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EXO reaction to GF seductively sucking on one of their fingers

I’m honestly not into this at all and I don’t know how this works much so I’m going to try my best here!!! ~ 사랑해요 Chas

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*You started sucking on his finger after he got some sauce on it while cooking*

Yeol: “You should not be doing that while wearing…well…” *Looks down and blushes a little as he watched you* “Can cooking wait?”


*Just out of the blue you started sucking on his finger*

Fan: “Babe, I know you’ve been wanting to do it for awhile but you’re pregnant and I just find it kind of weird to do it with a child in your stomach.”

You: “Fine. Jeez.”

Fan: “Just wait until after labor okay? Then you can have all the fun you want.”



*Having an intimate moment*

You: “Can I try something?”

Hun: “Anything for my baby.”

You: *Grabs his finger and starts sucking on it seductively*

Hun: “This is weird but I’m turned on by this.”


*You took his finger and started to suck the butter off from the popcorn.*

Tao: “Okay…But what are you trying to do? We have napkins.”

You: “You are dense.”


*You started to suck the chocolate icing off of his finger while you two were baking*

Nini: “If you wanted to do food play, you could have just asked.”

(Might I say, That I’m NOT into food play. BUT if it’s Jongin….)


Minnie: “Why are you sucking on my finger like that?”

You: “Does this not turn you on?”

Minnie: *Looks down and back to your mouth wrapping around his finger and has an approving look on his face* “It does.”


*Starts sucking on his finger*

Baek: “Well, you’re rarely in the mood and you rarely initiate things. What’s gotten into you?”

You: “I’m helping you relieve some stress. So, let me do all the work.”

Baek: “I’m okay with that!” 


*You start licking the whipped cream from his finger that he accidentally got on when you both were making a Sundae*

Han: “Are you sure you want to start this?”

You: *Nods your head a yes.*


Dae: “Didn’t this morning you said you wanted to try something?”

You: “Oh yeah!” *You grab his hands and started sucking on one of his fingers.”

Dae: “You could have waited until we got to that time because I am not in the mood right now. At least now I know what you are going to try to do tonight.”


*Starts sucking on his finger randomly while watching a movie*

Soo: “You do know I have a schedule tomorrow right?”

You: “Of course. You need to relax before leaving tomorrow early in the morning right? You’ll be with THEM all day long.”

Soo: “Keep going and don’t stop.”


*While watching a movie together all cuddled up you decided to start up a little something by sucking on one of his fingers*

Xing: “I know that you’re in the mood and all but I’m pretty tired.”

You: “That’s okay. I understand.”


*Grabs his hand and starts to suck on one of his fingers and get in his lap*

Myeon: “I did not know this was Netflix and Chill. Why didn’t you say so?”

You: “It wasn’t supposed to be but you look good right now.”

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The Great Wall: First Look: See magnificent images from the Matt Damon monster movie

Appropriately for a movie about one of the Wonders of the World, The Great Wall is huge. Directed by House of Flying Daggers and Hero filmmaker Zhang Yimou, it is the most expensive Chinese movie of all time. But if you’re expecting a lofty historical epic about the 13,000-mile wall’s construction, well, expect again. In these exclusive images, you can see the vibrancy and imagination in Zhang’s vision.

Believe it or not, The Great Wall is actually a monster movie — and these shots show the fantasia-soaked pageantry that many remember from Zhang’s most widely-seen spectacle, especially in the West, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which he directed himself.

The new film, which will be released in 3D on Feb. 17, 2017, stars Matt Damon, leading an international cast of actors that also includes Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), Willem Dafoe (Platoon), Chinese superstar Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, which was remade as The Departed), pop icon Luhan, and actress Jing Tian (who will also appear in next year’s Kong: Skull Island).

World War Z author Max Brooks had a hand in developing the film’s screenplay. In an interview with EW, Zhang (via a translator) describes the array of challenges, risks, and rewards that come with making his and his country’s biggest film ever.

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IMAGINE A Chance Encounter (Luhan’s Story)

“Can you write a Luhan imagine where you haven’t seen him since he left exo and then you run into each other on the streets in China and you end up getting mad at him and then he confesses to you? Feel free to add/change anything. I won’t complain lol”

Here you go anon! :)

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You were lost.

You groaned loudly as you admitted the sad fact to yourself.

