Some thing I needed in my life. 

It’s like a blitzkreig for breakfast! 

Because Wehrmacht Food Puns Are Trending...

There were often competitions between the divisions of the Wehrsnackt. These divisions included the Luftwaffles, the Beer, the Kriegsmarinesandwiches, and on occasion, the Waffle-SS, who did not belong to the Wehrsnackt. They were usually busy making Hitler breakfast every morning.

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, sometimes known as the Dessert Fox, swept any and all cooking competitions he entered in, even whilst working with less ingredients than his opponents.

And on July 20th, Colonel von Stauffenberg nearly perfected the dish of Hitler Flambé, but circumstances conspired against him. The heat of the day is thought to have had an effect on the recipe.

This is exactly what happens when you look for a recipe for Luftwaffles via Google. Sadly, there are no panzercakes to romance your amnesia prone significant other with or rare arcade machines to get excited about.

But there’s this.

And gosh, there is a Rendez-Vous point. In Canada! Canadian friends, I am so jealous! It gets hard pretending every diner is a secret meet up joint for rough and tumble people of action.