natapos na ang paghihirap ng lola ko hays wala na sya :( naiiyak ako pero walang nalabas na luha kasi ewan ko sobrang nakakaiyak talaga kasi mahal na mahal ko yon kasi nga favorite ko syang lola pero masaya na din ako para sa kanya kasi nakita ko talagang hirap na hirap na sya kaya kayo na po ang bahala dyan sa kanya :)

Nahuli kang nangongopya sa exams. Anong gagawin mo?


Teacher: At bakit ka may kodigo sa panyo?

Estudyante: Mam. Hindi yan kodigo. Mga natuyong luha ko lang yan na naconvert sa formulas dahil sa sobrang hirap ng exam niyo.

PALUSOT #2: #MedyoAlagadNgPagibig

Teacher: At ano to??

Estudyante: Mam. Mas mabuti ng dito ako magcheat, kesa sa susunod kong relationship.

PALUSOT #3: #MedyoBanal

Teacher: At ano to??

Estudyante: Prayer ko po ma'am

Teacher: Eh bakit answer ang nakasulat??

Estudyante: Rak na itu! sinagot na ang prayer ku!!

PALUSOT #4: #MedyoConcern

Teacher: At ano ito?

Estudyante: Mam. Hindi ako nanunulad. Tinitingnan ko lang kung tama yung sagot ko para hindi na kayo mahirapang magcheck.

PALUSOT #5: #MedyoSailorMoon

Teacher: At ano to??

Estudyante: Mam. Ang papel na ito ay naglalaman ng sumpa. Ang sinumang magbukas niyan ay tatandang dalaga. Kayo wag niyo ng tangkain pa dahil parurusahan ko kayo sa ngalan ng buwan!

PALUSOT #6: #MedyoSoapOpera

Teacher: At ano na naman ito?

Estudyante: Sige lang po. Kunin niyo na ang papel ko. Para bagsak na ako. Para di ako makatapos ng pag-aaral. Para hindi na kami makaahon sa kahirapan. Para hihithit na lang ako ng katol diyan sa kanto. Para magkakalkal na lang ako ng tirang Jollibee sa basurahan. Para tuluyan ng masira ang buhay ko.

PALUSOT #7: #MedyoPapaJack

Teacher; At ano ito?

Estudyante: Mam. Ang exam ay parang pag-ibig din. Minsan oras ang kalaban mo. Minsan ibang tao. Minsan kayo. Kaya wag niyo akong pipigilan sa gagawin ko.

PALUSOT #8: #MedyoDisabled

Teacher; At ano ito?

Estudyante: Hindi ko din po alam eh. Medyo malabo po kasi ang mata ko. 

PALUSOT #9: #MedyoLaspag

Teacher; At ano yang nakasulat sa boobs mo?

Estudyante: Mam soriiiii. Hindi kodigo yan. Fingerprint lang yan ni boyfie. hihi.

PALUSOT #10: #MedyoBasilioCrispin

Teacher: At ano ito?

Estudyante: Oo nga! At ano itong ginagawa ko! Bakit ako nanunulad?! Bakit hindi ako nag-aral kagabi? Hindi ko ba alam na bawal ito?! Bagsak na ako sa exam na ito!! See you na lang sa akin sa finals!! Maaari na akong lumabas ng classroom ngayon din!!!


Study in Serenity 

(kpop | khh | mandopop)


Dali Van Picasso  | 빈지노 (Beenzino)
皇冠 ( Crown ) |  黄子韬 (Huang Zi Tao)
人魚的眼淚 Baby Don’t Cry | EXO
Your Song | Luhan
나비소녀 Don’t Go | EXO
Alone | 黄子韬 (Huang Zi Tao)
No Makeup | Zion T
고백하는거야 Confession | WINNER
표정관리 (Fronting) | Seventeen

EXO reaction to their soulmate being a Kitsune/Fox Spirit [Wolf AU]

I love doing Wolf au’s. :) But like I also Kitsune things too so like this is a double win!!!  ~ 사랑해 <3 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Thought you were human at first until your scent met his nose. Something was different about you but there was also this desirable smell along with it that gave him a sign that you were the one for him. He then sees you transform and took note of your fluffy ears and a puffy tail and noticed that you resembled a kitsune. Now that he seen the real you, you were even more beautiful to him now which gave him the motivation to start seeing you more*


*Being the alpha of his pack it was mandatory for him have a mate. So, when he ran into you, a kitsune, he was happy that he finally found someone to share a pack with and to show your family that he is worthy of you and can take care of you*

You: “My family will love you Fan. Stop worrying so much.”

