luhan is still my bias

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13, 14, 15, 16 and 20 for the exo one!!!!

Of course!!!!! This might be my last one for today it’s getting pretty late here lmao

13. Was my first bias different to the bias I have now, and if yes, why? Yes! My first bias ever was Luhan, that was during the overdose era and then….s tuff happened (please keep in mind I still love Luhan Yifan and Tao to death) but my bias list kinda got shook so now my “bias” is Yixing, Baekhyun, Minseok and Kyungsoo. I can’t really choose from them. 

14. Chen’s eyelashes or Xiumin’s eyebrows? Minseoks eyebrows, sorry not sorry.

15. A blog that makes me think of EXO. this one lmaooo nah but seriously exo–sexo is my favourite exo blog probably

16. My favourite EXO blog URL. exo–sexo (my massive crush on Mel is not secret guys.

20. What I think would happen if EXO raised Sea Monkeys together. The sea monkey would die, simple, they’s kill it.

Thank you so much for asking guys!!!!! This has been amazing and I kinda wanna do ask sprees more often!!! Thank you ya’ll!!! -Admin K

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Happy Birthday to this beautiful baby deer 😙