EXO's reaction to having a collaboration with your girl group and already having a crush on you

EXO’s reaction to having a collaboration with your girl group? (your an idol too and they really like you) ~ anonymous

This kind of turned into the filming the mv part, I hope that’s okay!

Baekhyun: *when you’re on set for the mv and someone is talking to you he’ll loudly interrupt you two*

Chanyeol: *every time your eyes meet he would smile brightly*

Chen: *sexually frustrated all. the. time.*

Kai: *acts like a complete dork around you to make you laugh*

Kris: *would get extremely flustered every time you talk to him*

Kyungsoo: *shy all the time*

Lay: *doesn’t know about it until he arrives on set*

Luhan: *teases you all the time*

Sehun: *is too fixated on you and ignores the other members*

Suho: *gives you a present every day on set to impress you*

Tao: *face times with you on days when you’re not on set*

Xiumin: *flirts with you all the time*

I hope it turned out okay! Saranghae~~~

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i will love you ‘til the end 💞

EXO reaction to you sucking on a popsicle

This is so funny I just had a popsicle before writing this reaction xD I hope you’re having a good day, lots of love Admin M <3

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Xiumin: “Oh my gard, jagi, what are you doing?” *laughs because he tries to forget how much it turns him on*

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Luhan: “Do you want to share this popsicle with me?” *pervy thoughts*

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Kris: *chokes on his coke when he sees you almost giving a blowjob to this popsicle*

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Suho: “WOAH gurl slow down with that”

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Lay: *gets hard and tries to get your attention on his crotch, but you don’t get it*

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Baekhyun: *gif* 

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chen: “Let me show you a real big popsicle”

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 Chanyeol: <FUCK what is she doing?> *really has to control himself*

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D.O: <No she doesn’t looks sexy… nooo she doesn’t>

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Tao: “Haha! You have your popsicle I have my lollipop”

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Kai: “This girl really… you’re provoking me, Y/N”

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Sehun: “Stop sucking that popsicle and suck me!!!!” *brat*

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Exo reaction to you wearing sexy lingerie

Kai - You should definitely wear that more often.

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Chanyeol - *stops you at the door* Are you trying to seduce me?

Sehun - Not bad jagiya, not bad at all.

Baekhyun - You naughty naughty girl…

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Suho - I’d never expect you to wear something as revealing as that, but damn...

Kyungsoo - Who knew someone could look so good in only black stockings and bra.

Kris - Turn around, i want to see if you look as good at the back as well as the front…

Luhan - Please don’t tease me like this, y/n~

Xiumin - If you come any closer, i wont hesitate to rip that bra off.

Tao - I like this side of you, jagiya.

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Chen - Amen to lace panties.

Lay - Hello to you too!

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