Fan: “But what If I do something to make your Father hate me?”

You: “You are literally a dork. I doubt you would do something to make him hate you.”

Fan: “I’m an alpha not a dork.”

You: “A dorky alpha.”


*With you both being predators you both had a dominating personality which caused a lot of bickering between you two which both of your family’s thought was an amusing thing to see when you both do bicker. But you both love each other very much*

Hun: “Without you I wouldn’t be able to live.”

You: “Then die.”

Hun: “God I love you.”


*You both ran into each other after trying to catch the same animal for their kill. You both sit up after tumbling down the hill and immediately looked over at each other to yell but stopped as you both locked eyes*

You: “I uh…gotta go.” *Quickly gets up and runs back home with your heart thumping a million miles an hour*

Tao: *Watches you run away with your fluffy tail in tow. He had the strong feeling to run his finger through your furry tail when you were just sitting there but now that he knows what you look like he has got to find you and develop something with you*


*It was raining that night but it was the packs night to go hunting which didn’t bother them the pack at all. A very faint smell made Jongin stop and he went towards it to find you curled up under a tree crying and freezing and soaked. But you weren’t ordinary, you were a Kitsune. Your ears were drooped down and your puffy tail wasn’t puffy anymore due to the rain. He was drawn to you and he had the feeling to help you. So, instead of continuing his hunt he takes you home and takes care of you with the others help and during this you both start developing feelings for each other*


*You both have been friends for awhile but never shown each other your true forms yet because it meant intimacy between you both. You’ve always felt a strong pull towards each other but never thought nothing of it until you both learned about soulmates*

You: *Finally shows him your true form your ears and tail appears and you look over to him and see him staring at you in awe*

Minnie: “You’re beautiful.” *At that moment he knew he was in love with you whether you’re his fated mate or not. He fell in love with you*


*You happened to accidentally stumble into their territory which caught their attention quickly and set out to find out who crossed into their territory without their permission. When they got there and seen that it was you, a loner Kitsune, they decided to take you in and let you stay with them as long as you needed to. One particular person named Baekhyun was who you stayed close with. You two were inseparable and started to develop feelings before you both found out that you were soulmates which was even better*


*Never seen a kitsune before and you never meet a wolf blood either*

Han: “So, what are you exactly?”

You: “I’m a fox spirit known as a kitsune and you’re a werewolf right?”

Han: “Indeed I am. Is it me or do you feel a strong feeling when we are around each other?”

You: “I feel it too”

*From then on you two would meet up and get to know each other and then as your relationship progresses you both fall deep in love with each other and was inseparable* 


*He was in his wolf form and went out on patrol until he got caught into some briers and couldn’t get lose. He was whining until he seen you come up to him. He heard of Kitsune’s but never seen one in real life*

You: “It’s okay. I’ll help you get out of there. Then you can change back and give me a proper thank you.” *Removes the biers and backed away so that he could shift back to human and grab his clothes that were tied to his leg and put them on*

Dae: “Thank you for helping me there.”

You: “No problem. I guess I’ll see you around.”

*From then on you both started seeing each other more and your friendship turns into something more intimate*


*Notices that you are a kitsune when he ran into you on his hunt night and you both lock eyes and he felt a pull towards you but before he could say anything you ran away and right at the moment Kyungsoo made it a goal to try and get you to warm up to him before he takes things to the next level with you*


*You find him lost in your territory and felt the need to help him out* 

You: “Are you lost?”

Xing: “Kind of. Me and my pack decided to split up and I lost track of my pack and I guess I took a wrong turn and accidentally crossed into yours. I’m terribly sorry.”

You: “No it’s okay. As long as your lost it’s fine. But if your here to kill us then I’ll have to take matters into a different route.” *Giggles as you see him shake his head a frantic no. Something about him was so, comforting and you just had to get to know him more*

*And that you did. You both found out that you were each others soulmates and was very ecstatic about it because you both already liked each other*


*Sees you and is drawn to you but don’t know why so he gets closer for a closer look and sees that you are a Kitsune and a beautiful one at that. Goes back to the pack and everyone is wandering why he was acting a bit different*

Myeon: “My soulmate is a kitsune. I found my soulmate and she’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen”

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