You had thought that you would be able to navigate the streets of the Haidian District in Beijing without a tour guide, but it was proving to be a bigger struggle than you thought. You stopped to stretch your legs and tried to gauge your surroundings. The client that you were suppose to meet for pictures should have been right where you were. But there was no one around at all. The streets were empty.


Everything looked exactly the same. Your Mandarin was poor and were armed with just a small book of Chinese greetings and your camera. 


You whirled around at the sound of an oh so familiar voice. 


You were shocked as Luhan approached you and wrapped you in a big bear hug. 

“I missed you…” He whispered into your hair. You quickly shrugged out of his embrace and pushed him away. “What are you doing? Why are you here? What is this?” You asked your words spilling out all over each other. 

“This is where I’m from Y/N, I should be asking you why you’re here” He chuckled looking you over. “Are you lost?”

“No.” You replied curtly and turned to walk away. You could hear his footsteps behind you on the road and you tried to make your weary legs walk faster.

“Wait for me!” He called as he ran up and overtook you. He put a leg out in front of you, almost causing you to trip, as you scooted to the right to try and avoid him.

“Why are you running away from me? It’s been a while! Don’t you want to talk to me?” He asked trying to grab your hand but you held them close to you.

“Luhan I swear if you touch me one more time I’ll–”

“What are you going to do?” He asked this time standing directly in front of you blocking your escape.

“I think that you’re lost and too proud to admit it. Just let me help you.”

“Why would I want your help Luhan?? Like seriously think about your statement. Do you think that I really want anything to do with you??” His arms dropped slightly at the bite in your words and you took advantage of the situation by pushing them down and strolling right by.

“I didn’t mean to leave you Y/N” You heard him say faintly behind you and you flt your chest tighten. Your brain told you not to turn around and talk to him but you couldn’t help yourself. 

“You didn’t mean to leave me? Oh that’s funny, cause last thing I heard, you were in a freaking rush to get out of Korea and you didn’t even let me know first.

“I’m sorry about that Y/N but things were crazy and I had to get out fast. The less people that knew, the better.”

“People? people? I was your girlfriend Luhan, how in the world was I not a priority to not know that you were breaking your contract and leaving the country?”

He ran up beside you but hesitated before trying to touch you again. “I was dumb okay, I made some mistakes but I want to make them right. And now you’re here for the week and—”

“Woah how do you know how long I’m here? Wait have you been stalking me? Is this not just a random meeting?”

Luhan smiled sheepishly. “No not really, I may have called your job a week ago and requested you to come here and take pictures for me.” 

“Oh my gosh you’re my client?” You rolled your eyes and dusted your jacket off. “What a waste of a day, I’m going back home.” You started walking again.

“Wait! I already paid your company for pictures!”

“We’ll send you a refund.”

“Y/N, please….I-i”

“You what Luhan?!” You turned once more the hurt and frustration in your heart reflecting in your face and voice.

“I love you.”

The words crashed into you. This was not what you were expecting to hear when you woke up this morning. When Luhan had left, you had taken it hard. For weeks you questioned why he didn’t take you with him (not like you would have really packed up and leave but still). Why he never informed you of just how unhappy he had been. Luhan had always seemed so strong and joyful and it had hurt you to find out that he had been pretending with everyone including you.

“I love you Y/N” He repeated his eyes boring into yours but his hands twitching with nervous energy. “I grew up and I realized what my real priorities are.” He took a step to you and you the electricity could be felt in the air.

“You’re the happiness I was searching for the whole time.”

You looked away and you could feel the tears brimming around the corners of your eyes. “Luhan I…I…”

“You what babe?” He asked wrapping his arms around you.

“I don’t want to be hurt again.” 

“You won’t be.”

“Can you promise me that? Can you really promise me that Luhan?”

“Y/N if I have to apologize every day I will, just please give me the chance to show you how much I’ve changed.” He cupped his hand under your chin and brought your face up so that your eyes connected.

“Let me be yours again.”

You didn’t resist as his lips came down to yours, you wrapped your arms around him too and kissed him back with all of the emotion that had been lying dormant inside of you from the past 2 years.

He broke the kiss and gave you a playful smile as he wiped away a tear resting on your cheek. “Can I still get my refund?”

“No” You said slipping your hand in his. “I’m going to charge you double for making me walk these streets all day.”

“That’s fair” He agreed. “I’ll get us a cab. Both of you walked perfectly in sync matching each other step for step.

 “This is nice” He contemplated. “Just walking with you, I missed this.”

