Peridoom & Pearluh

Sé me había ocurrido un día derrepente que haya una versión de Crystal Gems con trajes de mis FCs, se ven tiernos sinceramente, Peridoom estaría diciendo por si algo es un Arma, aún que Pearluh es más responsable aún que no cuerdan en la linea de tiempi solo lo hice para pasar el rato.

I knew it had happened to me one day when there was a version of Crystal Gems with costumes of my FCs, they look sincere tenderly, Peridoom would be saying in case something is a Weapon, although Pearluh is more responsible even if they do not rope in the line of time I just did it to hang out.


For some reason Andrei’s quest-giver was the guy BEHIND the bowling pin women.

… and looking at him, I suddenly had this urge to turn him into a cat.

It was unsettling for everyone.

But Andrei liked him.  The feeling was mutual.  And that’s really only because Andrei doesn’t glow in WA locations.

Mahmoud was probably not thrilled to be cloned.

… but when the fuck did I ask him.  :|  Besides, that face!  He makes a better cat.


All I meant was to end things nicely with her; explain the situation, tell her I fall in love with another, and maybe stay friends. I didn’t thought it would turn ugly, I didn’t thought she would hide such a big secret.

“We have a child together”. “Are you still gonna turn your back on me?” - and so after shouting, and pushing - and I think cursing me as well, we reached a mutual understanding.

I will take the child with me.

raymond holt/kevin cozner fic recs

I’ve just made a list of my favourite fanfictions on ao3 for this ship,, it’s in no way complete yet!!

A Series Of Dry Questions About Police Work by secretsofluftnarp (luftie)

- amazing  kevin and holt backstory
- one of the best b99 fics i’ve ever read
- characterisation and headcanons!!
- beautifully nsfw at some points
- “hello, here is my $13.78 for the grocery bill, i’m gay.”

Classical Allusions by ljs 

- cheddar pov
- classics references
- cheddar is their son
- domesticity
- post ac/dc

Sustenance by siggen1

- short and beautiful
- “you sustain me”
- forehead touch almost
- dialogue
- post boyle-linetti wedding

A Well-Placed Comma by lalalalalawhy, secretsofluftnarp (luftie)

- nsfw
- quoting classic texts
- dialouge
- “and i know you’re trouble”

It’s the People That You Hate Together That Make Marriage a Joy by katiemariie 

- “that’s why I left classics and started applying derrida to spongebob squarepants”
- holt and kevin share a hate for cretins
- dialogue
- spongebob + sex

Distance Makes the Heart Resourceful by lalalalalawhy

- i want your tongue in…. my ass..
- cinnamon roll jakey
- “my prometheus”
- kevin’s characterisation!!

In Essence by siggen1

- 100% nsfw
- amazingly detailed
- characterisation
- “you’re impatient”
- “and you’re impossible”

Could Be Worse by Missy 

- “i love it when you use slang”
- wholesome
- descriptions of the squad
- characterisation
- “it’s not just kindness that drives me, darling”

The Way Lovers Do, With The Puzzle by sanguinity

- script structure
- nerds
- “inordinately pleased to be corrected”
- solving puzzles in bed is romantic
- kevin and ray’s equivalent of stripping

where we stood was holy ground by possibilityleft 

- they deserve this
- kevin has a work life too
- characterisation
- “mindless fluff”
- excited holt

that launch’d a thousand ships by Kindness

- bonding over the oxford comma
- gertie
- kevin characterisation
- “raymond holt is no ordinary man”
- the beginning of a blessed time

A Little Brighter by FifteenDozenTimes

- supportive kevin
- domestic bliss
- house hunters
- save holt from his evil coworkers and job
- “known him long enough, studied him long enough, loved him long enough”

When It’s Right, It’s Right by FifteenDozenTimes

- dialogue
- beautiful intro
- drunk kevin. keep jake away from him
- holt finally has good coworkers
- “i, am irresistible”

Unbuttoned by FifteenDozenTimes

- 690% nsfw
- characterisation
- “exquisite”
- pwp
- cute kevin

Moments from the Domestic Life of Black Tom Selleck and White Sidney Poitier by jesshelga

- multi chapter
- cheddar origin story
- “lightly stabbed” aftermath
- storyline
- “eye colour of suspect is upgraded to aquamarine”

Ham and Cheese by thinlizzy2 

- kevin and his croque monsieurs
- multi chapter
- characterisation
- anniversary!!
- holt and kevin’s different opinions of food

Classical Allusions Redux by ljs

- characterisation
- fluff
- supportive husband alert

Influence by VivaRocksteady

- holt and kevin are beautiful fathers
- kevin’s the caring one basically
- jake and doug judy!!
- characterisation. beautiful
- domestic family fluff

and that’s it (for now)! these aren’t in a specific order, and this list isnt complete.

Eight Days (Part 3/10)

A/N: I swear, I meant to post this three weeks ago, too. We’ve got ourselves a pattern. Time, thou art not mine friend.

Link to: PART 1 + PART 2 + PART 4  + PART 5

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            Cliff Tufton is a big-boned Welshman with a graying handlebar mustache, a sharp receding hairline, and a bulbous nose that sits a bit too large on his face. He is dressed casually in black trousers and a plain white shirt, and every so often he pulls a handkerchief from his back pocket and dabs at his perspiring brow. He does not seem to be much of a smiler, nor much of a talker, but when he grips James’s hand in his, he pumps it firmly and wishes him luck in the upcoming match.

            “Good fingers,” he observes, holding the clasp a second too long. “Always keen on a lad with good fingers.”

            From beside him, James can practically feel the strength of Hoff’s beaming.

            “Yes, he does,” the agent agrees readily (too readily). “And speed like you’ve never seen. Did you get those times I sent over from training yesterday? Really quite spectacular. It’s—”

            “They do the job,” James interrupts, shooting Cliff a commiserating look.

            The man does not move a muscle. Not even a single twitch of the too-large nose or the perspiring brow.

            (Likely, Greta Moors has good fingers, too.)

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The next part of his quest was given to him just outside of base camp.  He was required to hike up to the pyramids in the distance there.

And then I realized why he was probably a little miffed.

His bug exploitation wore off.  Sometimes it does.  WELL.