A guide on how to get out from under a luggage cart. 

don’t ever change XD <3

  • Dan:have we forgotten something?
  • Phil:*vigorously pats everywhere to make sure he has all of his suitcases*
  • Dan:your bag?!
  • Phil:*immediately falls into crisis mode*
  • Phil:it's- it's in the bloody taxi!!!
  • Dan:here I'll try calling Rosanna
  • Dan:*turns around and pulls out phone*
  • Phil:*runs out of LAX, runs for his life through the traffic*
  • Dan:*gets off of the phone and turns around to see that Phil has disappeared*
  • Dan:*shrugs shoulders, sits on top of the luggage cart and plays angry birds*
i lied...
  • building manager:hey fox, could you help us with this?
  • me:what do you need?
  • manager:we got a few new luggage carts and we're trying to round them all up. we're missing two, have you seen them?
  • me:the family in 508S just sent their teenage son down with theirs, he's in the courtyard. i haven't seen any others.
  • manager:well can you help us look for it?
  • me:not right now, sorry, i have an important appointment. *goes to disney world for the day*