Byun Baekhyun as a boyfriend

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- Putting up with his giggly, annoying, whiny ass 24/7 even if he’s away

- Seeing commando Baekhyun constantly because he probably hate wearing clothes in and around the house 

- Him being such a fucking tease when he wants to have “fun” 

- Dragging you around everywhere if his eyes catch something

- Having him and the other two beagles in your living room constantly, playing games, being loud as fuck and you wouldn’t be able to get them separated 

- Loads of cuddles, so much that you’d want to bite him

- Talking about biting, he’d sometimes have the habit of biting you when he wants attention

- Jokes and pranks constantly

- Waking up to him being in your face, literally no space between you while he shouts and starts being so playful 

- Getting away with anything with you just by singing, dancing, hip thrusting or anything he can 


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Exo React To When They Wake Up Without You And Think You Left Them, But You Didn’t

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Xiumin: Sighs in relief when you come back into the room and cuddles you for the rest of the night without much of an explanation.

“It was just a silly nightmare.”

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Luhan: His first reaction is to be angry. Once he notices you, his muscles relax, but Lu is obviously still distraught.

“Yeah, I’m fine Y/N.”

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Kris: He’s depressed by the thought and his mind races when he doesn’t see you at his side, instinctively calling out for you.


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Suho: Walking into the kitchen rather calmly and quietly, he would hug you from behind and not let go for a while.

“Stay like this for a little while longer.”

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Lay: It takes him a while to process that you’re not next to him on the bed. When you come back, he talks about that nightmare.

“Let’s not let that become a reality.”

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Baekhyun: He’s also distraught, even when you come back. You’d realize what was going on immediately because it would be so obvious.

“Y/N, you know I love you, right?”

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Chen: As much as it pains me, defnitely the type to pretend it never happened. He just smiles at you when you return with the glass in your hand and lies.

Why are you smiling?

“Because you are so pretty~~”

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Chanyeol: He rushes through every room in the house before making a stop in the kitchen. Out of breath, he meets your confused gaze.

“You’re… not gone.”

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Kyungsoo: He was too shaken up. It was only when he felt your touch on his skin, asking what was wrong, that he noticed you returned.

“I’ll tell you in the morning. Let’s sleep.”

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Tao: You’d have to comfort this poor boy for a while. Ultimately, it would change him, and he would show a bit more love every day.

“It was just such a terrible nightmare…”

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Kai: The dream felt so real he’s not sure what to believe anymore. Even when he finds you in the kitchen, he’s not fully reassured.

“You’re still here, right Y/N?”

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Sehun: Similarly to Suho and Xiumin, he would silently show his love and gratitude for you physically as his way of comfort.

“Don’t leave me, okay?”

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160924 Luhan Instagram Update: so cool 😎


[Luhan Studio] The Theater of Running Lu_Today BOSS LU Comes to Walk around and Inspect the Mountain

Exo: When they find you crying.

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He would become a squish filled cutie to get you to stop crying. Once you calmed down he’d try to figure out what’s going on and what to do.

“It’s ok baobei, i’m here.”

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160924 Luhan Instagram Update: so cool 😎