luhan = maknae

Exo’s Reaction - When They See You In Just Your Underwear

Xiumin - *He was checking through the lyrics for a new song, trying to remember is verse when you walk through the living quarters where he’s chilling through into the kitchen in just your underwear and shouts to you in a sexual manner* Damn jagi, better be careful what you’re doing, otherwise you’ll get punished 

Lay - *He tries on the new outfit he received and you walk past him half naked* *gif*

Kai - *When he gets a quick glimpse of you half naked, he decided he wanted to be too, strips down to his boxers and whistles at you, signing that he wants you there with him*

Suho - *You walk into the kitchen while on your phone and don’t notice that Suho was there biting his lips as you are just in your underwear* 

Kyungsoo - *He went to go ask you if you wanted to order food and stops at the door and starts biting his lip due to the fact that you’re just laying down on the sofa, head phones and and your eyes are closed* *In his head* I’ll ask you later, but for now lets just enjoy this moment

Tao - *He’s checking himself out in the mirror and sees you behind him in his reflection and only sees you in just your underwear* Sexy….. sexy…… but not like me

Chen - *You come into the kitchen where Chen is sitting having a drink and a snack and he watches your every move and tries so hard not to spill his drink due to your sexiness and gets a boner but doesn’t make it obvious* 

Kris - *He was playing a game and only gets a really quick glimpse of you and goes back to his game but then realizes your only in underwear and turns around slowly with this look*

Chanyeol - *He couldn’t believe his eyes when he walks in the kitchen and sees you there cooking hardly dressed. He gets your attention by clearing his throat and you turn around to see him standing there giving you sexy looks* Well then 

Baekhyun - *gif*

Sehun - *He bites his lips non stop and gets makes playful and sexual comments* Is this an early birthday present? I’d love to see those off aswell *winks at you* and carries on with the comments

Luhan - *He immediately gets naughty thoughts and licks his lips*  


Maknae ;)



Exo’s Reaction - Sleeping On Their Clothes

Xiumin - *Gently lifts you up, quickly moves the clothes onto the side and slowly puts you back down*

Lay - *Doesn’t know whether to move you or not, so in the end he gently lifts up your head, removes the clothes and lays your head back down*

Kai - *Trying not to wake you up, carefully lifts you up , grabs his clothes and lays you back down and gets a pillow from the other sofa and carefully places it under you head*

Suho - *He doesn’t want to wake you so all he does it carefully pull the clothes from underneath you instead of lifting you and gets lucky when he doesn’t wake you up*

Kyungsoo - *Picks you up and puts you in his bed, pulls the covers over you and goes and gets his clothes*

Tao - *Doesn’t even care if you were sleeping, he didn’t even be careful when getting his clothes and wakes you up by moaning about you sleeping there on his clothes* Excuse me (Y/N)!………my clothes need ironing now!*

Chen - *Doesn’t get too bothered, just lifts up your arms carefully and grabs his clothes, stands there and smiles to himself*

Kris - *gif*

Chanyeol - *Being a gentleman he is, leaves you sleep and when you wake yourself up, you see him standing there giving you a gentle smile and asking politely for his clothes*

Baekhyun - *Lifts you up so carefully but manages to wake you when he wanted you to sleep and feels really bad because of it*

Sehun - *Like a boss, he lifts you up gently, picks up his clothes, take them to his bedroom while carrying you and lays you back down on the sofa without waking you*

Luhan - *Looks to his side to see you that you’ve fallen asleep on his clothes, so he carefully lifts you up, lays you down on his lap and cuddles you while stoking your hair and forgets about the clothes*

1. whipping Luhan.

2. piano playing Luhan.

3. more beautiful than the chick next to him Luhan.

4. accidental Luhan.

5. winking Luhan.

6. flirting with the maknae Luhan. hunhan is real

7. graffiti artist Luhan.

8. curly-haired Luhan

9. explorer Luhan.

10. dramatic hugger Luhan (ft. terrified Tao)

11. “rapper” Luhan.

12. girls generation fanboy Luhan.

13. can’t be serious Luhan.

14. in his own little world Luhan.

15. expensive Luhan.

16. sleepy Luhan.

17. professional bowler Luhan.

18. unable to open doors Luhan.

