luhan enjoy the mayo

Enjoy the mayo

Luhan: Now, it’s been a long time since we decided to get together like this so I made us some food

Luhan: -pulls out egg salad covered in mayonnaise-

Sehun: Lu, thank you…

Sehun: …but I don’t like—


Luhan I’m sorry but I cannot “enjoy the mayo” because I don’t really like mayo. The taste and texture… i just can’t. I mean it’s fine on certain salads or something but would I ever willingly put mayo on my food? I don’t think so. I’m sorry for failing you, Luhan. I’m so, very sorry. It’s not you, it’s the mayo.

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EXO React when you are drunk murmuring their song while they drive you home

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“Ohhh… she won’t believe me tomorrow… Thank god I have material for blackmail” *Evil Chan recorded you “singing” while drunk*


*Joins you in the singing, not caring people outside turn to see you* “She is mah laaaaadi!”


“I see what you did there… you drank my drinks too right?” *Pretending to be the serious one*


“Heh babe… I think that’s not the right song… You are singing to BTS… butterfly ain’t ours…”


*Can’t with his life* “Jagi you have to stop… how did you manage to make Call MEeBaby and Machine one song?”


*Doesn’t know how to make you stop* “Y/N you have to stop yelling… you’ll wake the whole neighborhood…”


*Tries to help you pronounce well but with no success* “It’s “ ganjue dao meiyou” not “enjoy the mayo”!”


*Freaked out* “How come she is drunk and her Chinese is better than mine?”


“Tying to be a nice boyfriend* “After all those shots and singing like that someone won’t be able to talk tomorrow…”


*Smiling all the way home* “I swear she is the sweetest creature on earth.. Of all the songs she had to choose my solo..”


*Not getting what you are saying/singing* “Does she want me.. to decipher a code…? Is she… communication with aliens?”


*Well.. he decided to have some fun with you too*

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Hello love! Could you do an EXO gif thingy like the previous but this one is when you just had sex with them... 😏.. Hahaha 😂

Hey! you changed your username lcrg21! Well let’s see how hey look!


Baekhyun; Smiles at you because he’s simply happy

Chanyeol; It was good wasn’t it?

Chen; Suggests you to follow him for a round two in the shower

D.O.; He grabs the camera and you both watch the sex tape you just made

Kai; Celebration dance imagine this with him naked and his D dancing around in rhythm xD

Kris; He came too fast

Lay; You want to use toys next time

Luhan; Did you enjoy the mayo?

Sehun; You complain because you did not come and ask him to help you finish

Suho; Yah! Why did you scream Kris’ name?!

Tao; The condom broke

Xiumin; Fans himself because he’s too hot


I hope you enjoyed it! x)

Gifts that EXO would give you on your birthday

This is a different reaction, I hope you like it!

Kris: Honey, I’ve made a beautiful paint for you
I hope you love it

Lay: Here’s your present, my love! Wait, Where did I put your gift?

Xiumin: Yesterday, I cooked for you some fried chicken…but I ate it

Chen: The dancing machine prepaired an special dance, sit down and enjoy the sexiest choreography ever.

Tao: I hope you like GUCCI, cause’ I bought you something of GUCCI, all in the world should be GUCCI

Luhan: I bring you some mayo, enjoy it

Kai: My body is your gift *Gets naked*

Kyungsoo: How many cakes do you want?

Suho: I can buy you anything you want, jagi…seriously, EVERYTHING

Sehun: I love you as much as I love bubble tea, so I bring you 6 galons of it. (Y/N): But I won’t finish, it. Do you want… Sehun: Obviusly I want

Chanyeol: Look here, now we have the same stuffed animals

Baekhyun: I bought you some eyeliner, if you don’t like it I can use it for you


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