“I missed this too” You agreed giving his hand a slight squeeze. This may not have been your plan for the day, but that was all right.

 Reuniting with your first real love was way better anyway.

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She was cute, standing there as the rain fell around her. Even with the gun in her hand. The man’s body dropped to the ground splashing into the puddle in front of me, his eyes still wide and blood pouring from the wound in his head. She didn’t turn to face me as she spoke. “You weren’t supposed to find out like this. You were never supposed to find out, Luhan.” She turned slowly as lightning bolted across the sky, something she would normally be afraid of and rush into my arms to hide from. Instead she raised the gun as I sat on the ground. It went off, covered by the sound of roaring thunder in the distance. The rain was cold as it fell onto my skin. I watched it rushing to mix with the blood around it, before pouring into the drain. Smoke was still rising from the barrel of the gun. I don’t know how I never noticed. Laying on the cold ground with bodies around me, my arms propping me up just enough to see her, it all made sense. And yet… It didn’t. Maybe I was distracted by her knee high socks and the ribbon she would sometimes wear in her hair. Or the way she would whine my name when she wanted me to let her score a goal against me when we played soccer together that made her seem so adorable. Maybe that was why I never payed much attention to the phone calls that would keep her up late at night or the mornings she was already in the shower instead of curled up next to me. Maybe that’s why when she said it was just period blood on her clothes, I never questioned why there was so much all over her sweater. Maybe that was why I let her persuade me that the one call I answered on her phone, with a man begging for a few more days to get the money, wasn’t for her. When she got out of the shower she said it was probably a wrong number then wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and when I felt her towel drop to the floor, what little sanity I had disappeared. In the back of my mind I knew the man had screamed her name as he begged, but I ignored it and listened to the sound of her moaning my name. So many things I tried to ignore, let myself ignore, because my girl couldn’t be that kind of person. She was too cute to be a leader in a mafia. *Hey guys! This is the one I wrote as my birthday present for all of you :D I hope you like it. -B

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  • they make it routine to have one videocall at least once a week. sometimes it is challenge with their schedules packed but wherever they are and no matter time it is they will always make time for each other.
  • wherever exo has schedule in china and others happens to be close they meet up somewhere deep in the city where no one knows them. sometimes its all of them, sometimes three, sometimes they meet up just in pair but it always put smile on their faces. when they can hug each other, be close to each other even after everything happened.
  • yixing, jongdae and minseok are making sure that these meetings are secret. not even k members know about them. its one of the things they would not have understood. m is family, m is where they balanced each other out even though at the beginning it was painfully awkward
  • luhan cant help himself but feel proud at the way jongdae got better in dance. he feels proud whenever he watches minseok’s solo stage. he feels proud when he sees yixing’s face plastered on billboards everywhere he goes. he is so proud of his boys. everytime they meet he squeezes life out them in hug because even though he is proud he misses them terribly.
  • when they were still together, before all that god awful things happened, k members often found them curled up to each other in big pile. all six of them sleeping like that with dumbest smile on their faces
  • or sometimes they found them in heated discussion about every thing possible. music. dance. movies. but no matter how heated their debate was they never lost smiles.
  • k members are still secretly jealous of the way, m members seemed to click so well. when they watched their shows in china how they seemed to fall into each other.
  • when they are together they don’t need words. they can spend hours without talking. just presence of them is enough.
  • minseok secretly records jongdae and yixing’s music sessions and sends them to others.
  • tao when night gets cold and he feels soo alone in his new big room he puts on jongdae’s solo songs to help him fall asleep. it feels like his ge is singing to him like he did before.
  • yifan sometimes regrets his decision to leave. especially after their meeting when he have to watch them leave. when he cant do anything about it. he remembers first weeks when he was alone and scared and not daring to call them. but then they called him first. they were on phone for hours, crying, laughing. they told him that they don’t hate him but he cant help but wonder what would it be like if he didn’t leave.
  • jongdae misses them all. he misses the way he could hug them whenever he wanted. he misses the way he could go with every problem to luhan or duizhang. he misses the way he and tao were driving everyone crazy with their whining. he misses the way they were happy. so happy and carefree. he misses their living in china. he misses them all so much. he misses the way minseok and luhan were hanging out acting like youngest. he misses duizhang’s dumb cute smiles. he misses tao’s rapping. he misses yixing’s laugh when they together pranked them.
  • but still no matter how much of regrets is going around, they will forever be little family. strong family that nothing can bring down cause they love each other.