luhan stop squawking

question: who would kris date out of the members if he was a girl?
chanyeol: kris. because he’s manly?
kai: kris. because he’s good looking.
shindong: aha, no, it’s a bit different.
sehun: because he’s tall- oh, it’s kris.
shindong: oh has everyone decided it’s kris?
sehun: - because he’s tall and gentle.
shindong: everyone, it is kris. 
exo: oh of course!!!
shindong: but there is a short, sharp reason.
suho: kris, because he’s cool.
d.o: because he’s good looking. 
kai: because he’s the most decent out of the members.
shindong: i didn’t know kris was this kind of person.
baekhyun: what does he think about himself.
kris: a hint … it was a bit hard to say out of my own mouth.
chanyeol: kris, because he loves himself too much.
suho: because he’s the coolest out of exo?
shindong: no, we’ve said it’s not!
exo: be quiet!!! pay attention!!! (at suho)
chen: because he’s cute?
kail: kris. because he’s sexy. 
shindong: there is also singing.
kai: he’s good looking, sings well, dances well - 
shindong: it’s a line in a song, well - something, something
suho: he’s popular. 
shindong: kris, because he’s popular with the girls.
kris: (confused) i didn’t write that.
shindong: writing that you’re popular means that. 
kris: oh, really? i didn’t know. 
shindong: then what did you mean by it?
chanyeol: just that he - goes out.
chen: yeah he leaves the dorms.

SSTP 130606