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EXO-M React To:

Their significant other randomly returning home with nine puppies.

Requested by @huntingfire2001  “GASP okay could you do a Vixx and/or EXOM reaction where you abruptly adopt 9 puppies bc that would be hilarious and adorable<3″ We do not write for Vixx as of yet, but here is EXO-M. Enjoy sweetie! <3

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Luhan- “Excuse me, they’re my what?!” Luhan asked firmly with his hands on his hips. “They’re your new babies!” You replied holding the basket of nine puppies. “Babe, nine puppies?! You didn’t think that maybe that’s a bit much? Where did you even get them? We didn’t discuss-” He trailed off seeing your face start to droop. “Okay look…” he said firmly. He put down the basket, grabbed your hands and looked you right in the eyes. “Babe, you can keep one puppy. Only, if you find the rest good homes, and get me a kitten.” You shifted in your chair, still not wanting to give up all your puppies, “Okay, Lu. Deal!” You could see his chest puff back up again, obviously satisfied with still being the leader of the relationship, but you knew that he was secretly beside himself at getting a kitten AND getting to have a puppy.  

Xuimin- “Erm… Jagi, these are all… What exactly is going on here??” Xuimin asked as he walked in your apartment after a long day. You were on the floor smothered in nine little puppies. “Well,” you began, “You know I’ve always wanted a puppy-” Xuimin’s face didn’t change from his shock. “Well I heard the pound was getting rid of a litter of puppies so I… ya know thought we could take them.” Xuimin was still in shock. “Um, babe, it’s nine puppies!” You smiled sheepishly still buried under all the fluff.  Grabbing his phone, Xuimin immediately called Chen. “Dude, this goofy little things lost her mind this time… I need back up. I’ve got nine puppies in my apartment and I can’t say no to that face…”

Tao- Zi Tao was sooo excited to hear you took a volunteer job at the animal shelter. “Look at my girl serving in our community! Such a big heart!” Tao has always supported your compassionate and sometimes whimsical endeavors. He knew that this volunteer job would open up the opportunity to fulfill your lifelong doggy obsession, but he didn’t realize what that wish directly entailed. The realization hit him when you decided to bring home a whole litter of new puppies on your first day. At first, he was so excited at seeing all the tiny fur balls he almost didn’t hear your explanation. “Okay guys, meet your new daddy! Say hi to Tao!” He abruptly swallowed his hyper laugh after hearing that. “I-I’m their what?!” He asked. “I-I thought you were just watching them for the day…” After seeing how happy the little pups made you, he wouldn’t have the heart to send them back. Tao is the kind to suffer through potty training nine fur babies to keep your bubbly smile on your face.

~Rae x

EXO reaction to you being sad and them trying to cheer you up

note: here’s your reaction, i hope you enjoy it :3 and the gifs in this reaction post are not mine, credit to their original owners ^^

Suho: *spent every dime he had on you to make you feel better* *confused and horrified expression when you didn’t budge* i think i’ve failed as a boyfriend… what am i supposed to do now???

Kyungsoo: *would constantly pester you with kisses on the cheek, hugs, or making little hearts with his hands until he saw you smile* there’s that beautiful smile i’ve been wanting to see, do you feel better now, jagi?

Chanyeol: *plays a song on his guitar to try to get you to soften up* *eventually would start humming to the melody he created* *would look up at you and smile when he saw he’d succeeded in making you feel better*

Baekhyun: *would be extremely sweet and cuddle with you in bed to make you feel better, in return for some sexy time* oh, jagi~ I know something that would make you feel even better~ starting with a kiss, perhaps…?

Chen: *knowing him, he’d probably be really sympathetic and understanding, and would pretend to be sad so you wouldn’t feel alone* jagi~ i’m hurting too… maybe a hug will make us both feel better?

Lay: *knowing this little ball of sunshine, he’d take you somewhere nice and playful like the beach to take your mind off of being sad* baobei, are you feeling okay now? if so, maybe we can go for a little swim…

Kai: *he would try his very best to make you feel better, even if it meant embarrassing the hell out of himself by doing aegyo* jagiya~ stop hiding that pretty little smile of yours, please~

Tao: *he’d take you somewhere special, like the chinese restaurant where he met you for the first time* *would order your favorite foods and start a conversation about random things, hoping it’d take your mind off of your sadness* *occasionally would throw a compliment your way* you always look so stunning, baobei…

Sehun: *would try teasing you about being so sad but would probably end up getting playfully punched by you for being so mean* *he would probably be a drama queen and pretend to cry so you’d be the one to comfort him instead of it being the other way around* ow, jagi, that hurt really badly… i was just trying to comfort you, and this is what i get in return???

Kris: *this dork would do anything to make you laugh, anything ranging from lame, unoriginal jokes to showing you all of his wonderful drawings* *but he’d be offended when you laughed at his drawings* really? i could be the next picasso or something…

Luhan: *he’d be lying on the bed beside you after putting you to sleep, watching you drift in and out of your dreams, wondering what you were dreaming about* *would kiss your forehead gently when you finally decided to wake up* baobei, do you need anything? i’ll do anything for you, just name it…

Xiumin: *would be the type of boyfriend to cheer you up with breakfast in bed* *he’d stare directly into your eyes, smiling brightly* *then unexpectedly, he’d do a bit of aegyo* jagiya, i made your favorite, i hope you like it… because if you don’t, i’ll have to bite you~