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You’re Shorter in Person

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  • Fem Reader x Ethan
  • Summary: Pax West approaching, it was the first convention you’d been invited to as Ethan’s editor. This also meant the first time meeting him in person.
  • Warnings: Cursing
  • Platonic
  • She/Her Pronouns for Reader

You’d been editing videos for Ethan for a while now, it was the happiest you’d ever been. You didn’t have to leave the house, you spent your days watching and editing the blue boy that was the inspiration that started up your YouTube channel. You weren’t all that well known in his community as you weren’t present, you just edited from your house and with the power of the Internet sent him the finished videos, and the thumbnails were Ethan’s job.

But it was all about to change. Pax West was approaching fast, and as you couldn’t get a direct flight to the con, Ethan invited you to fly to LA and sleep on his sofa then fly to the convention with him. This was a big deal. This wasn’t just meeting your idol, your inspiration, your favourite youtuber. This was hanging out with him, being his friend. You were meeting your best friend. The concept make you nervously excited.

You packed a suitcase, grabbed a rucksack for your phone charger and passport and all the essentials, the excitement was kicking in and you smiled ear to ear the whole time you packed.
The smile stayed with you as you left the apartment and got your taxi to the airport. You spent most the flight worrying about what to say or how to act. Although you had talked a lot and you’d managed many phone calls with him (which was a big deal as you get so nervous for phone calls) you couldn’t help but feel nervous about messing this up.
As you walk through the slow queues in the airport in LA, you connected to the wifi and opened up Snapchat to make sure Ethan remembered he was picking you up.

A little box appears and you open it to see his goofy face and brightly coloured hair. You freeze and smile at the thought of finally getting to see it for real. You know he hates people touching his hair but damn. You wanted to touch it.
You snap yourself out of the daze to read the caption. He was running late. Typical. You giggle to yourself and respond letting him know it’s okay and that you’ll probably get food in the lobby anyway. He apologised again and agreed to meet you there.

You check out security with a breeze and after what feels like an eternity your suitcase arrives on the conveyor and you make your way to the lobby. You said you’d get food, but coming to think of it you weren’t hungry. You set down your bags and took a seat, scanning your surroundings for anyone familiar and nervously rubbing your hands together.

You opened up your phone to check if Ethan had updated anything or messaged any more. He didn’t specify how late he was running and so you weren’t sure if he was already at the airport or not even out of the shower yet. You check every social media twice, to be sure, but nothing was there. You let out a little sigh and try to calm your nerves, and then place your phone back into your pocket and lean back against the chair. Just as you do, you see him.

You freeze solid. It’s him. It’s really him. You cover your mouth with your hands as you shakily stand up, still staring in disbelief.

“Hey!! Y/N!!” He shouts with the widest smile you’ve seen in a long while.
You have no words to respond but simply start running, not giving a care for the luggage left on he chairs. Ethan notices you running and opens his arms wide as he braces himself to catch you as you stampede towards him.
You bury your nose into his shirt and wrap your arms around him. You hear a little laugh escape his mouth as he rests his chin on your shoulder and holds you close.

You step back, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“It’s so great to finally meet you!” You manage to get the words out, your worried it’s all formal and a bit awkward but you can’t help but feel starstruck.

“Same, Y/N. You’re shorter in person. You always look so tall in photos, it had me worried.” He smirks.

“Why, would it deflate your manliness if a girl was taller than you? We aren’t that far apart.” You sass back, standing next to his shoulder for comparison.

“I don’t have much manliness to deflate. It’s just nice to not be the shortest one on a panel.” He says leaving a pause as he watches you, practically seeing the cogs turning in your brain.

“But I’m not doing any pan-”
“Oh shoot did I forget to tell you? Yeah you’re doing a panel with me. Sorry. Should have mentioned.” He laughs and then winks at you. The little Shit.
You jokingly punch his arm and laugh, the thought of a panel leaving your mind immediately as he picks up your suitcase.

“I can carry my own-”
“Nope! I got it.”
“Ah yes, wouldn’t want to deflate your manliness by being able to carry the big heavy case.” You mock as you grab your rucksack and begin walking.

You wonder why you were ever nervous as the two of you crack jokes and talk endlessly all the way to his apartment. For that weekend he wasn’t your boss, he wasn’t in charge, he was just your friend and you had never been happier.

five times they left (and one time they didn’t)

(my dear friend amy (swallowedsong) is stuck in an airport, so here’s a travel shenanigans piece for her.) 

(the title says it all - captain swan. au.) 


“Are you serious right now?” 


Emma sighs heavily and the clerk glares even harder, if that’s possible. She knows it’s not helping, her attitude - is sure the clerk is overworked and tired and truly unable to offer anything other than another flight in twelve hours, but - 

“Mom, can I get a hot chocolate?” 

“We’ll be back,” she tells the lady behind the counter - who barely grants her another glance before calling “Next!” as Emma ushers Henry away. 

“So, what are we gonna do?” 

“I’m still figuring it out.”

“Isn’t Storybrooke only, like, four hours away?” 


They settle into the Starbucks line, Henry’s brow furrowed in concentration. Emma wraps her arm around him and tucks him into her side. 

“We can always just stay here until the next flight.” 

“Couldn’t we drive?” 

Emma had been weighing the idea in her head. On the one hand, it would probably, definitely be faster. On the other, she hasn’t driven in winter conditions on this coast in years - since before Henry was born. And at night? She’s not sure she wants to risk it. 

She’s just not sure she wants to camp out in the terminal, either. 

“We’ll see.” 

Henry nods, and quicker than she’d expected they’re at the counter, a hot chocolate for Henry and a trenta coffee for Emma (she’s either driving all night or staying awake in the airport all night; either one calls for the largest coffee Starbucks will sell her). 

Henry rushes off to pour cinnamon in his drink, and as Emma’s watching him and taking a blissful first sip, she feels a tap on her shoulder.

“Excuse me, lass, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with the lad,” begins the stranger, a smiling man with bright blue eyes. Emma immediately goes on the defensive. 


His smile turns sheepish. 

“Just - I’m headed to Storybrooke as well. I’d been debating just driving, but alone at night, in these conditions? However, if you’d be up for it, perhaps we could carpool?” 

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How Team B Take Care of the Luggage GD Gave
  • Bobby: Let's put it on the chair, where it's safe.
  • B.I: Put it up here! Put it up here! *pointing at the cabinet*
  • Bobby: No, it won't be able to breathe. Set it on the chair.
  • B.I: How can we let it sit on such a hard chair?
  • Donghyuk: I'm sorry.
  • Successfully settled the luggage on a comfortable chair.
  • Bobby: Ask if it feels comfortable or not.