19. rubix cube-solving Luhan (ft. impressed Sehun and unamused Kai)

20. mayo-enjoyer Luhan.

21. football superstar Luhan.

22. teasing Luhan.

23. surprised Luhan.

24. lip-biting Luhan.

25. forfeiting, yet is made to play, to ultimately lose Luhan.

26. high heels-wearing Luhan.

27. dog whisperer Luhan.

28. roller-blading hottie Luhan.

29. joyful Luhan.

30. aegyo-senpai Luhan.

31. flawless perfection that is Luhan.

32. scared Luhan.

33. tearful Luhan.

34. asking Xiumin if it’s okay to want to buy himself a hat too Luhan.

35. sparkly-eyed Luhan.

36. fatherly Luhan (ft. greedy Tao)

37. scared of heights Luhan.

38. growling Luhan.

39. adorable Luhan.

40. sabotaging Luhan (ft.accomplice Sehun)

41. strong Luhan (ft. little baozi)

42. girl-group dancing Luhan.

43. aegyo (wolf version)  Luhan.

44. cutie-pie Luhan.

45. powerfully hip thrusting Luhan.

46. telekinesis-yeilding Luhan.

47. bias-wrecker Luhan.

48. terribly aiming Luhan

49. twerking Luhan.

50. successful Luhan.

*gifs are mine*

Exo’s Reactions - You Complimenting Another Member

Y/N - Chen’s smile is so adorable

Xiumin - Oh okay

Y/N - Suho’s such a sweetheart!

Lay - Say what? Oh ….. okay…. so am I!

Y/N - Squishysoo is so adorable!

Kai - *Jealous* So am i?!

Y/N - lay’s popping is so hot…..damn

Suho - *Scared and jealous* Are you okay jagiya? But……

Y/N - Kai’s dancing is so hot….like woah!

Kyungsoo - *Satansoo now released* muahahaha 

Y/N - Kris’ hair is so my style!

Tao - *Jealous bitchy mode on* My hair fabulous first of all and secondly, why are you using his phrase?!

Y/N - Xiumin’s abs are just so sexy!

Chen - Bitch you need glasses, you know that mine are way better!

Y/N - Tao is so sexy and so cute at the same time!

Kris - *Unamused* He’s not my style so he will not be yours, jagi

Y/N - Baekhyun is unbelievably cute! He just has so much aegyo!

Chanyeol - *Super jealous and cries inside* (To Sehun) But i’m adorable!

Y/N - Chanyeol’s voice is so hot and he’s such a big cutie!

Baekhyun - *gif explains everything* You did not just say that?

Y/N - Luhan’s hair is so hot red! I also love his pink hair too

Sehun - *Sassy Sehun at his best once again* Bitch please, my hair is every colour in the rainbow all at once and I look amazing with it, so I win this, sorry not sorry

Y/N - Sehun’s rainbow hair suits him so well, he’s such a cute maknae! 

Luhan - *Bitch face activated and judges you because of what you just said* Oh…. i love you too… its okay Lay’s my bae anyway

Dating Sehun Would Include:
  • him using his aegyo on you to get something that he wanted.
  • and of course you would give in because you couldn’t resist his aegyo, and I mean even his members can’t resist. 
  • in school you’d accidentally say kkaebsong, ohorat, and yehet and be embarrassed. 
  • after class you’d stop to buy bubble tea for Sehun, and go to practice the members would be jealous you didn’t buy them any.
  • so you’d promise to buy them treats next time you came to their practices.
  • Sehun would proudly show you off in front of the members, which includes hugging you and kissing you. 
  • the members would tease especially the beagle line. 
  • late at night, when all the members left and it’s just you two left you’d tease him by practicing his lines.
  • he’d praise your singing/rapping which would leave you flustered. 
  • you use his lines to communicate with him such as “shawty, imma party til the sun down.”
  • he’d be protective, and wouldn’t let you go out to party without wearing appropriate clothes. 
  • when you guys are alone he’d be all over you.
  • instead of netflix and chill, it would be bubble tea and chill.
  • he would give you lots of sass, and you’d end up laughing because of how cute he looks.
  • he’d be annoyed when you called cute when he was being sassy. 
  • at the end of the day he loves you, and you love him and you’re all he needs.

if you want me to write what dating (person) would be like just ask! c: