Lawl I don’t know. Fire. The fire man. It’s sooo gorgeous, it’s beautiful, it shimmers brilliant red and yellow and makes a symphony of shrieks when it burns down a town~ I love fire~ <3  Yeah, I’m insane. But my friend there who is a Quilava, he knows alllll too well about my lil’ obsession~ >:3  Soo yeah, this was just something he wanted me to doodle up for him~


New lil’ remix of the Route 38 theme from Pokemon GSC! 


New upload, “vip mix” of sorts of a two-year-old original battle theme of mine!  Soundcloud/DL:


Is that a new original video game-style song for a favorite dragon-burdy of mine~? Why yes, yes it is. A battle theme for Yveltal. Have fun figuring out the reference. If you know it then I love you.


R&R Teaser Spam~ There is a lot to work on here, I’m aware. But hopefully I can get those things accomplished! The things that come off the top of my head that need to be fixed (That I personally decided):

  • Redo Vocal Slicing
  • Variations to both velocity and percussion tracks in general
  • Varation to the melodies
  • Different instruments for the first “breakdown” area
  • Better ideas
  • And anything else that’s suggested

Uploaded a video for mai burrrfday! A remix of one of my favorite songs to come fro this fandom, a lovely composition originally done by JayB & Giggly Maria!

HEY ART: Heads up!

Just a little warning, note, or heads up that I am working on my official Commission price sheet right now! I have never done these before so I am trying to be as reasonable as I can without over or under pricing anything. I’ll be offering plenty of styles, I’ll try to make it as little confusing as possible! But here’s hoping to I at least get one commission and can make that one person happy. I’ll be posting notices on both blogs, my Deviantart, and Furaffinity. I don’t think I’ll have “slots” because I am not sure what to expect as far as numbers of people. But hey, tell your friends, I’ll make sure to give you a hug~ ♪

From Purple to Blue. But here we are, with the final design of my Fursona at long last. This is just the sketch, but I figured I’d share it here.  A fluffy dragon of the colors Onyx and Blue, my favorite color scheme. One that feels more “me”. This is a sort of chibi-ified half anthro/feral design but hopefully I can draw her more in other styles. I’m not sure if I should give her wings, I think I might hold off on that. Only unless I’m bored… the air is a lovely place to be anyways~ As for a name? At this point, it’s Vio.