always need to find warmth so when you guys sleep together you always get really close to Kris in order to sleep better. In the middle of the night you get a call from work telling you that they needed you. Without telling Kris you leave the house and go to work. You eventually would text him later that you went to work. When Kris doesn’t feel you close to him he wakes up in shock but then realizes that you probably had to go work so he happily enjoys the whole bed to himself and falls back asleep.* 


*You and your best friend were going on a trip in a few days so since today was your only day off you woke up early to go get the stuff you needed for the trip. You didn’t bring Suho for the fact that he wasn’t feeling that well so you let him rest. After being gone for a few hours, he finally wakes up and is about to cuddle you but as he reaches for you, you weren’t there. He texts you asking where you were and you told him you were on your way home. He tries staying awake waiting for you to cuddle him but ends up falling asleep.*


*Lay went to sleep last night hoping you’d be by his side when he woke up in the morning but you had to stay working all night. Even though he was sleeping you text him that you won’t be home until the morning. As morning arrives you try to get home before Lay wakes up but sadly he wakes up before you arrive. When he wakes up and doesn’t see you by his side, he starts to worry but then he looks at your text and feels less stressed about it. But he still worries about the fact that you haven’t gotten any sleep so when you get home he stays in bed with you until you get your proper rest.*


*Today you had a very important interview you had to go to. So you wake up before Baek and get ready. After getting ready you place a kiss on his forehead without waking him up and then leave. As you were on your way to the interview Baekhyun wakes up and as he sees that you aren’t next to him he immediately calls your phone.* 

Baekhyun: “Jagi, where are you? You need to be the first thing I see when I wake up! Why aren’t you here?”

*You laugh at the fact that he sounded like a little baby asking for his mom but that’s why you loved him.*


*Your friend invited you to a party last night which meant that Chen had to fall asleep without you being there with him. But since you told him you’d be back before he woke up made him feel better. The party ended so late you decided to stay at your friends house and come back home in the morning. Excitedly Chen wakes up in hopes to see your beautiful face but as he turns his head to look you weren’t there. His mood drops and he stays staring at your side of the bed missing you.*


*This morning you got called into work even though it was your day off. You didn’t want to wake Chanyeol up since he came home late last night and you wanted him to rest. You thought he would figure out that you went to work but he didn’t. When he woke up and touched your side of the bed, since you were always by his side when he woke up,he immediately sat up when he didn’t feel you there and looked around the bedroom for you.*

Chanyeol: “Where is she?”

*He ends up texting you and you tell him that they called you in for work. He got a bit mad for the fact that you didn’t tell him but then told you not to do that again and to tell him next time.* 


*Kyungsoo was always the first one up and the one that made you breakfast. This time, however, you wanted to be the one that cooked him breakfast so you woke up earlier than him and started make breakfast. He gets woken up by the smell. Without opening his eyes he reaches for you next to him. As he doesn’t feel you there, he opens his eyes and realizes you’re the one cooking. At first he was surprised but then it made him happy that you cooked him breakfast.*


*At 4:30 AM you receive a text from your friend that says that she needed you to stop by her house because of some situation. You didn’t want to leave Tao by himself that long but she said it was only going to take a few minutes so you quickly went. After being gone for only a few minutes, Tao suddenly wakes up form a nightmare. When he looks for you next to him, he gets mad at the fact that you weren’t there to comfort him. So when you get home you find him awake and mad but that fades away as you cuddle him and tell him you’re sorry for leaving him.*


*You couldn’t sleep so you got out of bed early and just stayed in the kitchen drinking some coffee. Kai was going to cuddle you so as he was going to embrace you he notices you weren’t there. He gets up and goes to find you.*

Kai: “What are you doing here?”

Y/N: “I can’t sleep…”

Kai: “I was going to cuddle you but then you weren’t there and you made me get up. Come on let’s go back to bed.”

*He grabs your hand and drags you to bed. As you to settle in he cuddles you and you both fall asleep.* 


*You get up extremely early today to pack since you were leaving for a trip today. Sehun still half asleep reached for you on the bed but doesn’t find you. He opens his eyes to see where you were and notices that you were packing.*

Sehun: “Jagi, why are you doing this so early? You’ll have time later after we wake up.”

*You tell him that you would prefer to pack now but he doesn’t agree and keeps winning until you go back to bed with him. He wraps his legs with yours and embraces you to make sure you don’t leave until he gets up himself.*

Exo Reactions To Giving Their Kids “The Talk”

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Baekhyun: *keeps making obscene hand gestures & laughing at himself* 

Chanyeol: *hides* “I can’t do it! I can’t take away their innocence!”

Chen: “Sometimes mommy likes to-” 

You: Jongdae! WHAT THE FUCK?”

Chen: “What?! You said tell them everything…”

D.O.: “Why can’t you do it?!”

You: “Because. I gave birth to them.”

D.O.: “But I helped make them…”

Kai: *starts laughing every time he says even a single word*

Kris: *suddenly has work to do*

Lay: *prepared a special dance for the occasion*

Luhan: “You should see your faces!”

Sehun: “Listen up, you little shits. I’m going to tell you all about how I so masterfully created you.”

Suho: “I still have no idea how any of this works.”

Tao: “So, now I’m going to have Kris help me demonstrate what you do if you like other men.”

You: “Tao… we have all girls.”

Tao: “They should still know how it works.”

Xiumin: “Watch my hip movements carefully, okay? That’s a very important part.” 

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