Travelling in style part I

Have you ever seen those women who walk around in velour tracksuits, big dark sunglasses and carrying a Birkin on their skinny arm? You must have noticed these Victoria Beckham clones with rich husbands and perfectly blow-dried hair who wear such hideous outfits even when traveling. You must never travel dressed like this- no matter if you are flying private or with a terrible low cost company. There are a few unwritten rules of travelling in style and I am going to share them with you. 

1. Say no to tracksuit. Wear confortable but elegant and beautiful clothes such as woollen trousers, plain shirts, soft or knitted dresses, mohair or cashmere sweaters, and cozy jackets. Don’t wear high heels and skirts or you will look like a flight attendant. Flats are such a better option: chelsea boots, brogues, loafers, desert shoes or even the tired old ballet pumps if you must. 

2. Don’t take your shoes of, or if you must, have a pair of soft socks to wear. 

3. Carry two small or medium sized BLACK suitcases instead of a huge one. Don’t pack your entire wardrobe, you’re not 16 anymore (more on packing secrets next time).

4. Except from your luggage, carry one medium size leather tote. It really doesn’t have to be Birkin. In this bag you should have the following: water, thermal or floral water for your face (your skin gets so dehydrated on the plane), a book or magazines, laptop, healthy snacks (fruit or nuts), a tiny bottle of essential oil or mixture of you favourite oils to put on your sleeping mask or to massage your ankles (this helps with water retention), make-up bag which will be used only in the toilet, Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream, lip balm, eye drops and a small, soft blanket. 

5. Don’t disturb the other passengers by listening to loud music, watching a movie without headphones or even worse, by kissing or touching your boyfriend/husband. This is forbidden. 

One last secret I’ve discovered in the lovely book What Would Audrey Do, when flying order vegetarian food even if you are not one because this way there are more chances you will eat fresh food. Otherwise, just stick with your healthy snacks. 

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