luhan is always bullying xiumin lol

EXO as Boyfriends
  • Xiumin: probably normal. Will always play DDR with u. will buy stuff for u a lot but if u ask too much he'll complain. always ditches his bros for u
  • Luhan: annoying probably. will never ditch his bros. if ur mad at him he will probably just bully u and some how still get u to like him. doesn't know how to be romantic and 100% of the sweet stuff he does for u he got from magazines or his bros
  • Kris: probably would ask u to marry him after the second date
  • Suho: totally would use his riches to lure u in. when u discover he's weeb trash u try to get out but he bribes u with great health insurance.
  • Lay: probably some boring sweetie pie
  • Baekhyun: !!! Annoying but not like luhan. annoying/cute and triple coated in grease. always doing dumb shit and then acting cute to apologize. is always trying to impress you and earn ur approval. will try to get u to watch porn with him to make u horny
  • Chen: really cool but won't do shit for you. too smart to get tricked into being a sugar daddy. most money he spends on u is the money for u to get as much chill as him. ur probably the equivalent of his bros. also makes you get embarrassing """"fashionable""" couple hair cuts
  • Chanyeol: disgusting. u thought baek was bad but chanyeol is 834703 times worse. cheesy as hell and has like 500 pairs of every couple item imaginable. probably accidently called u mom before and asked u to marry him on ur first date (ring pop and all). complains about buying u stuff but actually is mentally begging u to ask. i hope u like shopping and weeb shit
  • D.O.: sweet boyfriend. he'd probably be like any other boyfriend and be more like ur best friend than ur boyfriend. also is very concerned about ur weight if ur not constantly eating his food. never ditches u unless he has to. most likely to accidently seduce you
  • Tao: when u first meet him he's pretty chill and cool and he acts like he doesn't want to date but then u discover his true self. u probably end up visiting his house everyday to take pictures of him and to let him ridicule ur rapping compared to his. probably the easiest and most amusing one to scare and make fun of
  • Kai: cool for like .03 seconds before he falls asleep on u. always showing u pics of his dogs and always sleeping on dates. doesn't even think to attract you with his dancing and instead shows u a vid of him pirouetting in a tutu with his dogs in mini ones. is cool with buying u stuff unless it's over 10 dollars. just really oblivious to everything
  • Sehun: probably doesn't even have a girlfriend. if he does he hates her guts and acts like a 5 year old. never kissed a girl and has def accidentally grabbed ur boob